50 and over 5k and beyond


Runs & Workouts Week Ending 3/31/13 (Read 10 times)

NH Runner


    Happy Easter!!


    I got back a while ago from running 10 with hills.  Temp hit 53, but with a decent wind out of the South.  Capped a 34 mile week for me.


    That's a great week of running altair, congrats!  That's the kind of week that'll make you a stronger runner, way to go!

      Happy belated Easter to everyone.


      Rich - Nice 10 miler and good week!

      Altair - Awesome week!  So, cool.  Congrats!


      Saturday did the 5K, 25:22 with a big hill.  I'm happy with my effort - see "Hi!" forum for race report.

      Sunday did 6.23 miles with wife, 54:57.  Right Achilles is a little tight today, left front tendon just a tad sore.  Guess I ran a little harder then I thought...