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crazy diamond

    MaryKay~We've missed you, glad your back!  Keep up the great work with the HR training.

    AZ~Enjoyed reading all the info you shared with MaryKay, lots of good stuff there.

    WDWRich~You are ready to run an awesome first HM on Sunday!  Trust your training and enjoy every step.  We'll be looking for your race report!

    Ray~Great race and loved reading your RR.  Sounds like your leg is holding up well -- great!   Bet the runners at the finish(and DW) appreciated the encouragement!  My next race is on the 16th - the final race of the winter series.  They are offering a 5, 10 7 15k.  I'll decide on the distance closer to the race.

    Dan~Add me to the list of satisfied Hammer Product consumers.  I use the gels, Enduralyte Fizz, HEED and depend on Recoverite after long runs.  The products are not so sticky-sweet like other gels.  Their site has a lot of good information.  Lately, I have been experimenting with real food(dried dates, fig newtons, bananas and tangerines) for fuel on long runs with good results.  More cost effective, but not as easy to carry.  Great idea about building a team to do the Run-away-to-the-Bay.  Count me in!

    Altair~The smoothies sound great.  I usually drink them after a run, but not before a run.  Just 1/2 cup of coffee, 1/2 banana and1/2 fruit & cereal bar for me before a long run and usually nothing for a easy 3 - 6.

    Art~"the more you do something the easier it gets"  So true.


    I truly love the upper Midwest, but I'm ready for winter to wind down soon.  HM training is going well, and I've been getting a few hill workouts in preparation for the course.  DS2's grade school is on a steep hill, so at drop off/pick up I'm able to get in a half-hour of repeats once a week.   I just visualize doing steps, keeping my stride short and keeping arms close.  One of the First graders asked me, "Why do you keep going up and down the hill so many times?"  I guess it does look kinda funny!Confused

      It was a gorgeous sunny, snowpacked, breezeless day today, YAY!! Cool

      Out the door, 22 degrees, and ran 10.55 miles!!!  Snowpacked road but who cares, the SUN IS SHINING!!

      Making up for snowed in days, and it felt wonderful!!

      Just having the sun shine for most of the day really makes a huge difference in my mental state, and I needed it today!!

      The rest of the week should be nice sunny days so I will be running as many of those as possible.

      Have a fantastic evening everyone!! Smile

      PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18



        az2mntrail- Glad you had sunshine for your run yesterday.  Even in the cold temps, the sunshine makes a positive difference.  Here in San Diego, the forecast is for rain this afternoon and all day tomorrow which means I may have to get at least one run on the TM  Sad


        Debra- Thanks for the encouragement.  I'm getting excited now, yet it's still 3 days until the HM on Sunday.  Packet pickup is at the EXPO on Saturday.  I'm sure the wife and I will find something there we "need" to have!


        Cheers everyone!




        PRs:  9/1/2012 Disneyland 5K 27:08,  01/06/2013 Resolution 15K 1:30:17, 03/10/2013 San Diego HM 2:18:05, 04/19/2014 ACT! Today 10K  51:54


          rmcj001 and  Art in AZ - thanks for explaining about the use of chip vs. gun time. Does not seem to be consistant in how they are used and it is confusing. Ray, good job in the 5K, it is great to beat your goal, even by a fraction!


          mKayc - Thanks for the feedback on the Garmin and the annoying sound. I have to think that a model will come out that you can choose the sound, perhaps upload it like you would a ringtone, however I expect any sound could become annoying with time, I know that I jump when I hear anything close to my cell phone sound! .I will also start taking my protein drink after my run instead of before, I imagine it could just sit in my stomach during the run since protein is harded to digest and absorb. I have no experience with walk/run ratios, I do often take a rest walk of about a quarter mile at the midway point of a run ,


          crazy diamond

            AZ~Ditto everything you wrote, except my run was 6 miles!  Sunshine - ahhhhh!  Ran the path along the river down to the outdoor track to check out how buried under it was.  It may take a few more days of 40+ degrees to un-earth it!  Expecting rainstorms for the weekend, but until then, I'm going to relish running under the sun's rays!Cool


            WDWRich~Sounds like you are enjoying your taper and I agree about race expos.  Always find some gear I can't live without!  Just doing my part to boost the economy.Wink


            Local running club's Race Book came by post today. Goody-goody!  I feel like I'm 5 years old and I just got the Sears Christmas Wish Book.  Highlighter in hand, filled with anticipation at all the possibilities!


