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Run & Workouts w/ending 5/19/13 (Read 11 times)

    3.6 miles at lunch time @ work, 5.0 miles on the trails at the local state forest after work ... 8.6 total for the day.


    Chilly & breezy today ... long sleeves & a fleece vest!!

      adkkev - Are you training for any races?


      7.1 miles with temps around 82F.  Should be a cooling trend coming.  Miles were 9:52, 9:35, 9:13, 9:10, 8:55, 8:43, 8:19 and final .1 @7:53.

      Average per mile time of 9:06.



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        3 easy/recovery miles on the railtrail.  Our weather is similar to adkkev's, windy and cold.  We're forecast for frosts tonight that could potentially ruin this year's apple crop.  The apple blossoms are out and if they get hit with a frost, it's over...


          adkkev it would be nice to run in a forest

          rmcj001 great to walk around SF on mothers' day

          NH Runner hope your apple trees make out ok


          Yesterday was a rest day.

          Some rain & wind here, so 7 miles on the track plus 2 miles walking.

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            Chantilly - Rain and wind.  We in the middle of cooling trend here. Yep, only 79F today.  I so hope we get a nice 50F day for the marathon.


            Rich -  Gotta love those recovery runs.


            Today was a SOS (Something of Substance) day.  2 x 3 mile repeats, with 1 warm up and 1 cool down and 1 inbetween.  First 3 was @23:15, 2nd @25:05.  Went from a little sweat to totally soaked on the in between mile.  Total time for 9 miles 80:45 more or less.



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              11 miles on the railtrail.  I started out intending to run 12, but caught my toe on a rock at 5.5 miles and went down hard.  My right hand, left knee and ribs on my left side took the hit, that trail is HARD! lol  Anyway, when I resumed running, it was in the other direction, I'd had enough...lol  No real harm done, I was able to keep running at the same pace and am only slightly sore now.


              I have a question... has anyone noticed walking helps with recovery?  I noticed it the other day when I went for a walk in the morning, then ran later in the day.  Then today, I mowed my lawn by hand this morning as a test to see if walking would make today's run go better and aside from doing a faceplant, it seems to have helped.


              Everyone's running really well, here's hoping for good things on race day...

                4 miles @ lunch time @ work, 5.35 miles on the nature trail after work.  Breezy & chilly at lunch time, sunny, not quite as breezy, and temp around 55 for the nature trail run, so no fleece vest on the latter.


                Ray - I have two trail races in August, that's it.  We're on vacation during the first half of June & once summer hits we spend many of our weekends in our solo canoes, so I don't usually participate in any races during the summer months.


                Rich - at least your faceplant was on the rail trail ... I had one this past winter on the sidewalk ... nice cut on my forehead from my headlamp & my shoulder ached for several weeks after that.  And I skinned my right knee as well.


                Chantilly - I prefer trail running over road running simply because I love running in the woods.  I love to hike & now I find myself looking at every hiking trail & asking myself if I thought it was runnable.  Many in the Adirondacks are simply not very conducive to running at all. 


                  rmcj001 "only" 79F?  Smile Know what you mean, 50F is much better for a marathon...

                  NH Runner " Hey! Let's be careful out there."  (Hill Street Blues)

                  adkkev no forests around me, sounds like you have a lot of options!


                  The street sweepers are out, dusty & dirty, so 9 miles on the track plus 2 miles walking.

                  "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

                  Ozzy Osbourne




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                    Wednesday was a day off.


                    Thursday... 8 miles with 2 mile warm up, 4 @ tempo and 2 mile cool down.   I wanted to run 5 at tempo, but the wind was blowing and my ribs are still sore from the epic Roll eyes spill I took.  Anyway, here's all 8 splits in case you're not bored yet... 9:17, 8:55, 8:26, 8:24, 8:25, 8:25, 9:21 and 9:21.


                    adkkev... I can't imagine a faceplant on the pavement or cement... Yikes!


                    Ray...  you're racking up some quality miles lately, that 2 X's 3 miles was awesome!


                    Chantilly... I try to stay out of trouble, but it ain't easy when dogs hate you and rocks try to trip you...Joking  Nice run today!

                      4 miles @ lunchtime @ work, 4.25 miles after work around town.  Sunny & warm ... pretty breezy on the after work run.  8.25 total for the day.


                      Sadly we had to put our oldest dog to sleep today ... he was 13 1/2 yrs old ... and he was fading fast.  Couldn't stand to watch him "just exist" ... so we made the final decision last night.  A few tears were shed ... tough losing such a loyal buddy.

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                        Sorry to hear about your dog adkkev, it's hard saying goodbye to an old friend.


                        I ran 5 miles on the railtrail today, pace was easy / recovery.  Ribs are still sore...

                          adkkev - sympathies on the loss of you pet.  Wife makes sure we have 3 dogs 2 years apart to make sure there is always a dog around the house.


                          Rich - that falls sounds pretty nasty.  Sounds like the running is going well, minus the fall.  Hope the ribs heal quickly.


                          Chantilly - Love walking.  That's my off days usually.


                          12 mile run today (10 mile tempo run) 75F felt cooler.  The total run took 1:42:58 with the 10 tempos averaging just under 8:30/mile.  I guess taking Thursday off helped.



                            another double day ... 4 @ lunch, 4 more after work.


                              adkkev sorry to hear about your dog

                              rmcj001 nice w/o @ 75F.  I'm finding 65F in the sun a little warm yet.

                              NH Runner  hope you are starting to feel better. I think walking helps recovery as well as improve endurance.


                              9 miles running, 1 mile walk.

                              "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

                              Ozzy Osbourne




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                                4 miles today, I warmed for a  mile, ran 4 X's 800 with a 90 second break between and cooled for a mile.  Average pace for the sprints was 7:40's.


                                My ribs are feeling slightly better, I wrapped 'em in an Ace bandage and it seems to be helping.


                                Everyone's running really well, I'm by far the low mileage guy in the group.  I sure hope this new training strategy works, my half marathon is just 2 weeks from today