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    Hi everyone!

    Rich:  Just want to share an ongoing struggle with achilles tendonitis.  It's been about 5 yrs since I seriously injured my achilles tendon (left) and I still have issues with them.  It put me in healing mode for about 4 months.  It was tough not running during those months.  I knew it got worse as I increased my intensity especially hill repeats, much too fast and too much, but I ignored it and rationalized the 'discomfort/ache' as part of 'strengthening' my legs/calves/ankles.  I learned my lesson the hard way and had to take time off for it to fully heal.  It was pretty depressing.  My poor DH, haha. I stay conditioned with easy walking, hiking, biking, and using the elliptical at gym.  So since then, I have been learning to be more patient with training although I do get those days when I tend to push myself a little too much and need to recover an extra day and continue again with very slow and easy short runs.  I have become pretty good with modifying my training schedule accordingly.  But no matter what, whether I need it or not, I stay with the RICE as post-run recovery to decrease the inflammation (from the micro-tears formed) , along with foam roller, exercise ball (hamstrings curls) and massage specific to the area, and stretching each day to stay limber.  As we mature, it takes extra time for pre and post-run exercises, and as i have become a more experienced runner, smart recovery has been a life-saver for me which is one of the main reasons I incorporate walk breaks in my training and racing.  As I train for my next marathon, I know I will be feeling those tendons as I ask more out of them especially as my long runs become 16 miles and more.  I really hope that you recover soon, and 5.5 weeks of training is still plenty of time to do well in your next HM.  I have learned and accepted that not all races have to be a "PR," but I like the fact that I put in my best effort under that particular race conditions.  Oftentimes, I am pretty surprised and pleased post-race.  Wishing you both lots of luck!!  It is most fun to experience such thrilling life events with family, you are blessed to have DD as a running buddy and making memories at the most magical place on earth, lucky you!

    PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18


      Hi Deb!! Hope all is well,  Miss ya!!

      PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18



        AZ - You provide sound advice, and welcome encouragement.  Thank you!


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        aka PaintingLady

          Good morning my Mighty Master friends!! Life is good!  Thanks for all of the birthday wishes. I did get 6.2 mile run in to commemorate the year. It is hard to believe that I am THAT old!!!

          Rich, hope the achilles gets better soon and doesn't interfere too much w/ your plans. Don't worry about Disney. As your DD says, character pics and having fun is THE object of those races, not pr's.  The crowds are so big that I would think that would prevent really fast times anyhow.

          Dan, loved the WR! Also anxious to hear about India! WOW, that would be a trip of a lifetime!

          AZ, I laughed out loud reading your post re hubby's sweet whispers in the ear. Wink

          Kathy, sounds like the heat is really oppressive down your way!

          Hi to Ray, Mary Kay, Debra,& Art.

          I'm staying on schedule w/ runs & not pushing the pace. Just being thankful that I can run. The picture of Phyllis was a reminder of what this wonderful sport can do for us. I want to be just like her and the 95 yo man featured on runner's world, when I grow up. Big grin

          Stay safe, cool, and enjoy the run!


          Marie from Tennessee

          Dumbo Double Dare!!!




          crazy diamond

            Hello all!  Great to see everyone is toughing it out dealing with the heat, humidity, injuries and all the activities that fill our summer days.  Same goes for me ... humid, 90+ degrees and crazy busy!  Doing a lot more cycling than running until the heat breaks.  Be back later for personals.  Run strong friends! Big grin

              Smile TGIF!!  DH all excited for me that it's 'really cloudy, honey, you should go for a run' Joking Such a nice weather guy at 6:30 AM!!!  Took me awhile to get psyche for it but I finished 8.2 miles, 1:35.  At  least 6 miles on wet grassy trail, shoes are completely soaked.  Run was not pretty though Wink.  Felt sluggish for what seemed like more than 6 miles, sun peeked out now and then by that time.  I didn't feel tired but just couldn't seem to get my 'second wind.'  Humidity was tolerable, thank goodness for the breeze which kept the temps in the mid 60s.  I would say it was more of what a runner defined for me: a "serenity run."  It was slow, easy and I focused on my form and breathing.  It was great to be out running and feeling so zen-like.  It's 70 degrees now before NOON and clouds are dissipating so sun is blinding Cool.

              Dh is off today but he went to the clinic/office.  He turned 51 on Wed., it was a quiet birthday evening with dinner out.  He's not off to a good start for his 51st ..... because he has had an ingrown toenail for a couple of days and it has gotten worse so he drove to the clinic this morning to see a podiatrist, and get some office work done.  Crummy way to spend your day off Sad  But its FRIDAY!!  yay!!

              We are staying home for the weekend.  Maybe I'll get a chance to take my harley bike out for a ride again.  Rode about an hour last Sunday.  Rainy days aren't the most fun to ride in.

