10 k a day or 3650 km for the year


Almost 4 months gone! (Read 11 times)

    Almost 4 months gone from 2013 and I'm still on pace for the year! How are the rest of you faring?

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      In another week or so I will be breaking my running streak of 10K per day to taper for a 50 miler, but otherwise I'm in good shape to hit 3650 this year.


        Well done sumdeus - looks like you've picked up the pace in the last few months after a slow start. Keep up the good work.


        Been chasing flatfooter all year with the 10km a day challenge but had to let it go last week after a 100km Race. Just wasn't up to 10km the day after.


        Aiming for 6000km this year so should get to 3650 by August. I reckon flatfooter will be there a few weeks earlier based on his current weekly averages.

          Impressive all around.


          I've been trying to stay more consistent, which helps keeps things ticking in the smoothly upward direction. Just finished my first 50k on Sunday, so I'm happy to be healing and looking forward to many more enjoyable miles this year.

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