10 k a day or 3650 km for the year


Another week over (March 14 - 20) (Read 332 times)


    Everyone staying healthy, enjoying themselves now that Spring has sprung?   Smile 


    More daylight, lots of moonlight, and weather!


    I am on track for a good month so far.


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      Yup. Recovering from a positive race on Sunday. Hoping to ramp up miles a bit for the next two weeks, then taper for that Patriots' Day shindig they're having again this year.


        Oh yes, that little ol'  footrace in Beantown.  Big grin  


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          Bad week for me. I've hurt my heel and I can't run properly. I did an experimental 18km on the dreadmill yesterday, but I'm not sure it's a good idea to run on it more until it's recovered a bit more. Paris is less than three weeks away so I need my heel to heal. Cross training hell at the moment :/ I did the rowing machine, exercise bike and step machine for 20 mins each at the gym. Tomorrow I'll re-assemble my road bike so that I can go for a proper bike ride....


            ((pr100's heel))   Have you tried foam rollering the calf above that heel?   Some times that helps.


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              Another on-par week for me, just managed to crack 70km.   Not overly worried as I'm still ahead of the bunny and approaching 1000 clicks.

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                ((pr100's heel))   Have you tried foam rollering the calf above that heel?   Some times that helps.


                I haven't tried the a foam roller, but I did see my sports physio guy today. He thinks that, at least in part, it might be due to tightness in my calf. So stretching the calf and regular icing of the sore area are what he suggests. As far as running ... he says that the best guide is how the heal feels first thing in the morning, if it's OK... then it maybe OK to run. I do find it feels better through the day in any case. If I don't run he suggests a bit of aqua running (which I've not tried before, but does seem to be popular with injured running) plus some cardio cross-training ...e.g. cycling.

                  Hey, sorry to hear that your heel is bothering you.


                  If you do want to go down the deep water running route you won't get better advice that this http://pfitzinger.com/labreports/water.shtml


                  About 2/3rds of the way down there is a link to a program which has heaps of good workouts listed.


                  I've DWR'd though 2 stress fractures, obviously not as good as the real thing but it does help maintain a degree of fitness.


                  Best wishes



                    A much better week for me after resting from my race two weeks ago.  I gained a bit more cushion over the dingo, hitting just over 50 miles.  Hoping to do the same again this week and most weeks coming up (though we are skiing next weekend which may cut pretty deeply into training time).


                      I'm on track for a good  month too. Ramping up and will soon peak at about 70mpw leading to a 5/1 marathon. Averaging 55mpw's in this training cycle rather than the 60-70mpw's I did for my other 4. Feeling fresher because of it. My easy runs are faster and my faster runs are easier.








                        I've finally caught that dingo wabbit!


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