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    Monday I like to do a run longer than my short runs, but no where near my long run distance. I had planned to run anywhere from almost 4 to almost 9 miles as todays run. But today I felt like napping instead of running, I felt like I could use more sleep before I have to go into work at 2:30. It was overcast, some light breezes and 34 degrees out. Because of the dampness in the air I find temps just above freezing more chilly than if it was 15 degrees, no wind and sunny outside. But since I did not run either Saturday or Sunday I got myself motivated enough for a three mile run. I wore sweatpants and a long sleeve tee shirt. It was chilly at the start, but I was warm enough by the end of the run. About a 11 minute pace, I felt a bit better once I got out there running.


    aka PaintingLady

      10 mile run before the storms rolled in. Experimented w/ a 15/45 run/walk. Who would think that running for that short of interval would work. I had read on someone's blog that Jeff Galloway (who I'm a follower of) suggested for her marathon training to begin w/ that ratio. She had run 2 or 3 previous marathons, so was a bit reluctant to try. I thought what the heck! I'll try it for one run. Surprisingly, I finished w/ around a 11:40 avg pace, which was ok, for a long run. I never would have thought it would be that fast, but I did notice how easy it was to run fast on these short intervals and then glide/coast for several seconds into the walk break. It also helped me concentrate on improving form.  The blog writer indicated by starting w/ this ratio in her training she improved her overall marathon time by several minutes. After one run, I can understand how it might work.

      Altair, have you checked out rungearguru.com     You can feed in your zip code and it gives you current weather and running gear suggestions. I've been impressed w/ it.

      Marie from Tennessee

      Dumbo Double Dare!!!




        Altair5  a nap would probably do you some good. ( since you have been working a lot)

        PaintnRun that's interesting about the 15/45

        NH Runner congratulations on your race!  Hope you didn't hurt something during the slip & fall.


        7 miles today, (rested all weekend at work...Confused  Wink

        "I will survive"

        Gloria Gaynor




          Altair - Good job getting a run in.


          Marie - Sounds like Galloway is working for you.  Not sure I have the patience to try it.


          Chantilly -  Another 7mi - Great!


          Art - Good job on finishing last week with that 10m.  Next one should be easy...


          Rich - Nice race!  I know it isn't quite what you wanted, but it sounds like it was inline with current training.  Not bad for first run of the year?


          10 miles in 1:31:15 today.  Finally worked back from schedule marathon.  This should be week 7 for my tentative training schedule and last Sat should have been 13m with long run this week of 9m (cut back week).  Figured 10m to start this week and finish with 9 on Friday.  We'll see...



          NH Runner


            I just finished 3 miles on the treadmill.  I'm not a big treadmill fan, but they do come in handy when the the weather's as bad as it is today, it's snowing again...Roll eyes


            Anyway, a mile and a half into the run I did a half dozen 30 second sprints followed by 30 seconds easy.  It's good to throw a change of pace at your legs and that's what I was up to today.  Finished the run with about 3/4 mile cool down.


            Ray, it's good to see you running again.  Good luck getting back on track with marathon training, at 7 weeks you've still got time to prepare for and run a good race.


            Chantilly, before I fell the other day I, was thinking how good my balance must be to be able to run on ice without falling.  So much for that, eh?  lol  Other than a bruised ego, I'm fine.   Nice run btw, you're a solid runner Missy.


            Altair, sometimes it's tough to get out the door, good for you for hanging in there.


            Marie, 10 miles is a great workout, way to go!


            I noticed something in the race results from my last race I thought I'd share, there were 424 male finishers and 660 female finishers.   I know women outnumber men at races these days, but that's a huge difference.  I wonder why that is, are women REALLY that much smarter?


            Another thing is running shorts for men.  I was in a store that sells running clothes this past weekend and the shorts they had labeled as running shorts were baggie and below the knees.   I wonder if there's a connection between the horrible running shorts men have to choose from and the lack of male runners out there.   Does anyone here actually run in those things?   Thankfully, you can still buy normal shorts on-line...

              8.6 on the rail trail last night before the snowstorm arrived.  And it has indeed arrived.  We have about 8 inches of snow so far and it's still coming down at a pretty good clip.  Looks like a snow run around town this evening!!


              We spent the weekend snowshoeing up in Wanakena, NY ... weather was perfect!

                adkkev - ohh, dueling rail trails!  Do you have pictures? Nice job on the 8.6!


                Rich (NH) - it is good to be running again.  I should have said week 7 of 18.  It's an advanced novice program that I'm sort of trying to follow.  It only has me running 4 days a week, so I'll be adjusting it a bit.  Got used to 6 days a week last year.  I'm mostly looking at the long runs for a week.  Last 2 weeks have been 30+ milers for me and the leg is holding up so far.


