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Runs & Workouts Week Ending June 3rd (Read 8 times)

NH Runner





    Finished today's half in 2:14:50.   Temp was 90 degrees, the course was mostly in direct sunlight with a touch of humidity in the air.   A buddy waiting for his wife at the finish said they carried roughly 25 runners out on stretchers to waiting ambulances, although I didn't hear of anyone in serious trouble.


    It seemed like the heat bothered me more than a lot of people, so there may be something I need to do differently with training.

      Rich!  It's not easy running in 90 degree heat ... congrats on finishing ... and not being one of the 25 or so on a stretcher.


        NH Runner congratulations on being able to finish your race in such extreme conditions without becoming ill.  There really isn't a way to train for 90F, we have to lower our expectations on a day like that.

        Some people are genetically better able to handle heat.

        Also, you may not have had enough time to get acclimatized to the summer heat.


        Rest day.

        "dancing on the path and singing, now you got away,

        you can reach the goals you set from now on, every day"

        Sonata Arctica






          Rich - Rumor has it that smaller runners are less affected by heat.  90F?!  With humidty?!  WTF!  You finished and that's great!


          Got a little cooler weather then yesterday for our race.  Mid to upper 60's at start of  race, low 70's at end.  Didn't push it, but did get a PR

          1:46:38 officially.  47th overall and 4th in AG.  Other then being a bit dehydrated feel pretty good.  So, pretty happy.  Son got 9th in AG and wife got 1st in hers!