              Debra:  DH and I keep saying we need to ride our mtn bikes but time runs out in the evenings.  Excuses, I know.  Glad your adding some other cross-training workouts, good to hear from you.

              Marie:  sometimes running 'by feel' is more invigorating than keeping up with pace ........glad you're doing great!

              Stay cool, run safe everyone, and enjoy the weekend.  Good Luck to anyone who is racing Smile)

              PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18


                Greetings everyone!

                I'll be responding to posts in a later message.  This is a race report.


                In last message I sent was signed up for a 10K on Saturday 7/13 and contemplating running a 2nd on Sunday 7/14.

                So, Friday night went through normal race preparation of laying out race gear for the morning.  DS1 and DW were running as well, but DS1 decided to do 10K instead of HM.  We crossed over the Dumbarton bridge and to Quarry Lakes regional park.  Temps were mid-60's so, not too bad and bright and sunny.  Got into the park and picked up our numbers and DS1 switched to 10K.  About 5 minutes before 8AM start race director led everyone down to the start line (different from the finish).  No timing mat at start so we were closer to the front on the start (1/2 and 10K started together).  At 8AM the RD said "Go!" and we were off.  For the 10K the couse was basically an out and back, with a horseshoe loop added on the back part.  DS1 blazed out with the leaders and I tried to get into working but comfortable pace.  About 1/2 mile out a guy and a woman set up on my left shoulder in a "duck" like formation (half a "V").  The guy on my left seems to be breathing loudly to me and I'm wondering how long he'll be able to stay with me.  Sure enough between mile 2 and 2.5 he starts to slow down a bit and the woman takes this as he cue to speed up a bit.  Shortly after DS1 and leader are heading in the other direction, DS1 and I high 5 as he goes by.  I hit the turn around and pretty soon after see DW, she mentions that DS1 is in 2nd.  I'm trying to keep contact with the young woman and stay on course.  I'm pretty much by myself and trying to make sure I stay on course.  I hit a "Y" in the road near a bend and I see no one and no trail markers either, I take the left hoping I'm right.  A woman going the other direction starts asking about the turn around and I point in the direction I just came, she says thanks and turns in the direction I'm going and blazes off.  She's the only runner I can see in any direction and so I'm starting to question whether I'm lost or not.  Finally make it around the long turn and see an aid station and race volunteers.  Take the right turn for 10K and try to pick up my pace, I slowed down a bit while talking and trying to figure out if I was on right track.  Make it around the "loop" and you're supposed to get a rubber-band to prove you've done the loop.  I yell to the volunteer (we have a right turn and she's way to the left) that I need a rubber-band and she moves to the center to hand me one.  I'm dripping at this point, cuz even tho it's not that hot, there's no shade and no clouds.  I finally start to see some other runners, I think most of them are 5K'ers and I start trying to pick them off.  I'm looking to way I think the finish should be and it looks pretty far off.  Finally realize that I'm off where the finish is and it's much closer so I try to ratchet it up a bit.  The last part is a bit windy and uphill and see DS1 walking back out on to the course.  Hit the finish and head to the water and food.  DS1 finished 3rd in the 10K.   Preliminary finish for me was 11th on first printout, then 10th, then 8th??!!  Apparently some people missed the loop and were DQ'd (including first two women).  Official time was 46:20 and final placing was 1st in AG and 7th overall (there were about 60-75 people in the 10K).


                At home that afternoon, DW said I need to decide if I was going to do 2nd race so she would know if we could have breakfast with ex-coworker on Sunday.  So, decided to do Jungle Run in Los Gatos instead of race in the Marin Headlands.  That way, we could still do breakfast with ex-coworker and I could do 2nd race.  So, we went down to Los Gatos and I registered for the race and we also got lunch.

                Jungle Run start time was 7:15AM and we got out the door a bit late.  Wife dropped me off at 7:05 and went to park the car.  I jogged to the start and my legs were not dead, but not fresh either.  DW got to the start with camera about 7:14 and race started at precisely 7:15.  Normally I don't start near the front with timing mats at the start, but today I did and was a little annoyed.  They asked us to self-arrange by pace and this group of 35-45yo women (5-6)  some of them slightly overweight get right in front (I'm a couple of rows back) and I'm thinking "I'll be very surprised  if these women can maintain any pace" and "at least I hope they start fast".  They didn't surprise me and they didn't start fast and it was painful trying to get around them at the start.  Oh, well. The start of this race is uphill and 2/3 of the course is where I run at work.  I'm working the uphill and breathing hard and then it is relatively flat up to mile 1.  At mile 1 there is a guy right behind me staying close.  Between mile 1 and mile 2 there's a nice downhill section as you make your way into Vasona Park.  As we're making our way into the park he's pulling even on the downhill section.  It then flattens out and a woman catches up with us.  In the middle of park is another good uphill.  When we hit the uphill the woman goes by us and I say out loud "quick little steps".  The guy is laboring a bit on the uphill, but I'm breathing hard too - still, he's losing a little ground.  When things flatten out he catches up and goes by a little.  As we approach the dam we have another quick downhill and an almost "U" turn.  I catch up to him (mostly on the "U" turn) and we're now running side by side with the woman just 10-20 feet in front of us.  I mention that this is my second 10K in as many days.  He says "oh, really.  What was your time?" .  I answer 46:20.  2 seconds later he's dropped back a bit and behind me.   We're running along side Lake Vasona and it's very shaded.  We cross over a foot bridge and then it a turn around that signals a hill.  The woman seems to be slowing a bit, but she's younger and a better uphill runner.  I make up all the ground I lost on the uphill on the downhill and then some.

