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    Rich - That is the watch word these days - take it easy, listen to the body.  I'm trying, honestly I am.  40F sounds not too bad.  Closer to my ideal temp then 30F.


    Chantilly - It really helps to have alternatives when the weather is bad.


    Art - I do most of my running in the Vibram FF.   I have a pair of Nike Free's that I'm using every now and then (about once a week) while my leg continues to heal - their my "real" shoes.  I just got a pair of running sandals (xeroshoes), but I need to work out how tight/loose to tie them so they're comfortable.



    Felt ok today, so decided to do a quicker 4 mile run (9:14, 8:13, 8:24, 7:58)  didn't quite get my negative split, but I blame it on the headwind and hill in the middle of mile 3 Wink



      8.5 miles around town last night (well, it was after 6pm) watching the sun set as I ran around.  Streets and most sidewalks clear of snow so it was back to wearing the Altras again instead of the Masochists for traction in the snow.  Still chilly for spring!!

      NH Runner


        No running for me today, I crossed trained instead.  I bought a resistance band yesterday trying to find something I'll actually stay with, most attempts at cross training don't last long.  Anyway, push-ups, sit-ups and a series of upper body exercises using the band.  So far, so good.


        A year or so ago I came back from a run only to have my granddaughter ask me why I was wearing "girl's" shorts...lol  I asked her what  that meant and she said boy's shorts were supposed to be below the knees.  You'll have to forgive me for not keeping up with the latest fashions our young people are wearing, especially boys with their hats turned sideways and pants dragging on the ground...lol  Anyway, I broke out a running magazine and showed my grandkid pictures of men running in shorts with inseams both Art and I agree on...lol


        I'm with you Ray, I'm taking it easIER these days.  I still want to run hard, but temper it with days off like today.  Hey, nice run yesterday...


        Hang in there with the snow Chantilly, it's GOT to get better soon.


        adkkev, how do you like the Altras?  My buddy in Miami just bought a pair, but pulled a calf muscle the first time he ran in them.  I don't think it had anything to do with the shoe, he'd upped his mileage and intensity just before.   Is it Yaktrax you wear for traction in the snow?


          NH Runner do you ever see old basketball game segments from the 1970's? It looks kinda strange to see the short shorts after we've been used to these long below the knee ones on TV.

          mcj001 that last mile was pretty quick

          adkkev it would be nice watching the sunset


          6 miles plus weight machines at the gym.

          "dancing on the path and singing, now you got away,

          you can reach the goals you set from now on, every day"

          Sonata Arctica






            adkkev - Gotta like the sunrises and sunsets, not that I normally run then anymore.  Good run!


            Rich (NH) - It's all relative!  When I healed more quickly I didn't worry and just did it.  Now everything takes more time and planning.  I guess I appreciate the journey more now then when I was younger...


            Chantilly - I was never a fan of weight training, which is odd given I wrestled in high school and college.  The only dumbbell I ever wanted to lift was myselfWink


            Off day, did 5.5 mile walk in 1:21+.



              6.5 miles around town this evening ... a chilly breeze from time to time with snowflakes mixed in from time to time.


              I run in Altra Torins ... I really like them.  I pretty much wore out my two pair of Brooks Pure Flows ... I was very happy with them and managed to get around 1900 miles out of the two pair.

              NH Runner





                6 miles today.  We had a stiff wind with gusts to 25 mph, so I shortened today's run to 6 instead of the 8 I'd originally planned.  There's a decent hill in mile 3 that I felt like I ran fairly well, but still have work to do.  Splits were 9:20, 9:18, 9:52, 9:15, 9:07 and 9:13.  In today's wind, I was REALLY glad I own a good windbreaker...lol


                adkkev... that's some serious mileage out of your Brooks, wow!  I got over 700 miles out of a pair of Brooks Mach 12's, but they were REALLY tired. lol  You're doing really well running in this cold weather...


                Chantilly... it's funny to see old footage of basketball games, how times change, eh?  Another article of clothing for men I get a kick out of is Capris.  Not much chance of me showing up for a run in those things either...lol  Your workouts are awesome btw...


                Ray... I didn't start running 'til I was already over the hill, so I wouldn't know what it's like to heal quickly from a running injury... lol

                  adkkev - Impressive mileage on those shoes!  When I was young and poor I ran in my shoes 'til they had holes.  Still do...


                  Rich (NH) - Running when your young is different.  1st 10K (first race), if the time called out were correct, averaged sub 6 minutes for first 5K, still my fastest 10K @ 42:+ change.  @25? sprained my ankle pretty badly (crutches,etc) 3 weeks later ran ~24 minute 5k (that was slow then).

                  Yes, to be young and foolish again...


                  13.1 this morning in 2:03:22 with major hills in the middle.



                    Short 3 mile snowshoe this afternoon up to Jockeybush Lake in the southern Adirondacks.  Wind was whipping up pretty good at the lake ... and it was flurrying for much of the way in & out.  Snow depth is over 2 feet in most spots along the way & there were some good 4 foot drifts around the lake.  Spring?  yeah, I don't think so.

                    Art in AZ

                      NH Runner - I agree. It's amazing what a good wind breaker can do. And for the Capris. Make up your mind. Either wear shorts or long pants. I think they look ridiculous. It's like they got up and couldn't find something they liked so they grabbed some pants from one of their kids. Remember, the miles get easier with more hill work.


