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Runs & Workouts Week Ending 5/26/13 (Read 8 times)


    rmcj001  this is the second time you've had a good w/o after the blahs? Wink

    akkev Hope you get out on the water and have a good weekend!

    NH Runner what kind of surface is on your trail? Do you have a trail bike or regular?


    Rest day.

    "and you will run your time,

    a shooting star across the sky

    and you will surely cross the line."

    Manfred Mann





      Chantilly - I'm probably a little manic depressive - like everyone else Smile  Actually, I'm supposed to be running on tired legs and I'm definitely tired most of the time now.  Rest days sound SO good right now!  Good luck this weekend!


      NH - I hear you on the leg turnover. Even when I go slow these days try to keep turnover the same and just change stride length.  Sounds like a good plan.


      adkkev - hope the weather improves.


      75F today, 11 miles in ~1:37.  Expected it to feel slow and bit tired and I did Joking  Just glad there are public restrooms on my path and water fountains.


      Enjoy the weekend and run strong.



        5.6 soggy & muddy trail miles after work in a steady rain ... 40 degrees cooler today than it was on Wednesday.  And the weather forecast is calling for wet snow in the high peaks region too.

        NH Runner





          4.5 miles on the ol' treadmill today.  The wind blew and the rain fell all day and taking a day off really wasn't an option, not after taking yesterday off.   Sooo... I warmed for 2 miles, ran 4 X's 1/2 mile @ 8:30 pace X 60 second break between, then cooled for a 1/2 mile.


          Chantilly... my bike's a mountain bike and the railtrail's packed dirt / gravel.  I bought the mtn bike with the intention of just riding the trail, no mountain climbing for me... lol  I know you're treating it as a training run, but good luck in your marathon.


          adkkev...our weather's crazy lately, isn't it?  Forecast low is 37 degrees here tonight.


          Ray... your training is rock solid, another nice run yesterday.

            NH - Keeping up the intervals.  Way to go!  Rain, we might get some today - maybe a sprinkle.


            Temps have been below average for the past week, but mild.  Did 5.1 miles in 41:37 a progressive run (?)  Yesterday was longest run before race, 15.5 in 2:17:44.  Wife and son were going to run with me, but they mostly baled at the last sec.  Son did get a bunch of his friends together and meet me at the dish and we all did the first hill together.  Think we're dong a 1/2 next Sunday, should be interesting.



            NH Runner





              5 miles on the railtrail, ran easy except the last mile.... 10:27, 9:54, 9:50, 9:53 and 8:45.


              With a week to go before race day, I cut this week's mileage by about 25%.   Next week will be strictly by feel...