                As we pass out of the park along the Los Gatos creek trail I catch and pass her.  This section of the trail is winding, but straight (if that makes sense) and I'm working hard to make it as straight as I can.  This section feels flat, but I know we're slowly going uphill and I'm trying to catch the two runners in the distance.  As we near then end of the trail I catch the younger runner and have close ground on the next one.  We hit a wood section of the trail and then there's downhill as we cross over Highway 17.  As we're going down the young runner blows by me and catches the next guy.  We pass back onto the Los Gatos High School grounds and then on to the track.  I'm not that far behind them, but I'm starting to lose ground to them and try to turn on the accelerators.  I'm speeding up and so are they.  Then it's a left turn off the track and another 50 yards to the finish.  I cross the line and the woman is maybe 10 seconds behind and the guy from earlier another 10 seconds back.  She thanks me for running a great pace.  I congratulate her and the guy behind us.  Time was 47:03.

                DW and I waited for ex-coworker to finish the 1/2 and then went to breakfast.  Went home thinking I finished 4th in AG - so didn't wait around for medal presentation.  Official results have me 3rd in AG.  Woman's time was 46:46 - so, I guess I got "chicked" after all...




                  Ray - Congratulations on two excellent races, even though you got "chicked".  Smile


                  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


                  PRs:  9/1/2012 Disneyland 5K 27:08,  01/06/2013 Resolution 15K 1:30:17, 03/10/2013 San Diego HM 2:18:05, 04/19/2014 ACT! Today 10K  51:54



                  aka PaintingLady

                    Ray, GREAT RACE REPORTS!! Congrats on your finishes! (even if you did get chicked Wink ....bet she didn't race the day before!

                    Marie from Tennessee

                    Dumbo Double Dare!!!



                      Dan - Sounds like a wonderful event!  Glad it went well for everyone!  Enjoy India!

                      Art - One of the nice things about the Bay Area (SF) is the availability of opportunities.  There are so many runs around here every month/week.  The South End Dolphin club in SF has a run nearly every week of the year and most are $5 or $10 (late reg).  There's Brazen Run series, Coastal trail run, Zoom runs (run by coastal), not to mention the one offs.  Last week could have run 3 of the 4 races I knew about (Davis Moo-nlight Run was Saturday Evening) - ooo, 3 runs in 24 hours, hmmm - maybe next year...Smile

                      AZ - Sounds like you're finally getting used to the heat, that's great.  Some normal weeks would be good.

                      WDRich - Hope the achilles is better.  Ice rubs are great, especially after a run.  Gotta keep things under control.

                      Debra - Stay safe in the heat.

                      Marie - Gotta say you were a big inspiration for last weekends adventure.  Not that my back to back was anything close to your goofy challenge, but it was a fun experience.  DW wants to do 2 Halfs back to back - getting close to your goofy challenge.


                      Don't know if this will work, but here's a picture near the finish of the Jungle Run.  I'm in the white shirt. Pretty even spacing - how did that happen?!...


                      Jungle Run Finish




                        Ray- great job on doubling up on the 10K!!   Excellent RR's.  I think 10K is my least favorite distance, having to push so hard for twice the distance of a 5K.  Or maybe I haven't learned how to run it right?


                        Debra- biking sounds like a good alternative.  We are a little cooler the last few days, but not as much as they originally were forecasting.


                        AZ- nice 8.2 on a cloudy morning. I guess we need to remind ourselves that it won't be too long before we're shivering going out the door!  Surprised


                        Marie- nice birthday run!   I'm registered for HM on my 60th coming up (too quickly) in September.


                        I did not make up miles this week like I'd hoped. Combo of heat/humidity and sleeping poorly made getting up early enough to beat the heat difficult.  Thursday I woke @ 4:45, looked at temp on iphone and saw "81"!!  Turned over and snoozed for another hour.  I did get in 4 Monday, 5.2 today, and hope to run at least 2 of the next 3 days before we take off for India.  Never thought I'd say it in summer, but I miss having TM to use in the cool basement.  Got to either get it fixed or replaced.