                      Ray - good time on the 13.1 run. Was that a training run for an upcoming half?


                      Chantilly - Nice job on the run and strength workout. Using the weights to help beef up the core is a good thing.


                      adkkev - Yes, I agree that's some serious mileage on those shoes. I think the most I've put a mine have been 600 miles. And they felt like it also.


                      Got in a 5 mile run before heading out to watch one of the grand-daughters play baseball.

                      Art in AZ

                      Mesa, AZ

                      NH Runner





                        Yesterday's wind burned me out and it's blowing again today, so I got on the treadmill for 5 miles and worked in 13 X 30 second sprints with a 30 second break between.   I've got a 1/2 marathon coming in early June and need to start extending my long runs, but these sprints aren't a bad substitute for now.


                        Ray... I'm curious too, was the 13.1 a race or training run?  For a guy just back from an injury, you're doing great!


                        adkkev... how close are you to Schroon Lake?  I've got a buddy who used the run the half marathon there.  Have you ever thought about buying running snowshoes?  I haven't, but saw a guy running in 'em a couple years ago.  THAT looked like a workout...lol


                        Art... I'm purposely targeting more hills this year for just that reason.

                          NH Runner - I am about an hour or so southwest of Schroon Lake.  It's usually a place I pass by on my way somewhere else Smile

                          I'm not sure I want to try running in any sort of snowshoe ... I like to go snowshoeing and explore places that are often too wet when summer rolls around.

                            I did not get my long run in this week, I had things to do on my days off and just did not have the time. I had planned to run a close to a 9 mile run, shorter than the previous weeks 12 miles. I should have some extra time this week and may try to do that run this week in addition to one of 12 miles or more. I have not had time to post my runs since Monday, but here is my whole week: Monday- 3.14 miles, Tuesday - 3.87, Thursday - 4.15, Friday - 3.14 and Sunday 3.14. It has been overcast during all my runs this week with temps ranging from 29 to 38 degrees, colder than usual for upstate NY at the end of March.

                            I had to order some new shorts last summer online because the ones in the department stores were all longer than I wanted. I would say the knee length are good for most sports, but for running I wanted them cut really short! The one I got  has a zipped rear pocket and two small inside pockets for keys or mp-3 player.  It is a polyester - spandex blend  and I got them from Roadrunner and they were pricey, but worth it to have good shorts for the hot weather. In the summer I just jump in the pool after my runs with the shorts on and then hang them to dry. My other two running shorts are cotton ones and are cut short too, but are maybe an inch longer.

                            adkkev - that is a lot lot of mileage for running shoes, although I am not sure if you ran 950 miles in each to total 1900 or 1900 for each of the pairs. I know they are suposed to be replaced after a certain distance, like 300 miles or something. I always find new shoes more "bouncey" and feel like I can run faster in them. I don't know the millage of the shoes I have now, but I have kept a record of which shoe I use for each run and could figure it out. I like to get two new pair each year and alternate runs in them. I have  kept last year's pair as well to use when it rains and gets muddy. When I retire the shoes from running they become my work or everyday shoes. When they get really bad they become garden shoes and I keep them until they start falling apart. In the past I have washed my running shoes in the machine, sometimes with a little bit of bleach to get them clean, but I recently heard that is bad for them and will now hand wash them.

                            On a related note I was looking a some inserts in the store yesterday. Right now I am just using the ones that came with the shoes. In the past I have ordered special ones from Roadrunner that had "polysorb" or something which was suposed to be better. In the store they had various inserts in price ranging from a dollar to fifty dollars for custom inserts. The one that interested me were some Dr. Scholls atheletic gel  ones for about twenty. Any opinions on the worth of these insoles?  Should I replace the ones in the shoes every so often, if not for just cushioning but to have clean new ones? If so,should I get the $20 gels or would I do about as well with $1 or $5 ones?

                              Rich(NH) & Art - The 13.1 was a training run.  Wife was out running a 1/2 marathon race, but I didn't think I would be able to not compete in a race so ran the "dish".  I started from home and it's just about 5 miles to get there, just under 4 miles at the dish doing a loop and then a slightly shorter path home.  Wasn't sure how far it would be and was pretty tired near the end and decided to cut it to a 1/2 and walk the last 1/2 mile or so home (didn't count the walking).  You can look the dish up on the net it isn't flat, think the first mile is mostly up averaging 5.5% grade I think.   took 2 gels as fuel and there is potential for a water break at ~8 miles (didn't think I needed it).  Feeling pretty good about the run....


                              Altair - I never run in cotton shorts any more.  I sweat way too much and cotton gets way (or is that weigh?) to heavyWink  Can't help you on the inserts/shoes.  There was a study a few years back that compared old vs new shoes and found no statistical difference in injury rates.  If new shoes give you a mental edge, use it (well, if you can afford it)!



                                Altair - about 1050 on one pair, 850 on the other pair.  After about 400 miles or so I started using a Montrail Enduro insert which I think helped out.  The heels on both pairs are fairly well worn but mainly because I was a pretty serious heel striker for a while ... that changed as I ran in those shoes.


                                No cotton shorts or shirts for me ... I buy most of my running shorts at sports apparel outlets (like Nike, EMS,  and Under Armour) & one pair from Target (C9s).  My running shirts are tech shirts that I've used for hiking or snowshoeing.