                Forgot your question on shorts.  Here's what I've found.  Running shops around here carry lots of shorts of various lengths with "briefs".  Stopped wearing tidy whiteys 15-20 years ago and don't like briefs (irritate circulation and nerves in left leg).  I like my shorts with compression - closer to the jockey boxers I normally wear.  It is really hard to find shorter shorts with compression.  Most of my running shorts are close to knee length, certainly mid thigh or lower.  Brooks makes the shortest running shorts with compression that I've been able to find, I  think a 4 inch length.  I think I have nike and asics in a 5" length - next shortest.


                6 miles today at 53:23 - a little warmer and sunnier today.  A little fast and farther then I initially planned today - legs felt a bit better then I expected.  Hopefully, didn't overdue it.



                  5 miles in the snow this evening ... so I took it slow & easy, stuck mostly to the shoveled sidewalks whenever possible.  Everything was snow-covered, especially after the half hour snow squall I ran in ... running in the snow is good training for my summer trail running!


                    6 mile Tempo run this morning (includes 1 mi W/U and 1 mile C/D). Wednesdays are my tempo/speedwork days. Great weather this morning with 50 degrees and just getting day light! Smile


                    Marie...I have been dabbling with the Run/Walk ratios. I have been using some 3:1 ratios on some long runs but not sure about 15/45. I get tired of all the starting and stopping with the 3:1! I would barely get to running with 15 sec runs before it was time to walk! I seem to tire more from all the starting and stopping than I do from just running. It seems that if I keep going after I start running that I do well until I take a walk break and then it is hard to get back into the rhythm of the run again. Who knows...maybe it is just me!




                      NH Runner I think women outnumber men at most of the shorter races. It's easier to find other women willing to train for 30-40 minutes, as opposed to the hours put in for marathons.  I think lots of women don't want to run alone. Most aerobics and yoga classes are mainly women.

                      The only time I see a group of guys training is at Cross-fit.

                      adkkev more snow for you, too?  When will spring arrive?

                      mcj001 if your legs felt like going, you probably didn't overdo it.

                      dyykjt1 nice weather for a tempo run.


                      7miles yesterday morning and evening.

                      4 miles today.

                      All on the track.  Snowfall over 6.5 feet this winter.

                      "I will survive"

                      Gloria Gaynor




                      NH Runner


                        I ended up on the treadmill again today.  We got close to a foot of snow yesterday and the roads were still a little wet, so treadmill it was.   Anyway, I warmed for a couple miles, then went into a sprint workout  http://www.active.com/running/Articles/How-to-Maximize-Your-VO2max-Training  that consisted of 12 sprints of 30 seconds duration followed by 30 seconds rest after each.  It's the start of an  exercise regimen that's meant to improve your body's ability to process oxygen.  It does work, but it takes a while.   4 miles total.


                        Chantilly...  women tend to be more social creatures than men as well.  You're great at supporting each other.  For whatever reason, men aren't taking to running (at least in races) in the same numbers that women are these days.


                        Ray...  I understood where you are in marathon training.  Even with the injury, you've still got decent base to build on.  With a little luck you'll get in enough training for an enjoyable experience on race day.   And I own Under Armour compression I wear under regular running shorts when it's cold, it's the baggy shorts that go below the knees I can't fathom, I don't know how you run in them...lol


                        adkkev... you're fortunate you enjoy running in the snow.   I have my moments, but I definitely prefer warmer weather. lol


                        Kathy... nice workout, I'd take 50 degrees in a heartbeat. lol

                          adkkev - Way to get in the run despite the bad weather!


                          Kathy - 50F sounds ideal.  Speed work is good - sounds like you're consistent.


                          Chantilly - 18 miles in 2 days!  Good to have the track!


                          Rich (NH) - Oh, man!  4 miles of intervals!  Going to force me to start doing speed work - you know I don't like intervals?


                          6 miles yesterday, overcast and threatening rain at 63F.  Started off slow, even stopped in the first mile to fiddle with the ipod.  Miles were (10:15, 9:10, 8:44, 8:55, 8:28,8:13).  As you can tell I was feeling better as the run went along.  Was sweating like a pig at the end.  Ran in real shoes yesterday too.



                          NH Runner


                            Thursday, 3/21/2013


                            7 miles on the highway today in 63:57.  The sun was out and it warmed to 40 degrees, made me think I was out on the west coast somewhere! Wink


                            Ray, ease into those intervals, they're risky for someone on the mend...


                              mcj001 feeling better as the run goes on, is the way to go

                              NH Runner shouldn't be icy on the road @ 40F


                              7 miles.

                              "I will survive"

                              Gloria Gaynor




                              Art in AZ

                                Ray - Good job towards the end of your run. If you ran in real shoes, are the other shoes you ran in "fake"? Being real sweaty during a run isn't fun. We are in the "It's a dry heat phase". There's not heavy sweating unless I am pushing it and the sun is warmer.


                                I agree with the long running shorts. Looks like they would limit leg movement. And I do not like the way they look. My normal running shorts are 5'' and I have a couple of 6" shorts. Big difference are the pockets. Practically non-existent in the 5" shorts.


                                5 mile run today.


                                God luck to everyone racing this weekend.

                                Art in AZ

                                Mesa, AZ