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    3 miles easy on the railtrail this morning.  I thought I might have to walk some of it, but ended up running the whole way.


    Thanks for the compliments from my fellow running mates about yesterday's race.   Early on, I forgot any notion of running for time and just concentrated on finishing the thing.  Turns out I was right about the heat affecting me more than some runners, but it appears to have been an age thing.


    Last year, I ran the same race 18 minutes quicker than yesterday, finished 21/60 in my age group and 762/1823 overall.  This year, I was 23/60 age group but 1018/1983 overall.  Looks like us older boys can't take the heat, eh? lol


      Quote:   Looks like us older boys can't take the heat, eh? lol


      "....What you talkin' about, Willis?"  Big grin


      6 miles.  Knee a little sore, most likely due to a slanted street/sidewalk thing.






      ultrajogger n00b

        Monday: 4 miles at lunch, 4.25 miles in the late evening under the stars.


        Saturday night the temp didn't drop below 70 ... this morning it was in the low 40s when I got in the car to drive to work.  Ah, yes, weather in the great northeast!!


        Chantilly - those slanted streets don't bother my knees but they do bother my achilles/lower calf.  If I can I just run down the middle of the street.


        I'll be probably off the 'net for a while ... we're heading up to Alaska to see 2 of our grandkids.  It's not like we'll be "off the grid" or anything like that ... it's just that we'll probably be too busy "doin' stuff" to go online!

          Rich - being a smaller runner, I guess I don't wilt as much in the heat as others - either that or all the nerves in my body are dead and I don't notice how much distress my body is in until well after the race/run Dead  And your body is doing better then your mind - it ran the whole way when you wanted to walk Wink


          Chantilly - I'm not sure if its just cars, but the slant I think is the "camber".  And I think in general women do better in adverse conditions - men are such wimps!


          adkev - Alaska and grandkids!  Sounds like a "cool" combination.  Enjoy the trip!


          Just under 7 easy miles (not as easy as it sounds) watch didn't start when I did, so only clocked 5.2 (9:10/mile).  Today ran 10.3 miles with son in 1:28:10 averaged 8:34/mile with average moving time of 8:25/mile.  Legs were tired whole time (I think that's supposed to be a good thing) and my son says my legs are ready - me I'm not so sure my mind is.  One more hard day and then it's foot off the pedal.



          NH Runner





            5 miles on the railtrail today, then I mowed my lawn by hand.  That's it, I'm taking tomorrow off.  What a difference in our weather, I was waiting for it to warm to 50 before I started my run this morning.  Geez, if I'd had weather like that this past weekend I might have run a world record or something, now we'll never know... Roll eyes


            adkkev... enjoy those grandkids!

            Ray... do you suppose older runners are prone to carrying more weight than their younger competitors?  Life's not fair...

            Chantilly...Big grin


              adkkev have a safe trip

              rmcj001 congratulations on your race..Your family did really well!

              NH Runner That's quite a change in temperature!  Too bad we can't choose our weather on race day...


              10 miles running for errands. Quite a few courteous drivers at the intersections, they got a wave of thanks from me...






              ultrajogger n00b

                5.5 around town this evening ... after I finished packing, etc.  Nice to see some other people out running too.


                Now I'm working on getting myself in the right frame of mind for those airport layovers ...


                  adkkev yeah, those layovers are boring..


                  4 miles running plus 2 miles walking.

                  Will do some yard work/flower beds this afternoon.







                    rest day due to massage therapy.






                    NH Runner


                      Wednesday, 6/5...  an easy day for me.  11 miles on the mtn bike, mostly measuring and marking the trail.


                      Thursday, 6/6...  6 mile run.  Pace was high 8's for the first 5 miles, then I pulled up lame and walked the last mile home.   This one came out of nowhere and I'm hoping I stopped quick enough to avoid a serious injury.


                      Ray... I missed your time in the half you just ran, congrats on an excellent race!


                      Chantilly... have you ever tried self massage?  Youtube's got a bunch of videos explaining the technique.

                        Rich - no worries.  Just keep running.  Oh, and thanks!

                        Chantilly - enjoy the massage and rest day.

                        adkkev - enjoy the vacation.


                        5 miles Wednesday and 8 miles in 3 sessions yesterday.  Son took a spill at mile 3 yesterday and our 13 mile run got cut to 3.  Did 1 mile of strides (?) around the track as we waited for wife to pick us up then 4 mile progressive run on the dreadmill (32:32).



                        ultrajogger n00b

                          Friday - 4 miles on a beautiful Alaskan morning!

                          NH Runner


                            Friday, 6/7.... Rest


                            Saturday, 6/8


                            6 miles on the railtrail.   Sore foot is still a little sore, but didn't complain during the run, so I'm good to go.  Splits were mid 9's.


                            Ray... hope your son is feeling better from his spill.  What is it about running and falling, I've done it twice this year already...Tight lips


                            adkkev... running in Alaska has got to be awesome, I'm jealous...lol

                            NH Runner


                              Sunday 6/9


                              8 miles on the railtrail at an easy pace today.  With a 1/2 mile to go, I rounded a corner and saw another runner up ahead.  Nothing unusual about that, except this guy was running with a log over his shoulder.  As I got closer, he stopped long enough to drop his prize, switch it to his other shoulder and start running again.


                              Just as I pulled even, he moved to the side of the trail, dropped the log and pulled in behind me running, without saying a word.  I'd spoke, but he never answered.  Anyway, after a 100 yards of him right behind me, I picked the pace up and left him.


                              The log was about 5 feet long and a foot in diameter and I'm assuming he was training for one of the obstacle course events that are so popular these days.  Ranks right up there with the strangest things I've seen while running...lol


                                rmcj001 have a good race!

                                adkkev have a great vacation

                                NH Runner

                                He's a lumberjack,

                                and he's okay.

                                He sleeps all night and he works all day."  Big grin

                                ...Monty Python


                                Sat. & Sun. rest days because of work.