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Runs and workouts week ending 3/10/2013 (Read 10 times)

NH Runner


    7 miles on the highway today.  Course was relatively flat and I ran relatively well until I got tired... Roll eyes   Splits were 9:24, 9:03, 8:55, 8:54, 9:00, 9:13 and 9:36.   We hit 52 degrees today and for the first time since last October I wore running shorts.   I think my white legs were blinding drivers... lol


    Art, good luck in tomorrow's race....

      Art in AZ - 45 degrees at the start sounds good for running. I am sure you know the trick of cutting holes in a garbage bag to wear it to keep warm and dry while you wait for the race to start, then you can tear it off and disgard it when you are ready. It was 47 here and I again was able to wear shorts and a tee shirt! Good luck in tommorows race!


      I ran 3.14 miles today and it was as easy as pi ! I had a 10:27 pace, which is a bit faster than my usual run. Hopefully I can start to pick up my pace on the shorter runs.

      NH Runner


        Sunday 3/10/2013


        Ran a 5.5 mile loop course today.  A fun course with an old covered bridge just after 2 miles, then a series of rolling hills the rest of the way.  Splits were 9:26, 8:57, 10:02, 9:35, 9:38 and 5:27.   I promised myself I'd run more hills this year and to take more days off.  I took care of the hills today, tomorrow will be the day off.


        Altair, nice run.  Pi, eh? At first I thought you mispelled the pastry version...lol


        I wonder if Art will give us a race report...


          NH Runner  saw a couple of covered bridges on a vacation a few years ago. Quite interesting.

          Altair5 the warmer weather will help you pick it up.


          12 miles on the track. A marathon group was there, plus a triathlon group. So it was busy.


          "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne




          Art in AZ

            Do I have a race report. But of course. OK, bad attempt at humor courtesy of the Grey Poupon commercials.


            I'll post the report over in the Hi! thread. Short story I finished the 15K (9.3 miles) in 1:16:59. Beating my old record by more than 3 minutes. Checked my time and saw that even though I beat last year's time I was already 6/7 at that point in my age group. The guy who finished first did it more than 10 minutes faster than I did. Darn this is a fast crowd. I'm still pleased with my time though.

            Art in AZ

            Mesa, AZ


            02/20/2016  ATSU 5K  23:40

            04/02/2016  Run3rd 5K  24:29

            08/20/2016  Little Hollywood Half, Kanab, UT  1:54:35

            10/02/2016  Maggie's Place 15K  1:08:22

            10/29/2016  SRPMIC Red Mountain Half 1:48:34

            11/06/2016  Phoenix Half Marathon  1:45:17

              Saturday 3.5 on the treadmill in 30:04.  Sunday ran the flats near my house 6.64 in 56:54 with wife.  We got separated at mile 3 and then joined up around 6.2.  She tends to run fartleks and I'm more steady state.  It was fun and I got a good workout.  Ran at dusk, temps were close to 70F today.  Forcast calls for mid 70s by midweek for warmer areas - 10-15 degrees above average.


              Rich(NH) - getting it done.  Covered bridges, must be nice. Way to get the work in!


              Chantilly - 12 miles on the track!  That's a big ouch for me! Kudos.


              Altair - You know you have to do it again on Thursday?  If you're going to do Pi do it on Pi day.  Our book club is meeting this weekend to discuss "Life of Pi"...


              Art - Nice race!  Any time you can PR is a good race no matter where you finish.




                Art in AZ  congratulations on your fine race and PR!


                "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne