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Run & Workouts w/ending 5/19/13 (Read 11 times)

    Saturday = SRD.  Planted our veggie garden this afternoon ... looking forward to harvesting the goodies from there later on!!


    Rich, good to hear that you're feeling better, rib-wise!!


    Nice 8 miles Chantilly!!

    NH Runner





      A day off from running today, I rode the mtn bike 8 miles on the railtrail.  Not to be too anal, but I bought a mechanical counter the other day and mounted it to the bike frame.  Then I attached a flipper to the bike wheel that would trip the counter with each revolution.  The idea was to set the bike up so I could measure distances with it and it works great.


      Each revolution of the bike's tire moves the bike 80 inches. (measured carefully by me)  There are 5280 feet in a mile, multiplied by 12 equals 63,360 inches in a mile.  Since my bike tire travels 80 inches with each revolution, 63,360 divided by 80 equals the number of revolutions per mile, 792.


      After all that, I measured the mile splits on the railtrail today using my new counter and found out my old measurements are off, my old splits are too long.  By quite a lot.  So there you have it, there's more than one way to get faster... Wink

        Rich - As a science/engineer I gotta ask, "what's the +/- error margin" on both measuring devices?   Is there a statistical difference?


        Took Saturday off.  We spent the day hiking and visiting with several siblings and my Dad.  Got home and took a nap.  Woke up and was going to try and do 3 miles on the TM, but after 1/8 mile just wasn't feeling it and stopped.  Went to bed.


        Got up early Sunday and took son on a 15 mile dish run.  69F when we finished so one of my cooler runs lately!  2:12+ for a 8:47/mile average.  Kid took off when we got to the dish area and I stopped for a gu.  Was just trying to keep up with him (on the uphill just trying not to lose sight of him).  Mostly was doing that, but lost sight on the downhill and thought I was moving.  Got to the gate and didn't see him, but noticed his shirt was there.  He had to make a pit stop and I passed him up.  When he caught up he said, you must have been flyin.  We stuck together after that.  Son is getting worried now that he's not ready for the marathon.