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New over 50 runner with an artificial hip (Read 17 times)


    That's a good plan, saratg  It is easier to run indoors, plus the stroller makes it harder.

    "Lookin' back on the track, for a little green bag,

    Gotta find just the kind, I'm losing my mind

    Outta sight in the night, outta sight in the day,

    Lookin' back on the track, gonna do it my way."

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    NH Runner


      Slow and steady sara, just like you're doing.  Your body adapts to the stresses you throw at it, keep up the good work!


        I have been slowly increasing my speed for my 45 min. run & I mean slowly.  I add 0.1 MPH/week, but progress is progress.  Recently I tried backing off (speed, not distance), since I swim a lot in the summer.  I found I don't feel as good the rest of the day if I go slower.  My body must have adapted to the state of being slightly, but constantly pushed.  Has anyone else noticed this?  I'm happy about it!

        NH Runner


          Yeah Sara, if I back off too much I'll notice it in the way I'm feeling, I get a little sluggish.


          You know, you can post your workouts in the daily thread a few of us are posting to each day. Give it a try...