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Art in AZ

    They take up space in the closet. And I have a lot! The shirts get rotated so they all get worn. I see some races have started not offering shirts in the initial cost. If you want a shirt it is an extra cost. That seems like a good idea to me. Entry fee is lower if you don't want a shirt.


    You made me think about how many shirts I have accumulated over the years from different events I have attended. I stopped counting at 200. The earliest one was from 1998. It was fun going through some of them and reminiscing. Lots of good times there.

    Art in AZ

    Mesa, AZ


      ART- Yes, the Resolution Run we did in January was structured that way.  A shirt wasn't included in the registration cost, but was available for an extra $5.  DW bought one, but I figured I had enough already.  I do wish more events ran that way.  Then I would only get those shirts that really interested me.




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        Rich- I've only been running 2 years but the shelf I keep all those racing shirts on is getting crowded.  I've been thinking about going through them and donating a bunch to local St Vincent de Paul store.


        az2mn-  Happy birthmonth!  Happy 53rd!  I looked at that night time run- it does look very fun.  We'll want a detailed RR on that one.  Our TM is about 10 years old, but never got much use until 2 years ago.  We didn't pay a lot, got it new @ Sears.  Doesn't have any of the fancy new stuff, but it goes round and round endlessly!  Good luck with your search.  (Craigslist would be an option to consider also)


        mKayc- I've never done the juice cleanse, or any cleanse for that matter.  Not sure there is a lot of science behind them.  Hope you are taking care of yourself with the busy schedule!


        Brought DW home after her day surgery for the plantar fasciitis about 3PM and got her settled on the couch.  Just got in 4.25 treadmiles easy pace, with planned long run tomorrow.  It may be doable outside if it isn't windy.  Not much warmer, but it may be above freezing.  Yippee!  Good luck to anyone racing this weekend. Run strong friends!







        crazy diamond

          Dan~Praying your DW heals quickly, rehab goes well and she is soon free of the PF pain.


          Computer problem prevented me from posting last week, but I kept up with all of you on the tablet.  Great work everyone, and welcome back Kathy!Big grin


          Yesterday ran LSD of 13 miles on the interurban bike trail since the indoor track was closed for the day.  The path was free of snow, so DH decided to accompany me on his bike since I'd be out there for 2+ hours.  Not exactly a "date night", but it was great to have his company and he could carry water, fuel, ect.  The temperature was around 30F with winds NE 15mph blowing lake-effect snow.  It was quite lovely, and we felt like we were inside a snow globe.  Trying to be positive as far as the weather goes, because we are in for another week of it! Sad It was a great run and the strongest 13 mile run to date.  Fueling 1x at 7.5 miles appears to be work well.  Home to an ice bath, foam rolling, a little nap and home-made spaghetti & turkey meatballs w/ chianti for dinner.   I guess it turned out to be a date night after all!Smile


          Run strong, and have a great week friends!


            Dan- Just a quick note to wish your DW a speedy and not uncomfortable recovery.




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              YIPPEE!!! Sunny, sunny, sunny, about 30 degrees, some clouds, some cool breeze, a tailwind on the return but it was an ideal day for a run!!  Feeling soooo much better after a week and a half of a miserable chest cold!! Ran 6.5 miles, 1:10, slow and easy and just soooo sweet!!  A 'could have run more' kinda day!!  Rest of the week should be similar so plan is to run for 4 consecutive days, rest, then a long run on Saturday.

              About the racing shirts:  I donate it to the Boys and Girls club, or some other organizations which helps kids.  Personally, I don't like to 'keep' clothes that I haven't worn in a year.  I don't wear t-shirts anyway.  I keep the ones I like now that there are more races giving out technical shirts (prefer long sleeved ones) instead of cotton ones which I don't like and don't keep.  I'm known in my family to be the one with the least amount of clothes in the closet, and most organized, and don't like to shop.  My DH loves it! haha!!  Smile  T-shirts aren't the reason why I enter races anyway so having the option of buying them and a lower registration fee sounds like a win-win.

              gito57:  was wondering where you were, glad you're back!!  WAY TO GO on the 13 miles!! Jealous!!  And kudos to DH on the biking!!  Reminded me of the times we lived in Denver when DH use to bike when I ran.  Hope DH resumes that when weather is nicer and now that he needs to keep active after the heart attack in Jan.


              Have a great evening!!  Can't wait for tomorrow's run!!

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                Been awhile since I've used this thread, so forgive me if I forget you it isn't intentional...


                Kathy - Glad you got your name fixed.  Hope the training has gone well and good luck on the 7th.


                MKay - No promises on the SF Giants Race, just too far out now.  If the body holds up and I can convince my wife.  But, I do love AT&T park, but then I didn't think Candlestick was that bad, either...


                JustDan - Hope your wife is healing well and walking around.


                Rich (WDW) - Love races where you don't need to get the shirt (not that you ever really have to).  Last race I did they gave me a choice and didn't like any so they said I could come back, but I thought "Do I really need another shirt?"  - Nope, and didn't go back.