            Run strong friends!

              Partial sunny day, brisk breeze, 18 degrees and not getting any warmer so got my butt out there for a strong 5 mile tempo run, finished in 51 minutes on snowpacked road with some icy/slick areas so had to slow down.  Wore my balaclava as a head and ear cover first 2 miles but had to pull it over my face as the wind picked and it got colder.  Weather suppose to be nice all week but most of the focus is on the Twin Cities so not too impressed with the forecast, thus run when I can each day and get my long run in on Friday as it sounds like we have to drive to ND again for the in-laws.  Doubt I'll get a chance to run there.

              gito57:  gosh, what does 40+ degrees feel like, haha!!  good job on the 6 miles!!

              Ray:  hope the leg is doing better!!

              PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18


                Hi everyone .... just found this forum on RA the other day!!  Relatively new to running (less than 3 yrs) but having a blast.  Started trail running late last summer & I've managed to run in a couple trail races before winter.  I just missed logging 2000 miles last year too ... if I'd run a few more miles in September I would have passed that mark but I spent 1 1/2 weeks in Alaska that month so that kept the miles down.  Not that I didn't run while there (I raced as a part of a 3 person relay team in the Equinox Marathon) but I did a lot of other stuff as well.


                So ... HI!!

                  adkkev - Welcome to thegroup! 2K miles (almost) last year?!  Awsome!  That's what, 40 miles a week?


                  Altair - you live you learn, well hopefully.  I still forget to check for timing mats at starts and hurts my times every now and then.


                  Rich (WDW) - Ditto what Debra said about the expos.  Might be why I don't mind missing them occasionally...


                  Debra - great  that you're still getting it done in spite of all that heat!


                  AZ - Leg is doing well as long as I ice. Might be the fall I took Tuesday (4 hours and 3 different facilities - don't ask) that has me thinking about other things.  Can you say accident prone?


                  3.75 on the treadmill yesterday.  6.9 on the road today.  Yesterday was probably 55F, today 57F.  Feels so much better then 70F.

                  Oh Tuesday took a nose dive at mile 4 of 6 run.  Lessons learned, don't carry your phone in your hand while running, don't carry keys in your pocket unless you're prepared to land on them.




                    Ray- Ouch!  Now I have confirmation as to why I don't bring keys with me when I run.  I have an arm-band holder for my smart phone that I use when tracking training runs with "Map My Run'.  It works well and is very secure.  Might be something worth considering.  (Tried putting the phone in my fuel belt, but I sweat a lot and the phone got damp.)  Bought the arm band holder on Amazon.


                    The wife and I visited an old friend and his wife last evening.  He is dying of cancer and is on hospice care at home.  He mentioned the HM on Sunday and I asked if he would run with me in spirit, and if it would be okay with him if I wrote his name on my race bib.  He said he would be honored.

                    No Rob, the honor is all mine.




                    PRs:  9/1/2012 Disneyland 5K 27:08,  01/06/2013 Resolution 15K 1:30:17, 03/10/2013 San Diego HM 2:18:05, 04/19/2014 ACT! Today 10K  51:54



                      Rich- you and your friend will be blessed as you run your HM for him Sunday.  Run Strong!


                      Deb & az- 2 others from 'My Last Run Was' have also shown interest in the Run Away to the Bay next April.  Teams are 2-6 runners.  Obviously much to early for any solid plans, but I'll check in with everyone with a reminder as we go through 2013.  Once registration opens for 2014 run we can get serious about schedules to see if it is doable or not.  It would be fun!


                      Tuesday's storm dropped 10 more inches on us, but the roads are getting dry.  Still had to run on TM, got in my long run of 9 miles today since we'll be at DS&DIL the rest of the weekend.  Planning on some snowshoeing so that may have to replace the weekend run.

