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Runs and Workouts Week ending June 16th (Read 10 times)

NH Runner


    Monday - 6/10


    5 miles on the railtrail today.  I slowed things down and worked on form, engaging your core while you run isn't something I'm good at, but I'm working at it.


    Chantilly....  I didn't see a plaid shirt anywhere, there's no way the "Logrunner" was a Lumberjack... Roll eyes


      Got too busy here, so ended up with a rest day.






      NH Runner


        Tuesday, 6/11

        5 miles on the railtrail - warmed for a mile, ran 6X's 800's @ 5K pace X 90 second break between, then cooled for a mile.


        Wednesday, 6/12

        7 miles on the railtrail.  3 miles into the run, I met a runner coming the other way and decided I'd try to catch him after the turn-around at 3 1/2 miles.  That meant he was already a mile ahead of me, so I didn't hold out much hope.   I saw him for the first time with a half mile to go, just going out of sight around the next corner.  By the time I finished the run he was probably 150 yards ahead, so I didn't catch him, but the distraction of trying to was fun just the same... lol


          NH Runner .. the little games...makes runs more interesting. And, you were catching up..Approve


          2 hours of yard work plus various household chores.

          Tomorrow, I have to work and pick up MIL from the airport, so won't have time to run.






            NH - Love to chase down other runners, too often they're chasing me down...Looks like the speed work is helping.

            Chantilly - Enjoy the day off and have fun with MIL.


            5 Miles Monday and 5 yesterday.  Left calf tightened up on Sundays run, felt better on Monday and Tuesday went well until mile 5Confused

            Feels like I've got a board in my leg.  Today was a rest day so walked 4.7, hoping that would help loosen up the calf.  Still tight and didn't even walk that fast.  I guess I'll be walking until Sunday.



            NH Runner


              Thursday, 6/13


              7 miles on the highway today.  I've been working hard on a form change the last few days, trying to get it right running with my core.   I'm using different muscles than I'm used to so it's going to take a while, but today's splits were pretty consistent... 9:13, 8:59, 8:59, 8:57, 8:57, 9:01 and 9:01.   This is still in its early stages, but I feel like it's the closest I've come to getting it right.   We'll see, eh?


              Ray...hang in there with that calf.  Is your marathon this Sunday?


              Chantilly...enjoy the break and time spent with your MIL.


                NH Runner is there a reason for the form change using the core? More efficient?

                rmcj001 did you try some massage on the calf? My therapist really makes a difference for tightness which doesn't respond to the foam roller.


                Another rest day spent doing other things.







                  7 miles @ 6 AM. Nice out.

                  Saw 1 other runner and 2 dog walkers.






                  NH Runner


                    Saturday, 6/15


                    8 miles on the highway with a difficult hill in mile 5.  Splits were 8:56, 8:47, 8:52, 8:55, 10:33, 8:54 and 8:55.


                    Chantilly... here's a good article that explains how I'm trying to run.  http://www.active.com/women/Articles/5-Elements-of-Chi-Running


                    I'm always in search of ways to improve as a runner, mostly to stay injury free at this point.  Most of the time, I'll try something new, but end up dropping it after a few days for one reason or another.  This latest change just gets my hips more involved and so far I'm kind of excited about its potential.  I've still got work to do, my muscles still aren't all up to speed yet, but you can see from today's run I'm able to run a consistent pace already.


                    Anyway, there are a couple of other cues I'm using to help me get through this change, if you're interested, I'll post them here.


                    Ray... you could try a hot soak in the tub too, that may loosen that calf muscle.  Keeping my fingers crossed for you, it's getting close to crunch time.

                    NH Runner


                      Happy Father's Day, 6/16


                      12 miles on the railtrail this morning.  It ended up being too much after yesterday's 8 and I struggled to hold form, plus I tripped and fell again...Tight lips   No big deal, I just got dirty.   Gave me 44 for the week, up a bit from what I've been running lately...

                        NH - nice runs.  Good work for the week!  Oh, Happy Father's Day!

                        Chantilly - Life does seem to get in the way sometimes.  Good to see you got some miles in.


                        Sorry about not posting, wasn't feeling up to it.  Wed walked 4.7 miles.  Thursday walked 4.3.  Friday walked 3 ran 2.

                        Took Saturday as rest.  Sunday was the marathon.  Not a bad day to run, but misjudged the course a bit.  More hills then I thought and a little warmer in the 2nd half then I thought.  Tried to go out at a reasonable pace, but hills meant that was faster then I thought.  Stuck with my son for 22 miles, but he cramped up and dropped a bit.  Fueling was a bit of an issue, not enough gels and chews on the course and ran out too early.  Still finished in a respectable 3:58:29.




                          NH Runner  informative article there. Good idea on improving the form. Fell again? Watch out for those tree roots...Black eye

                          rmcj001 congratulations on your sub-4  race. How did the achilles hold up? Good for your son to hang in there...possibly started out too fast? (ah, the impatience of youth!)


                          12 miles on the track as it was cold and rainy here.