                KS1G - Congrats on your 10 miler, haven't done one of those yet.  How did your Half go this weekend?  Race report please.


                Art - Not sure how many races I've done, but don't think it is any where near 200.  I haven't save all my run shirts, but some of them. 1979 SF marathon (PaMaKids), First  Bay to Breakers ('79 as well) .  Every Palo Alto Moonlight Run (28).  So a few.  The older ones are now in vacuum packed bags in the garage.


                Debra - Nice run.  What's the next target?  You are done with your winter series now, right?  So, cool that your husband could go with you.  The last couple of times my wife and I ran together (non-race) I asked if it was ok if I tagged along.  Last night she asked me...


                AZ - Feels good to get out there again doesn't it?  Definitely know how you feel in some small way.


                Finished off a 39 mile week Saturday with a 13.1 mile training run (with significant hills in the middle) and then a quick 5 miler at lunch today.  Leg is holding up (not 100% yet, but holding pretty steady) while increasing mileage and pace.  This week should be a cut back week and then I get to bump up to some serious long runs 14, 15 miles.  I'm starting to feel better about the SF Marathon in June.  Just need be conservative and listen to the body.




                  Newbie to the group here. Regular runner with shirts out the wahoo. Every six months we donate to a good cause. The really ugly one's wash the car

                    Aw, T-shirts. I may have too many. Found a newbie and gave her some tech shirts. Unfortunately I can still remember each of the races where I got the shirts and the connection is keeping me from tossing them. Really, Az, how do you do that?


                    Thursday attempted a tempo run on the TM that was more like intervals and got me so tired that I saw 4.09 on the TM and recorded it as 4.90 leading to me stopping too soon and a mile short of training goal. Well, I made that up on Saturday's long run with 21.5 in a yummy 5:54:40. I am the turtle! Well, my first 10k had steady state times but my vest nozzle leaked all over my front and I noticed it around 9.5, when I started feeling really tired. Ran into a nice father who got a drink of ice water Yumm! and I lost about 15 min. there. Then a couple miles later I stopped in at my friendly local Marriott and filled up the bladder for the second half of the run. I looked a mess so was moving quickly. There was an employee in the lobby who looked like she was going to question me but chaos from a girls soccer team distracted her. YAY! I already had my water anyway. Next time, though, I must remember to take ID and debit card!! I could have gone into the casino much easier but needed the ID. Even on my worst day, there's bound be someone at a casino that will look worse! Sunday completed a recovery run that was supposed to be at least 6 mi but I was sore and stopped at 4. Not apologizing or agonizing over that. Temple lost, though. Boo!!


                    Dan - Best and fastest recovery possible for DW!! Can't imagine how hard it must be to have an injured foot!

                    Debra - Kudos on your strong 13!!

                    Ray - 39 this week? Awesome!! you beat me at 35!


                    Off to speed work at the gym. Run strong and fierce!

                    Mary Kay

                    Mary Kay

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                      Another glorious sunny day, about 30 degrees when I got out the door and I got very warm on the run!! Cool Unbelievable!!

                      Still alot of snow around but main roads are dry with plenty of melting snow, which then freezes overnight resulting in some icy, slick areas on some roads less traveled.  Just being careful on those but I finished 7.1 miles, 1:14 today, and another 'could have run a couple of more miles' again.  Just pacing myself to keep these runs easy and comfortable after being sidelined for a week and a half.  Met DH at cardiology appt and as DH says, "he's good to go!!"  Smile

                      Ray:  great run and glad that injury is healing, can't wait to hear your race report on FM in SF!!  One of these days, I would like to run a trail race around that area.  You don't have to go far to find and run some really cool trails. Awesome weekly mileage!!

                      Reindeer:  Welcome!! Each of us was a 'newbie' so you're in good company!  The group is very supportive so I hope you stay around and share your journey with us.  "ugly ones (t-shirts) wash the car" .... HAHA!  Big grin  And there have been many, right? And we paid for them Roll eyes.

                      Dan:  hope DW is recovering well and you are at her 'beck and call.'

                      gito57: How are you?

                      PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18



                        Many thanks to all the well wishers for DW recovery.  Pain has been minimal; keeping it elevated almost 24h/d the first 4 days has really helped.  Yesterday her Mom came and helped out, cooked a fantastic meal.  Today a friend took her to hair appt.( NOTHING will get in the way of a hair appt !Smile ) and brought us a yummy casserole for supper.  We are so blessed with family and friends that pray and support us in these ways!!  I'm having a hard time keeping her down though, she feels like she "has to be doing SOMETHING" around the house.  working again tomorrow and then taking a few days off, will take her out tor breakfast, maybe even get the convertible out if it hits 50's this weekend like they say it might.


                        az2mn- Your weather last 2 days was like my outdoor run Saturday-sunny and 35, great weather for a run!!


