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Runs & Workouts, Week Endind 6/30/2013 (Read 10 times)

NH Runner


    Friday, 6/28/2013


    7 miles on the highway today.  The form change is starting to kick in, here's today's splits... 9:04, 8:45, 8:35, 8:27, 8:19, 8:25 and 9:07.  I eased up the last mile, but am happy with the way today's run went, those times are the quickest yet.   I expect to be a blur real soon now, hearing people ask, "What was that?" as I go flying by...Big grin


    adkkev... can you imagine running in sandals in the snow with temps below freezing?  Now there's a motivation to make you run quicker, eh? lol


    Chantilly...I expect to have the strongest feet around before I'm done... Dead


    Ray... check out Barefoot Ted's site, he's selling Hauraches with a different kind of lacing system, they're straps instead of the typical strings.   You could either copy what you see, or maybe he'd sell just the strapping.


    Nice runs everybody...

    ultrajogger n00b

      6.25 miles around town in light rain.  Sun came out just as I was finishing ...


      I can't imagine running in sandals ... I'm afraid that I'd have sticks, stones, and whatever else might be on the ground between the bottoms of my feet and the sandals!


      Rich, nice splits.  Much faster than I.

      NH Runner


        Saturday, 6/29


        adkkev... thanks.  I get caught up in the speed thing, but only as a way to gauge how I'm running.   There's a guy in town who just turned 60 and has already set the record for the fastest 5K ever run in the state by a 60 year old.  Every now and then I'll get caught from behind by him while out on a run and it's a pita, he's so fast.  I can either breathe or talk running at his pace, but I can't do both...lol


        Just 3 miles on the railtrail for me today, time for a recovery run.  Splits were 11:37, 11:28 and 11:17.


          rest day.

          Have a good weekend, all.







            3 miles plus yard work and a walk.






            NH Runner


              Sunday, 6/29/2013


              10 miles easy on the railtrail.  The biting insects were out in force, I especially like the ones that can bite through your clothing... Roll eyes


                NH Runner I have a  70 yr. old friend who runs 1 hour + faster than me on my better marathons. Embarrassed

                How are you doing with the sandals?  Do you run a short distance/speed work in them and then regular shoes for longer?


                4 miles at 6:00 AM

                13 miles at 7:00 AM

                walked 2 miles.  71F and sunny out.  Got a watch band tan.






                  NH  - 10 miles!  Nice work.

                  Chantilly - If you run at 6 and then again at 7, does it really count as separate runs? Smile


                  Friday was 95F and relatively high humidity around here (60%?)  Went out for a 7-8 mile run and stopped at 5 miles (44:41) walked the 2 miles back to the office.  6 mile hike in the evening.  Saturday wife and I literally laid around the house all day watching TV (99F outside).  Sunday we traveled North to Richmond and the Marin headlands for another 5 mile hike.  It was a balmy 72F at the beach and spent a lot of time exploring the CA coast and WWI era bunkers.