                      Tried to mimic my HM race plan of 3or 4/1 run/walk; that's going OK.  Treadmiles never feel 'good', but the last 3 felt better than the first 3, so that's something!


                      Run/Race strong this weekend friends.






                        Great to have you here adkkev!!  Smile   WAY TO GO on the total miles, that's awesome!!  And so cool to have another trail runner.  I discovered it and have been trailrunning since turning 40, am still loving it at 53. COOL about your Alaska event, jealous!!  Hope to learn from you, Welcome!

                        justrundan:  YAY!!  I'm excited about it, and will look forward to exploring that part of the country, and run as well, best of two worlds!!

                        Rich:  The best of luck and great way to honor your friend.  I did the same on 2/17 HM when in AZ (which was neighbor's birthday too); she passed a week before.

                        Ray:  seriously!?! and I was worried about your leg ......... you need to slow down, haha!!  glad you're okay!


                        Another cloudy dreary day but hardly a breeze, and was 22 degrees when I ran my 12.1 miles!!  YIPPEE!!  Finished in 2:10, all on snowpacked road, still slowing down on the icy/slick areas, and a couple of barking dogs, yikes!!  They run out to me, ferocious looking but they let me by as I  walked and then resumed running once I felt safe.  Did it twice just to let them get use to me and they just looked at me the second time around.  I will be running by these home for years to come so they BETTER get use to me, Joking.  Another snowstorm predicted for the weekend, ugh!!!  Trying sooooo hard to LOVE the midwest, haha!!

                        PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18


                          Despite the snowy start to the day, the streets were clear this evening so I did a quick 4.25 miles around the neighborhood.  Supposed to sunny and in the mid to upper 40s over the weekend so maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to run in shorts for the first time since early December.  Sweet.

                            Adkkev - welcome! You will get a lot of support here. Great group! What area of the country are your runs?

                            I'll write later to y'all. It's 2 am. Been up since 1. 10k this morning and my very first 18m tomorrow. Been waking every night for more than a week. Could be training, work, personal, who knows. Sux! Hoping that getting this one long run done will do the trick. Could someone please explain "respect the distance"?? Vs fear the distance??

                            now hopefully some sleep.

                            Mary Kay

                            Mary Kay

                            2013 Race PRs: FM - 6:30; 5k - 36:39; 10k - 1:24:06; HM -2:57:32

                            Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement - Matt Biondi

                            I am an extraordinary achievement - Me  


                              Deb, az, mkayc- does anyone know how to message multiple people on this site, so when we communicate about the relay we can do it to everyone rather than having to send same message multiple times?







                              crazy diamond

                                Dan~I"m not sure about the messaging???  Perhaps you could begin a Run Away to the Bay user group.  Hope you were able to get in the snowshoeing before the rain.

                                MaryKay~Hope your 10k went well this morning.  Sorry about the sleep problem.  When I torque up my mileage, I have the same problem with waking up around 2 am.  Thank the Lord for Bach on my ipod or War & Peace on the Kindle - zzzzzzz!  For your LSD tomorrow, think about small bites, break it down into doable sections and recover on the walk breaks.  You can do this friend!

                                adkkev~Welcome aboard.Smile  Blown away by your mileage last year!  I also began running about 3 years ago, but my 2012 mileage was not even close to 2000 miles.  Sure is great to be able to break out the running shorts for the first time this year, eh?

                                Rich~Thinking of you running your HM in honor of your friend Rob today.  I'm sure it will be memorable.

                                AZ~Dog bites, my biggest running fear.  I live in an area with a high concentration of "untrained owners".  Major reason I drive somewhere else to run.

                                Ray~So sorry about the fall, and *ouch* on the keys, too.   Thought of it when I ran this morning, unhooked the remote from my key ring.  Although I had years of dance lessons when I was younger,  I am an extreme klutz.  Mom signed me up with the hope it would make me more graceful -- didn't happen.Embarrassed


                                Up early to get in my 6 easy miles outside before the sleet, rain, snow (take your pick) set in.  Little warmer today and the Sparrows and Cardinals were singing up a symphony.  Remember to "spring" ahead an hour tomorrow morning and run strong friends!