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Runs and workouts week ending 3/3/2013 (Read 13 times)

NH Runner


    Friday, 3/1/2013


    5 miles on the highway today, splits were 9:51, 9:36, 9:30, 9:27 and 9:32.   I took the last 2 days off.


    The Brooks Mach 14's I'm running in weigh just under 6 oz.   There isn't much to 'em but as long as I keep my feet under me by running with a shorter stride they're fine.


    Old runner, you could at least PRETEND you're busting your butt to run the times you run...Wink  You'd get a kick out of the way I was running late last summer, 70 miles a week with a tempo and race paced run along with an interval workout each week.  That's along with a long run on Sunday.  Talk about an injury waiting to happen...lol


    Altair, nice run. Those hills will definitely make you stronger.


    Ray, your last workout was at about a 10 minute pace, you're gaining, eh?


    Chantilly, you're maintaining solid mileage even with that toe, good for you.



      Rich (NH) - Was it the snow?  Good to take some time off every now and again.  Nice workout today!


      Leisurely 6 mile walk today in 1:25.   Felt a little cooler today during the walk, but paper says it was 70F like yesterday.



      NH Runner


        Saturday, 3/2/2013


        Yeah Ray, it was partly the snow and partly due to needing a break that I took the last 2 days off.  As you know, I spent most of the winter dealing with Plantar Fasciitis and am just now getting back to running full time.   For anyone not familiar, the injury is a tear in your arch where it attaches to your heel bone.  Anyway, I'm pretty much healed from that and trying to build a base before getting into the tougher workouts that are coming.


        On that note, I'm just back from running 7 on the highway.   Splits were 9:42, 9:36, 9:43, 9:33, 9:30, 9:37 and 9:42.   I'm happy, this run went better than they've been going lately...


        Oh yeah, 70 degrees Ray?  I won't see that 'til May of June...lol


          NH Runner your splits are improving...signs of good things to come this year?

          rmcj001 that's pretty warm for this early in the year?


          12 miles.






          NH Runner


            A little cross training for me today, 3 miles of cross country skiing on the railtrail.  Conditions weren't all that great, there was a sheet of ice under a 1/2 inch of fresh snow, but I was glad to get out.


            Chantilly, this time last year I was running splits about a minute quicker than I am now.   Hopefully, my times will come down as I toughen up.


            And I wanted to ask you, when you ran the ultras, how long was the race?  Nice run yesterday, btw...


              NH Runner ...last year you weren't recovering from  PF or the 'flu? So your splits are pretty good in spite of those 2 things.

              I have run/walked 2- 24 hr. races.  Hope to do another one this year.  Was looking at one in the Boston area, but it is in July, and the heat/humidity may be too much.


              3 miles slow.






                I had Friday as a rest day and planed a short run for Saturday, but had to work from 7 AM until  9 PM due to a call off at work. Did a short run today - 2.74 miles, 27 degrees and lightly snowing. Legs still felt slightly sore. My millage this week is down about a half mile from last week, a bit under 20 miles. This was due to my short runs being shorter since my long run was actually 3 miles longer. Lately I have only been doing about 4 runs a week. and I really want to have 6 runs but sometimes I can't find the time.


                  7 miles on the track.






                     Chantilly - Yes, very warm for this time of year and DRY.  Looking like a drought year.  2 24 hour runs, my hips, knees, ankles and back are aching just reading that!


                    Rich (NH) - Still taping?  Hot/Cold treatments?  Sounds like things are improving - even if a bit slowly.


                    Altair - you sound pretty busy, 4 times a week is pretty good.


                    Saturday ended up doing a 5K in 24:48 - yes 8:00 mpm.  That was my goal time splits where like 7:45, 8:32, 7:45.  Felt good to push it a bit, even if I'm not in shape yet.  42nd overall, but only 6th in age group.  I was happy and had fun.