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Runs and workouts week ending 3/10/2013 (Read 10 times)

    I did a 4.15 mile run just now. It was sunny earlier, but became overcast by the time of my run and about 30 degrees. Like all the runs in my area it involved hills, in this case basically a increase of about 150 feet in the first mile and a third, then downhill for like one and 3/4, and then basically flat with just a slight upward slope for a little over a mile. I finished in 45:59. Note that this time I ran up the hill without a rest stop and tried to keep a steady pace (I guess if I really measured I would find my stride length a bit less on the hill). It is only on the steepest hills that I find the need to go into real slow shuffling jog or stop to rest and even then I try to make it to the top first before my rest. Of couse I prefer routes like today where the hill work is at the beginning and the last part is downhill.

      6.21 miles (10K) in 58:56 or about 9:30 mpm.  Walk and jogged slowly to 6.5 miles in 62:22.  Was working hard to keep it slow until about 5.4 miles then tried to turn up a notch.  Final .4 miles was up hill, but managed about 8:30 mpm.  Leg feels no worse for the wear, but I'll know more tomorrow.  Iced it when I got back and will again tonight.


      Altair - Keep pushing on the hills. It makes the flats seem flatter...



      Art in AZ

        Did a 3 mile easy run to flex the legs a little after taking a rest day on Sunday after the HM on Saturday. Will build up a couple runs before tapering again for Sunday's 15K.

        Art in AZ

        Mesa, AZ

        NH Runner


          I took Monday off...

          Tuesday, 3/5/2013


          Ran an 8 mile loop course with a respectable hill in mile 5.  I was little disappointed the pace slipped after the hill, but this is progress just the same.  Splits were 9:28, 9:19, 9:19, 9:24, 11:23, 9:32, 9:48 and 10:13.


          Altair, nice run.


          Ray, good luck with that leg,here's hoping for good things today.


          Hi Art...


          Chantilly, sometime when you're in the mood to type, you should describe what it's like to run a 24 hour race and the training involved to get ready.   I can't imagine...


            NH Runner  Thanks for asking about the 24 hr. If a person doesn't go out too fast, they are not as difficult as they sound.

            Due to shift work for many years, I am able to stay awake all night, which is a big help.  I usually try to run and walk 2-3 times per day a couple of days a week. For example, I may run 6-13 miles in the morning, and walk for 30-60 minutes. Then do the same in the afternoon and/or evening, but maybe not the same length of time.

            This way, I am still exercising later in the day, with tired legs sort of like in the race. Gradually work up to a total of 26 miles or more spread out over a morning, afternoon and evening workout.

            The faster people train up to 5-6 hours at a time, but I find that too difficult with the arthritis.


            I like watching the day change to night, listen to music, talk to other runners.

            They have lots to eat and drink at these events, and a runner can stop for as long as they wish, because there is no distance that has to be covered, it is all up to you, and what you feel like doing. Some runners have a cot or sleeping bag and have a nap in the middle of the night. Then they get up and keep going. We had a timing chip which records the lap/distance covered.


            The best runners run the entire 24 hours, stopping only to grab something to eat.  But the majority of people have longer breaks and do some walking.


            During the race, I try to follow a run 10 minutes, walk 5 minute schedule. This is about 3-4 miles per hour, depending on how long is spent on food/bathroom/rest breaks.  I am mostly walking after 12 hours, too sore to run anymore.


            I had wanted to try a 50 mile race, but most have a cut-off time of 12 hours, and I did not think I could finish in that time.  So then I found out about these 24 hr. races, which suits a slower person like me, better.

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              Wednesday, 3/6/2013


              I'm not in shape for it, but there's a 5K race coming in just over a week I think I'm going to run.  With a winter storm bearing down on us tomorrow, I went out today and ran 4 miles.   Warmed for a mile, tried to run the next 2 @ tempo effort, then cooled for a mile.  Mile 2 was into a headwind, but I think I got the effort right for the middle miles.  Splits were 9:16, 8:45, 8:27 and 9:14.


              Chantilly, as someone who's run a few marathons, I'm trying to imagine what it must be like to race for 24 hours.   My hat's off to you, you're a tough hombre, that's for sure.  The experience must be awesome, good for you...

                Chantily - It sounds very challenging.  If I had a sombrero it would be off like Rich's.


                Rich (NH) - The 5K this weekend sounds like fun.  You'll do well.


                Had a bit of fun yesterday.  Did a 6.4 miles in 1:06.  About just past the 4 mile point wasn't paying attention and caught my foot on a parking block and landed hard on my elbow (around 2:30pm) finished up my run and tried to clean up.  Turned into quite a production after a visit to the fire station, a Kaiser clinic and then the Kaiser hospital.  Let's just say x-rays were all negative, but didn't finish up at the hospital until just before 7pm.  Had to go back to work to finish some things up and got home around 9:15pm.


                Did a quick 3.75 mile run on the treadmill today, but had fun as my arm sloshed around from all the swelling.  Still it's good to be running again - even if I'm accident prone.



                NH Runner


                  Thursday, 3/7/2013


                  Ray, the 5K's not 'til the 16th, a "Shamrock Shuffle."


                  It's good to see you running again, but you've got to learn to pick your feet up, eh? lol


                  Today's a day off for me...

                    Another double shift at work on Tuesday, so I could not get in a run.Sad  However, Wednesday I did go for 3.87 miles. It was partly sunny, 40 degrees. At the end of the run I saw my first spring flower in my yard - a snowdrop!  I am off work today and I plan to get out for my long run this afternoon. My legs still are a bit sore from last week but I am going to run a  slightly shorter distance with not as much hill work.


                    rmcj001 - Sorry to hear about another injury, but at least it will not have major effects on your running. By the way, how did you get that link to your picture from your name?


                    NH Runner - Seems like you will do well in the upcoming 5K. I guess you are very competitive and are concerned if you will place high, but sometimes you should just race for the fun of running.


                    Chantilly75 - My longest runs have been marathons and my last one was in 2004. It is helpful to comunicate with people who have different levels of training and experience. Impressive that you have the endurance to go for the long millage. I am trying now to build up to longer runs and want to do another marathon.


                    Art in AZ - Good luck on Sunday's 15K, I never did one of those and it sounds like a fun distance to run.

                      Just completed my long run.I was not fully recovered from having worked a double shift overnight this week and ny legs still felt a bit sore from last weeks long run. So I chose to run  a 9.95 mile run,  a 1 1/4 mile shorter than last weeks long run and this one did not have any real diificult hills. The course did have many small hills with my maximum elevation about 150 feet higher than the start at the 6 1/2 mile point. Because I was tired I was less enthusiastic about running than usual, but I wanted to keep up with my training.  It was 41 degrees when I began running, but dropped off 3 degrees by the time I finished. I did not want to overdress so I wore a longsleeve shirt and my sweatpants. It was overcast and breesy with just a few bits of snow coming down now and then, despite the above freezing air. My body was warm enough once I was running, but I wished I had wore a hat since the breese became steady in the more open areas. I did not get out of breath, but did stop a number of times just to rest for a few seconds and catch the views. My run went down a farm road. It was peaceful and quiet with only a few trucks passing by. I saw a big dairy farm that had 17 silos! Past the halfway point I felt some weakness in my left knee and had to concentrate for it not to twist or give out. A knee injury could put me out of the running for months! Since a lot of the remainder was a long gradual downhill I did not have problems finishing. I expected the run to be about 2 hours and I did finish in 2 hours 42 seconds.


                        Altair5 Sounds like nice running scenery!  You're doing a lot of extra shifts, though.

                        rmcj001 Have you read about the San Francisco One day?  It is a 24 Hr. race on New Years around Chrissy Field.  (Good thing you didn't break your elbow...)

                        Art in Az Good luck on your 15 Km!

