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Runs & Workouts Week Ending 5/12/13 (Read 11 times)

NH Runner





    Well, my little 2 miler today seems kind'a silly, but I just ran to stay loose, so there... Approve


    Chantilly, nice workout!


    Ray & adkkev... awesome running...

    NH Runner






      Ran the 5K today in 25:30, eight seconds faster than 2 years ago...lol  3rd in my age group of 6 and 34th out of 194 overall.   I thought I might run a little faster, but the course isn't easy and the air was humid, so I'll take it.  Gimme 4 miles total...


        Congratulations NH Runner! It means more to be able to run faster than 2 yrs. ago, at our age, than if we were in our 30's.


        9 miles running

        4 miles walking.

        "dancing on the path and singing, now you got away,

        you can reach the goals you set from now on, every day"

        Sonata Arctica






          Nice 5k Rich ...


          No running for me this weekend ... Saturday was a SRD, Sunday's activities included a 3.5 mile walk on the nature trail with Mrs. Adkkev.

          Art in AZ

            Thought I better post to show I haven't been slacking off. Just busy.

            Thursday - 3 miles

            Friday - 4 miles

            Saturday - 5 miles

            today - 8 miles


            Weather has been warming up all week. Morning temps today were upper 70s - lower 80s with a slight breeze. Warm but very dry out.


            Rich - Good job on the 5K.

            Art in AZ

            Mesa, AZ

            NH Runner





              7 miles on the railtrail today, legs felt nice and light for some reason, pace was low 9's.  Gives me 37 miles for the week.

                Rich - Good job on the 5K!  3rd and improved time over last year!  That should be celebrated!


                Chantilly - getting the mile in!  Still moving.


                adkkev - Some days the only thing that keeps me going is knowing the next day is a day off!


                Saturday 13.8 mile in 2:00:23.  Can you tell the temps were down?  2 of those downhill miles were sub 8.  It was tiring, but actually enjoyed it.  Didn't hurt that I knew Sunday was an off day (did a walking tour in SF for mother's day - wife's choice).