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Runs & Workouts, Week Ending 7/14/2013 (Read 8 times)

NH Runner


    Friday, 7/12/2013


    2 mile recovery run today.   Me, the railtrail, Hawaiian tropic and NO deerflies...Approve


    Art, so you wanna be a tester, eh?   Here ya go!  http://www.brooksrunning.com/Brooks-Wear-Tester-Program/lab_rat,default,pg.html


    I'd put my name in too, but when Brooks buys my design, I'll probably just buy an island somewhere and run barefoot in the sand.  I won't be needing any shoes...


    Everybody's running really well lately.


      adkkev there's a lot for you to see along the canal.

      Art in AZ  Sept. isn't that far away...Shocked

      rmcj001 nice to be able to run with your family.

      NH Runner That's good news that the Hawaiian Tropic is working.


      7 miles.


      "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne




      ultrajogger n00b

        5.65 on the Erie Canal Way again ... saw the usual bikers & a couple walkers along the way.  Some of the bikers like to zip up behind you very stealthily & whip on by without warning you that they're passing you ... a simple "on your left" would be nice ...


        It was warm & a little muggy on this run, which I didn't expect.  I thought the humidity was supposed to drop substantially but obviously not at the trail!  Definitely much nicer when I got home ... funny how 15 miles or so makes such a difference.  That and 1000 ft in elevation gain Wink


        Have a great weekend everybody!!

        NH Runner


          Saturday, 7/13/2013


          7 uncomfortable miles on the highway today.   Stiff and sore for some reason, one of those runs you grit your teeth to get through and put it behind you asap.


          Saw a fawn deer this morning, its mother had crossed the highway while I was still a ways off.   Still had spots, but it looked like they were fading.


          adkkev... you're fortunate to be able to run the old Erie Canal, lots of history there.   And yeah, the quality of work they did in those days is amazing when you think about what they had to work with, not a lot of overweight people back then, they did a lot of it with their backs.


            Hope everyone has a good weekend!


            16 miles with the group this morning....was dropped by them after the first hour...Blush...but still in the same park .....Joking

            It is a good challenge for me to go out with them on occasion, they are much faster  than me and I don't expect them to slow their pace just for me.


            There were geese and ducks in the park. Several nice dogs out for a walk, also.


            "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne




              Rich - The "shandles" are interesting.  Too bad you need to live in Washington State to be a shoe testerCry Good job running when it didn't feel good - those days happen.

              adkkev - Low bridge everybody down...

              Chantilly - nice 16 miler!  That's a good week for some of us...

              Art - The payoff comes when things cool down.


              An easy 5 miles yesterday at ~8:52mpm.  10K race today 46:20 - only 5 minutes behind son Shocked  Good enough for 8th overall.  It seemed to warm up quickly and there was no shade.  Only 30 seconds off PR, so was pretty happy with the effort 5 of the miles were 7:31-7:42 and the first was 7:15 and last bit was at  ~7:00mpm on an uphill.  Still, got beat by a 12yoSurprised



              NH Runner


                Ray, the shandals look weird, but work pretty well.  I've run about 60 miles in them now, both on pavement and the dirt railtrail with no issues.  I ran the last interval workout in them as well, so they're pretty versatile.


                And sorry about posting the tester link, I should have looked before posting it here.


                Congrats.on the 10K, that's a great time!   Isn't it amazing how fast some kids can run?


                Chantilly...great run!  16 miles is nothing to be embarrassed about, regardless of your time!

                Art in AZ

                  Ended up taking 2 of the grandsons to a Arizona Rattlers Arena Football League game last night. So got up a little later this morning and thought I'd go for a bike ride instead of running. Ended up with a flat tire and walked back to house a couple of miles. Of course during the walk back thought it might be useful to get a patch kit and pump and mount it to the bike. While changing the tire decided the bike needed some cleaning and maintenance. So I never got back out. But I am ready for tomorrow.


                  Everybody has put in some good miles the past few days.


                  Ray - Actually there are 2 test programs at Brooks. The Wear Tester has to live in the continental US to participate. The other is the Biometric Lab, which only uses people from Washington State. And nice time in the 10K.

                  Art in AZ

                  Mesa, AZ


                  02/20/2016  ATSU 5K  23:40

                  04/02/2016  Run3rd 5K  24:29

                  08/20/2016  Little Hollywood Half, Kanab, UT  1:54:35

                  10/02/2016  Maggie's Place 15K  1:08:22

                  10/29/2016  SRPMIC Red Mountain Half 1:48:34

                  11/06/2016  Phoenix Half Marathon  1:45:17

                  NH Runner


                    Sunday, 7/14


                    10 miles on the railtrail today.  Pace was 10:30's.   I think barefoot running is why my calves got so tight.   I guess it's your calf muscles and achilles tendons that cushion your landing when you're shoeless and I got mine to loosen up by rolling 'em out last night.   Today's run started out a little "iffy", but got better once I got underway.


                    Hindsight is good stuff, eh Art? lol   Buying a patch kit and pump for the bike guarantees you won't get another flat for at least 5 years... Big grin


                    And thanks for clarifying Brooks' tester requirements, I was feeling pretty dumb about that one

                    ultrajogger n00b

                      No run for me today (Sunday) ... spent the day paddling with my wife paddling our canoes on the Kunjamunk ... water was high which made all the beaver dam crossings easy-peasy.  We probably paddled about 10 miles or so.


                        rmcj001 nice race result for you and your son.

                        Art in AZ too bad about the flat, but at least you got a walk in.

                        adkkev canoeing would be a fun cross training activity.

                        NH Runner tight calves is supposed to be the reason for slow transition into minimal-type shoes. But you don't sound like you're overdoing it?


                        3 miles. Have a pinched nerve in my shoulder from snow shovelling 3 months ago, which I finally saw a doctor about. Got an ultrasound and medication. He said I may need a cortisone shot, but don't know if I want one.

                        Anyone have experience with them?


                        "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne




                          Art -  Guess I missed that part - I guess that's why there's safety in numbers.  Too bad, the biometric lab sounds like it would be fun.  And have to agree with Rich about the patch kit and future flats.


                          Chantilly - Back when I was coaching sons in basketball my bad knee got really sore, after 6 months finally saw Dr about it and gave me cortisone shot.  In this case it worked wonders, the inflammation got down enough that the knee could finish healing.


                          Rich - Definitely true about calves an achilles taking the load, but there are no free lunches.  However, muscles and tendons can be strengthened, but cartilage is a losing battle.  Given the lack of the latter in my knees it's a no brainer, just take it slow and really, really listen to your body.  It will tell you if you're over doing it...


                          adkkev - I'm pretty good in the bow of a canoe, but never could get the handle on the "J" stroke.


                          Yesterday decided to do a 2nd 10K for today and registered at the last minute.  10K started 45 minutes earlier then Saturday's and difference in temp was noticeable.  Didn't hurt that I decided on the race near most of my workout runs in Los Gatos over the race in the Marin headlands (shorter drive).  That and during the morning the course is much more shaded.  Finished in 47:04.  The course had more hills then Saturday's and last 2-3 miles are mostly uphill (gentle) as you return to the start point.  Spent the first couple of miles running with a younger guy and a girl, guy started to fade around mile 3 and the girl around mile 4.5.  They didn't lose contact and I guess the girl paced off me (I faded a bit on the uphills too, just not as much).  They finished not too far behind and the girl thanked me afterwards for running an even pace.  Sorry to say no medal today, finished 4th in AG and somewhere around 21 overall.




                            rmcj001 congrats on your second 10 Km.  You didn't slow down hardly at all!


                            9 miles at 6:00 AM.


                            "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne