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Runs and Workouts for Week Starting 1/27/2013 (Read 24 times)

    Starting a new threads to talk about w/o specifically for this week.  Not meant as a substitute for the "Hi" thread, but more to replicate the Boomers and Beyond workout discussions.


    Still recovering from stress reaction, so walking fast.  4.37 miles in 54:20, average pace 12:27 mile.  Didn't really mean to walk that fast, but it was a bit chilly and once I got going decided to push it a bit.




      Hi Ray! I ran 4 miles of hill repeats yesterday. .25 mile hills running up and jogging down. I also did a weight workout last night.

      This morning was a 60 minute spin class!


      Thanks for starting this thread!  Can someone tell me where I go to add an avi to my profile?

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        Hi Ray & others,


        I probably win the prize for oldest member here, but like Reagan, I won't hold your youth and inexperience against you... Wink


        I went XC skiing with a few buddies on the local railtrail Tuesday, 1/29, distance was 7 miles.


        Today, 1/30, I ran 4 miles on the highway.  Splits were 9:24, 9:14, 9:06 and 9:16.


        I'm slowly trying to get back to full time running after getting hit with Plantar Fasciitis last fall.  If you're not familiar with the injury, it's tearing your arch where it connects to your heel bone and very difficult to recover from...

          Hi Rich,  Good to see you here.  Wonder how DH is doing...Sounds like the run was good.


          Runner59, think it's under options profile - not that I remember where exactly.  Weights and spinning too!


          Walked slowly yesterday 4.4 miles in 1:05, 1 mile on treadmill this morning slow jog at 9:44, lunchtime walk  4.4 in 58 minutes.

          Leg is getting closer and temp today was 65F




            8 miles.

            "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

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              Sunday (rest)

              Monday 4.4 (walk)

              Tuesday 4.4 (walk)

              Wednesday 1(run) 4.4 (walk)

              Thursday 4.4 (walk)

              Friday  2 (run) 4.5 (walk)

              Saturday (rest)


              Total 22.1 (walk 5:20:32) 3 (run 27:46)

              25.1 miles 5:48:18



              NH Runner


                Hi Ray, not sure about Dark Horse, I haven't heard a word from him.


                I ran 5 on the railtrail Friday.  Lots of ice that was hidden by a 1/2 inch of fresh snow.  After the turn-around, I met a guy walking his dog and within a half mile saw where he'd gone down hard on the ice, so much so that he'd broken through to the water underneath.  I went into "tip-toe" mode after that... lol  Splits were 11:04, 10:47, 10:58, 10:33 and 10:26.


                Saturday was 7 miles on the highway.  Nothing special except for the headwind when I turned for home at 3.5.  Temp. was 22 degrees, splits were 9:17, 9:00, 8:58, 9:00, 9:28, 9:25 and 9:38.  Tomorrow's a day off, so give me 23 miles for the week with 3 days off.


                I noticed a lot of the complaints about Active and why people migrated here was because Active had gotten so slow.  I have to say I hadn't noticed it being slow and I think it's because I never posted to topics with 4 or 5,000 replies.  I think waiting for all those replies to load each time you clicked on the topic is what made things so slow.  Same thing when you clicked to reply.


                I say this because I see the same thing happening here, everybody's posting to the some topic. I think eventually it'll make this site as slow as the last one if people don't start new topics on a regular basis.  Just a thought...


                Hi Chantilly...


                  Hi NH Runner...

                  3 miles slow run this AM.

                  "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

                  Ozzy Osbourne