                        Stay cool friends.







                        crazy diamond

                          Ray~Congratulations on back-to-back 10ks!  Excellent race reports, too.

                          AZ~"serenity run" ... way to turn the continuing humidity into a positive!  Sorry DH's birthday included a doctor's office visit - bummer.Sad

                          Rich~Hoping the achilles pain is gone soon.

                          Marie~Happy to read your training is going so well.  Keep it up!

                          Dan~Awesome WR!   Loved what you said to DD, great memories.  Safe travels to India.

                          Art, Kathy~Thought of you as we suffered through 98F degrees and humidity all week. Major respect to you,  I don't know how you do it!

                          Mary Kay~Hope everything peachy with you!Smile


                          Spent part of the week camping with another Mom, her 2 sons and DS2.  She's also a runner, so it was fun to have someone to run with for a change.   She's 10 years younger, super fit and usually runs a 7:40 pace, so I was a little nervous about running together.  She decided to dial it down a bit and I picked up my pace.  Those were a couple of hard outings, but it did help me realize I am capable of pushing it more than when running alone.   We did a considerable amount of biking (50 miles/week) with the boys.  It doesn't make up for the missed days of running, but it feels great to change things up a bit.  Area is very hilly, so the quads got a workout!  Cooler weather(60F) just blew through this evening, looking forward to LSD tomorrow.


                          Run Strong Friends!


                            Hi everyone.  Thanks for all the well wishes on my Achilles tendonitis.  Ran 8 miles Saturday morning, taking a couple of short walk breaks on the back 4.  Felt tightness along the way, but nothing too bad.  An hour after completing the run it became very sore and stayed that way for the rest of the weekend.  Iced it a few times, but it didn't help much.  DW and I are heading out of state on Wednesday to meet our brand new grandson for the first time.  I've decided to take off from running until after we return to give the tendonitis a chance to (hopefully) ease up.  Being away from home will help me not to feel too bummed about not running.




                            PRs:  9/1/2012 Disneyland 5K 27:08,  01/06/2013 Resolution 15K 1:30:17, 03/10/2013 San Diego HM 2:18:05, 04/19/2014 ACT! Today 10K  51:54



                              Rich, take the time off of running to heal and just enjoy that new grandson! Congratulations!


                              Debra~ I hope you had a great  camping trip! Cooler weather sounds awesome to me!


                              Ray~ enjoyed your RR and great 10K


                              AZ~a serenity run sounds wonderful! Maybe I need to try that.


                              Marie~good to hear from you. I am so happy that your parents are doing well and that you able to get your runs in.


                              Dan~I hear you on the heat in the early morning hours. I run at 5:00 a.m. and it is usually already in the high 70's by then with high humidity. It is very, very sticky and sometimes unpleasant.


                              Hello 50 and over! I wonder how many of us on here are 60 or over? I know that Marie, Mary Kay and I are and I know one of the guys just turned 60, but I cannot remember if it was Dan or Ray. You all know how bad the memory is at this age! Smile


                              I am still plugging along getting my 4 runs a week in averaging around 30 miles per week. I will be ramping it up a bit at the beginning of August by adding in some hill work, but not much else will change.


                              I had a good 6.5 mile run yesterday morning and a great strength workout and Cardio mix class this morning. I am hoping to get 2-3 miles in this afternoon, but it is not looking very good for that right now as it is flooding outside.


                              Every one run safe and try to stay cool!!


                                dyykjt1-  (Kathy, right?!  As you said, the memory...)  I will be turning 60 in 2 months, running my 3rd HM on my BD, 9/22.  I'd hoped to drop my PR another 8-10 minutes, after dropping it 18 minutes from first to second.  But the training hasn't been very consistent with the wedding and now the trip.  By this time tomorrow we'll have been in the air for 2 hours on the way to Paris, short layover then on to Bangalore India.


                                Debra- that camping trip sounds like fun, especially having someone to run with!  That would be a challenge to run with someone like that, but you did a great job.  Don't you have an August race coming up?


                                Had the best weather for a run in weeks today.  I got in 4 mi tempo Sunday and 4 today.  I did the 'big brother' hill today and made it to the top without walking, then the rest was all down hill, almost.  DW challenged me to run the hilly circuit she was doing on her bike last summer before the PF layed her up.  THAT will be a major up/down/up run, but it would be good training.  We'll see how soon I can feel like running after returning on 8/7.  Jet lag???  I've never flown this far before so it will be a new experience.


                                I'll have intermittent access to internet in India, so if I don't see posts, good luck on all your runs and races.  Run strong and safe friends!