                        NH Runner you may have a good 5 Km yet with the hills/overdistance you have been doing.


                        yesterday 7 miles.

                        today 6 miles.

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                          Ran 3.87 miles tody. Usually I rest the day after my long run but it is so bright and sunny  I wanted to get outside. This time of the year it is overcast on most days in this area, I guess due to the influence of the great lakes. Although at 43 degrees it was only a few degrees warmer than yesterday the sun made it feel warm. I was able to wear just a tee shirt and shorts. There was a slight breese that made it seem cool at times, but I felt comfortable with the warm sun. I did not go fast, I just wanted to enjoy the weather. No trace of the problem with the knee and my legs were not sore, perhaps just a bit fatiqued. It is supposed to get warmer for the weekend, perhaps to the mid to upper 50s!

                          NH Runner


                            I took a page out of Old Runner's training book today, ran 30 minutes on the treadmill @ 70% max heart rate.  It's a weird way to run, watching your heartrate, but I guess there's something to it.


                            Altair, I usually just compete against myself in a race, trying to match or improve on a time I've run previously at that distance.  However, if some rascal tries to pass me with a 1/4 mile to go, we'll be having a sprint to the finish.Big grin  What could be more fun than that? lol


                            Chantilly, you're racking some mileage yourself, way to go.


                            And yeah Ray, you're lucky you didn't break your elbow, that sounded like a nasty fall...

                              Altair - Training plan I followed last year always had a recovery run day after long run.  Recovery run pace for me was in the 10:30-11:30 mpm range.  I tended toward 9:30-9:15 mpm range with a distance from 3-6m.  You're 3.87 fits nicely.


                              Chantilly - That sounds really familiar, so I've probably read about it in the past, but given how few marathons I've done, never really considered.


                              Art - My advice would be take this race easy.  Pretty sure that's how I injured my leg last year - 1/2 marathon on Sunday followed by a 5 mile race the following Thursday (although the 5M race was a PRSmile.


                              Rich (NH) - I'm the same way on races.  Lucky?  Maybe. The swelling is down a bit and now there purple is starting to show.  Couple more days it should turn a nice yellow.  At least it doesn't jiggle when I walk now Wink


                              Rest day, so 4.4 mile walk in 1:01:20 - phone said 14:00 mpm.  Sunny and 57F today - Rained last night so things are really clear now.



                              Art in AZ

                                Chantilly - I'm impressed by people who do those obscenely long runs. The dedication to training is important. So says the guy that has only run half marathons and less. A lot of walking I would be doing.


                                Ray - Good news you didn't break anything. The 15K on Sunday will be interesting. I plan to do what I normally do and run based on feeling. Usually get into a comfortable pace and just go. Checking times from last year showed my pace was faster in the 15K than in the half the week before. 1:20:12 is the time from last year. It will be nice to beat that.


                                Altair - I had to laugh when you said it was 43 degrees and you wore a tee shirt and shorts. Coming from Chicago area I know what you mean. But now being in Arizona when it's 43 degrees here I usually have sweats and a long sleeve UA ColdGear shirt. I've tried running in short sleeves when it was that cold. Even after warming up running I was still cold and couldn't shake the feeling. Shorts I can handle the cold but I need that long sleeve shirt.


                                NH Runner - With the miles you have run I don't see you having any problem running a 5K. Unless you are trying for a PR of 20 minutes.Surprised

                                I race the same way. I pick events that support the causes I like or it just sounds like a fun event. My goal is to be in the top 25% overall and have fun.


                                Didn't get to run Wednesday. Thursday ran my 8 mile loop with the inclines. After the inclines at about mile 5.5 I did the run/walk since I was looking for an easy overall run. Didn't run my 3 miles today due to rain, wind and cold. I called it a rest day. Weather calling for more rain and wind through Saturday morning. Suppose to clear out and be nice Sunday morning, 45 or so at the start. Darn, that means cold pizza at the finish line.

                                Art in AZ

                                Mesa, AZ