                        Debra- your 13 on Sunday sounds magical!  And sounds like a great evening with DH after you rested.  How was the 10K on 3/16?  It sounds like you're really ready for DC HM!


                        Ray- your times and distances are amazing for coming off that injury.  Way to go!


                        Reindeer- welcome!  I like the idea for some of the ugly cotton shirts.  Wink  I've got more than a few of those.


                        I learned something over the last 4 days; pushed too hard on my 11 miles Saturday (though the time wouldn't suggest that!) and didn't do enough to deal with it on off day Sunday.  Monday morning legs (and me  in general) felt awful, was able to do a warm up 1.5 mi on TM and then do some foam rolling/stretching.  Today I slept in and think I've recovered enough to hit it again Thursday morning.  I was trying too hard to see if I could keep a pace on my 3/1 ratio that would allow me to make my goal of under 2:30 in May.  Not a good idea for my long slow day!  I think I'll learn from this.  Hope so anyway.  Blush


                        Run strong and safe friends!







                        crazy diamond

                          AZ~So glad you're feeling better!  Could you direct a bit of your Minnesota sunshine southeast?  Pretty pleeeeze?  Cool  You have had some great training runs, and will be so ready for your FM.  Keep it going, and stay well!  Are you planning to ride your Harley to Milwaukee for the 110th this summer?


                          Mary Kay~ 21.5 miles!  You sure are pounding out those long distances, girlfriend!!!  Sorry about the watery vest episode. Sad The last thing you need when it's cold is to be soaking wet.


                          Ray~Fan-tas-tic mileage last week!   So great to read your leg is close to 100%.  Enjoy your step down week, I know you will be ready to take it up a notch in another week or so.  Yes, the Winter Running Series is over.  Now training for the same HM(5/4) as Dan.  Local running club is offering a "no-frills"  HM in 2 weeks for $10!  Running it as a training run to test pacing and fueling.  It will be great to run a different route besides the bike path and the indoor track.


                          Welcome Reindeer!  Glad you found our group, check in often and let us know what you're up to.


                          Yesterday ran 2 easy recovery miles with DS2.  Today, hill repeats after a mile run around the park to check on the track.  Temps moving up very slowly, but the track should be clear by next week to get in some speed work.  Re: Race t shirts.  Kid running groups like Girls on the Run will take them.  Many races have been offering the option of shirt/no shirt, and then apply the savings to the charity/cause they are supporting . If any one has lots of medals laying around - Medals4Mettle is a great cause that awards HM, FM and Tri medals to kids and adults fighting debilitating illness.


                          Run strong friends!


                          crazy diamond

                            Dan~Posted at the same time!  So happy to read DW is doing well, and bless your heart for taking such good care of her.  I know what you're saying about long runs and sometimes pushing it.  I can't use the GPS at the indoor track, so most of my long runs have been run without the Garmin this winter.  I didn't realize how much of a chronic "pace watcher" I had become!  Not using it has helped me find my easy pace by feel and paying attention to breathing patterns and foot falls.  Those long runs have so much to teach us, don't they?   You have also spent days caring for DW and picking up the slack at home--could be the cause of those tired legs!Wink  Rest up, and run strong!


                              Mary Kay! Way to go on the 21.5! But, please be careful staying out on runs that are almost 6 hrs long! That is an awful long time for a training  run. How many runs like this are you planning before your Marathon? I really see no purpose in trying to run more than 21.5 miles for training. You have been out there for more close to 6 hours which should give you a good feel for the Marathon. The main thing to remember on your first Marathon is just that...it is your FIRST Marathon and the goal should be to finish and finish healthy! Also, 26.2 miles is a Loooonnnnggg way especially when you are running/walking continuously. I found that even though I did really well on my training runs of 22, 23 miles (of which I would stop and get water, go to the restroom, eat..) that it was alot different running the "real" thing! No stopping! Just continuous running/walking for 26.2 miles! I guess my point in this is that you might be better served now that you have put in 21.5 miles to limit your long runs to 18 miles or so and do those continuously without stopping. Just a thought...I am surely not an expert on Marathons as I have only done 1! LOL


                              Debra! You are doing so good with your running! So proud of you and you are speedy!!!


                              Dan~ Add me to those that are sending good wishes for a speedy recovery for your wife.


                              AZ - sounds like you had a great run in the cold and snow!


                              Great running by everyone else! Keep up the good work...sun and warmth should be here soon!


                              crazy diamond

                                Hi Kathy!  Wise words for those of us training or considering a FM.  I read all the advice from those of you that have accomplished a FM as I seriously contemplate tackling it next year.  The training time commitment is the hurdle I'd have to overcome.  DS2 will be in HS next year, but still would require transportation to extra-curricular activities and social stuff.  I guess, if I am really committed to it next year, I'll make it work!  A lot to think about.  What are you training for next?

                                Ran an very easy 4 miles today.  My legs let me know I had done hill repeats yesterday,  very tight in the calves.  Sun was shining - grateful!  AZ~Thanks for sending the sunshine!Cool  Run strong!