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    Nearly 7 miles this evening on a nature trail ... wind was pretty brutal in the open spots along the river (wind chill was down to 15).  Second trail run of the year.  Stopped for a few minutes to watch a beaver swimming along in the open water on the old Erie Canal ... pretty cool.  Factoring in the wind chill it was 35 degrees cooler today than my Monday evening run.


    Snowshoeing on tap for the weekend ...

      I did my long run today of 12.11 miles. There was some light snow this morning which ended before I started my run at 1 PM. It was overcast and temp around 34 degrees. The air was damp with wind at times which made it feel chilly. I dressed with sweatpants, a short sleeve tee with a long sleeve over that and a band to cover my ears. I took my mp-3 player and listened to radio the first half and then played my mp-3 music on shuffle, mostly funky jazz and rockabilly. Not only did this help keep me from getting bored but it also helped me to maintain somewhat of a pace as I tired at the end. I did make a couple rest stops, the first at the top of a hill about the 6 mile point and another a few miles later where a stream was falling over layers of shale. As I said, my legs were very tired towards the end. My total time was 2 hours 32 minutes 42 seconds, a 12:37 pace. This does count in my rest stops which I suppose totaled at least 10 minutes. This brings my weekly total so far up to 27.2 miles, the greatest weekly total since March of last year. But last March my long runs were 14 to 15 mile runs, so I am a bit behind where I was a year ago. Next week I will probably alternate with a shorter long run of 9 or 10 miles, unless the weather is really nice and I feel up to a longer run.


        adkkev some nice trail scenery, there, but cold

        Altair5 nice effort on your long run, sounds cold.


        7 miles on the track.

        "and you will run your time,

        a shooting star across the sky

        and you will surely cross the line."

        Manfred Mann





          4.6 around town this evening ... half of it in a pretty heavy snow squall.  This has been a "cut back" week for me in anticipation of a fun weekend of x-c skiing and snowshoeing, so I've only run 4 days this week, no double digit long run either.

          Art in AZ

            Yes, it is really strange reading about the different areas and the vast temperature differences and conditions. For the most part it is a dry heat here. Except during our Summer  months of July, August and part of September when high humidity is added to the high temps. It is most uncomfortable then. During that time it is common to have morning temps in the upper 80s or lower 90s. Yes, you read that right. Those are the times when I take water even for my short 3 mile runs.


            Thursday did a short 3 mile run as I had a lot to do starting early in the morning. Today was a rest day with a long run planned for Saturday morning. Nothing on the race schedule but I am looking to maybe do a few before the warmer/hot weather kicks in. Most of the races locally during that time are 5K and a few even involve water being sprayed on you.


            Altair - I've had those kind of long runs where I needed to walk a couple of times. It's like I said before, sometimes it depends on how I feel. And on that day I didn't feel like running that long. It comes and goes. Just say you are following the Galloway plan where you run and then walk for a while and then run again.


            To anyone racing this weekend, Good Luck.

            Art in AZ

            Mesa, AZ

            NH Runner


              Ran the 5K race this morning in 26:49, with the warm-up, gimme 4 miles.   My time was pretty slow compared to last year, but I'll take it, I haven't been able to train like I've wanted.  Once the weather warms I should be able to reverse that.


              adkkev, welcome aboard.  I looked up pictures of the old Erie Canal, you've got a nice place to run...


              Ray, I didn't take the pictures, they're part of the town's web site where I live.


              Everybody's running well and we're getting a nice group of dedicated runners posting here.  Good stuff!

              Art in AZ

                Planned on a run of 8 miles this morning. The weather was nice and towards the end still felt good so ran 2 more miles for a total of 10. Could have done some more but had things planned for the morning.


                Found an interesting 5K in Tucson, AZ next month. The Desert Boneyard 5K. On the Davis Monthan Air Force Base there is a very large area where they store old planes, fighter jets, cargo jets, etc. If you are interested in that kind of stuff it is pretty cool. The course is in and around this area. Unfortunately for me, I'm having a hard time convincing myself to drive 2+ hours there and another 2+ hours back, just to run a 5K. Oh well. Maybe I'll do the Salsa Challenge 5K and enjoy chips, salsa and a beer or margarita after the race.


                NH Runner - good job on the 5K. Being able to enjoy the weather while training always helps. You'll get faster.

                Art in AZ

                Mesa, AZ

                NH Runner


                  Thanks Art.


                  Speaking of weather and temps, my buddy in Miami, Fl. has commented on the temperature range I live with here in NH.  We can get as cold as minus 30 degrees in the winter to an occasional 100 degrees in the summer.  That 130 degree variation is probably twice what he deals with in Miami.   Makes me wonder where in the U.S. the least amount of variation takes place.  Arizona might be a candidate, eh?


                  I told myself I wouldn't run the railtrail again 'til the ice and snow was gone, but with today's wind and low 30's temp. I changed my mind.  Big mistake, 3 1/2 miles into the run my feet went out from under me on a patch of ice and I smacked the ground hard.   I'll live, but ice doesn't give much and I'm just a tad sore this evening.


                  Anyway, 5 miles total on the railtrail @ 10 minute pace.