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Runs & Workouts Ending 3/17/2013 (Read 13 times)

    LSR/recovery run 7.5 miles 73:24 70F clear and sunny. First 4 miles were all10+ minutes.  Last 3.5 closer to 9:00 mpm.




      70F would be nice. Still around 15F here.


      4 miles.


      "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne




      Shirtless wonder

        4.8 miles today in the rain this morning with temps around 51F.  Tempo run kept pace below <8 min miles.


        Nulla camisia et nulla problematum


        NH Runner


          Cross trained today with 30 minutes on the Nordic Track ski machine, push-ups, sit-ups and planks...


          Art, congrats. on an excellent race and PR...


          Looking good Ray, you're coming back nicely


          Chantilly, I can't believe you're still that cold, hang in there.


          Shadow runner, if those are upcoming races you're about to run, that's a tough schedule!  Good luck and welcome...

          NH Runner


            Wednesday, 3/13/2012


            7 miles today.  A blustery 42 degree day with a 5 -10 mph wind that seemed to push me around no matter what direction I ran.   Progress is slow, but I'm gaining.   Splits were 9:23, 9:16, 9:11, 9:00, 9:10, 9:18 and 9:21.


              Wednesday, 3/13/2012

               Progress is slow, but I'm gaining.   Splits were 9:23, 9:16, 9:11, 9:00, 9:10, 9:18 and 9:21.

              Go, you! 

              shadow runner do you like the rain or was it cold?


              10 miles pretty slow. Able to run with my friend part of it.  Makes the time go by faster.

              Rest day yesterday.


              "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne




                Shadow - That's a quick pace and in the rain.  Welcome to the group.


                Rich (NH) - Improvement.  Sounds good to me.  5k this weekend should be fun!


                Chantilly - 7m today, good job!  To a point it seems like cold weather is better then hot - it's easier to add clothes.


                6.1 today in under 55 minutes (9:29,8:53,8:52,8:40,8:53,9:43) temp 72-73F - paper says the high was going to be 78 today, but don't think it got that high.



                Art in AZ

                  5 miles this morning with a quiet, easy run. Threw in a couple of visits to the chin-up bar as I have been neglecting some of my strength training lately. I figured turning dirt in the garden was a decent substitute. Still nice in the morning but just went outside and it felt very warm. Look at thermometer, 88 degrees. So glad I run in the morning but know that in about 4 months the morning temperature will be that warm. I can hardly wait.Roll eyes

                  Art in AZ

                  Mesa, AZ


                  02/20/2016  ATSU 5K  23:40

                  04/02/2016  Run3rd 5K  24:29

                  08/20/2016  Little Hollywood Half, Kanab, UT  1:54:35

                  10/02/2016  Maggie's Place 15K  1:08:22

                  10/29/2016  SRPMIC Red Mountain Half 1:48:34

                  11/06/2016  Phoenix Half Marathon  1:45:17

                  NH Runner


                    A couple of covered bridges pictures...


                    The first is on the road I ran the other day.  This is a replacement bridge, the original was torched by an arsen a few years ago...



                    The second is one of two railroad covered bridges on the railtrail I run...



                    aka PaintingLady

                      6 on the indoor track followed by UB workout....bet I'll be sore tomorrow, as i have been neglecting weight training lately.  It was cold and 18-20 mph winds, so I chickened out and went indoors.

                      Marie from Tennessee

                      Dumbo Double Dare!!!



                        Monday it was 53 degrees, overcast and I ran 4.9 miles. Tuesday 41 degrees and overcast, ran 3.14 miles. Wednesday it was sunny in the morning, but started to snow lightly as I prepared to go for a run in the afternoon. Temperture dropped rapidly from 40 degrees to 37 in a few minutes. Midway of my 3.87 mile run the snowfall became heavy and the wind picked up so that the snow seemed to be going horizontal. I was a bit worried about visability and the cars. Just a little while later the snow and wind died down and there was even sun at the end of the run.Weather is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get next. Interesting to see the what the tempetures are around the country, some of you are dealing with colder conditions in the teens or single digits and the other extreme are those who already have heat in the upper eighties!


                        NH Runner - beautiful pictures! Nice looking place you have for runs.


                        shadow runner - Welcome! You are a fast runner and you look really trim and fit in your picture. I need to lose some belly fat myself, will have to work on that this summer.

                        NH Runner


                          Altair, you've got a nice routine going and running well, good for you.  I recall getting caught in a snow squall a few years ago that had me looking like Frosty the Snowman in no time. There's not much you can do except hope you're covered with enough snow so people won't recognize you...lol  And yeah, I'm fortunate to have some nice running routes to take advantage of.


                          Thanks Chantilly!


                          Hey Marie, nice workout!


                          I ran 6 miles on the railtrail today.  I made the mistake of thinking the warmer weather and rain we've had lately would get rid of the snow, but the trail was still covered with snow and ice.  I couldn't push the pace, but managed to stay upright and actually had a good workout.  Splits were 10:50, 10:30, 10:13, 10:20, 10:27 and 10:27.


                          Tomorrow's a day off, Saturday's a 5K race...

                            Art - Isn't it a "dryyy" heat?  If it's this warm already, what is summer going to bring?


                            Marie (PnR) - Good to get the run, indoors, outdoors or treadmill.  Hope things are getting better there.


                            Altair - For those of us with food allergies, when partaking those unknown chocolates, be prepared to spit them out!  And quicklyWink

                            sometimes you've just got to bail out and hope for something better in the future.  Good workouts.


                            Rich - Getting the work in.  Did you take the pictures?  Nice routes.


                            Only 5 miles today in 43:38 (9:07, 8:44, 8:37, 8:52, 8:18) and 67F.  Hit 5,000,000 steps on my fitbit yesterday, 11,066 floors and 2500+ miles since Christmas 2011



                              I had planned to do my long run, maybe a 12 mile run, or maybe a semilong 6 or 7 mile run today and the 12 Friday. I had to make a trip into the city and do not get back until 4. Still had time for a long or semilong run, but felt a bit tired and ended up taking a catnap instead. Woke up and did my 3.14 mile run,very fitting for "Pi day" March 14! It was sunny, but windy and 31 degrees. At the midway, turnaround point I stopped running and walked for a minute or two. I did not count that as part of my distance, but my timing watch was running. I decided for simplicity to count the time taken for a walk, or a rest stop, or for a stretch, as seconds to be included in the total time for a run. So my total time was 36 minutes 28 seconds, a 11:37 pace. Hopefully I will feel like doing the long run tommorow since I will be back to work on the weekends.


                              Art in AZ - I lived in Tempe for about 2 months back in the early 70's. I think I was there at the end of summer. Some impressions I have of that time: I remember the temp getting up to 120 degrees! I was not a runner at the time, but did like to walk. I remember walking from the apartments where I lived over to the university to play chess. The heat was very dry most of the time, my arms would have little sparkles of sweat at the pores but would stay dry and not get wet. I did stop wearing underwear while I was there because that could get sweaty. The sun there looked white and not yellow. You might see rain in the sky that would evaporate halfway down to the ground. The dust storms were really different, I would see like a yellow fog aproaching and the be in the middle of all this dust. Some people would cover thier windows with alluminum foil to keep out the light.


                                mcj001 congratulations on your steps milestone!

                                NH Runner spring can be deceptive, gotta watch out for the ice.

                                PaintnRun nice track run

                                Art in AZ  nice temperature.  88 in Phoenix/Mesa feels nicer than 88 in other places.

                                Altair5 I will be working this weekend, also. Congrats on your "pi" run.


                                7 miles on the track.


                                "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne