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    Did the run. 6 mi. Not pretty. Posted more detail on MLRW. Didn't want to whine so much here. Sorry you guys are still dealing with such wintery weather!!


    Attendence at conference= sign in, strategic mingling, seemingly necessary disappearnce. Reappear every once in awhile at break to mingle again. Bam! Doesn't matter if you get caught out and about bc they will be doing the same most of the time and its good to have a client emergency in your back pocket if someone asks.


    Mary Kay

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    Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement - Matt Biondi

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    aka PaintingLady

      Checking in briefly w/ my mighty masters running buddies.... please forgive me for not doing individual shout outs, but know that I have read though the posts and cheer w/ you and cry w/ you. My internet access and time is rather limited.

      This has been a challenging week for all of us in the running community. It is hard to believe that anyone could be so deranged to commit such a horrific act.

      I've found solace in running as many of you have.

      It is a blessing to have that outlet for all of life's challenges and frustrations. Smile

      Marie from Tennessee

      Dumbo Double Dare!!!




        Greetings friends.  Sounds as if several of you had some good runs this weekend.  Good job all!


        Woke up early Saturday morning feeling a bit better, so headed out to see how I would do on my run.  Had planned on 9 miles, but would see how it went.  DW came along on her bike.  Always nice to have company on the long runs!  Weather was clear, dry and about 50 degrees at the start.  Settled right in by the 1 mile mark and had no trouble completing the full 9 miles. Later that morning went to Road Runner Sports with a gift card the family had given me when I retired from the Navy back in February.  Purchased a GPS watch and a package of running socks.  Looking forward to trying out the watch this week- it should be more comfortable than the arm band holder I've been using for running Map My Run on my Galaxy S3.




        PRs:  9/1/2012 Disneyland 5K 27:08,  01/06/2013 Resolution 15K 1:30:17, 03/10/2013 San Diego HM 2:18:05, 04/19/2014 ACT! Today 10K  51:54


          Cool Hello from AZ!! Flew 2 Phoenix Saturday evening and a neighbor friend just happen to be in Phx so she picked me up and we headed back to northern AZ!!  YAY!! So grateful for such friends especially living in the same neighborhood!!  So it's 2 hours time zone difference and I'm awake at 5 am Sunday, Roll eyes, but it was already about 18 degrees, NICE!! Smile.  Called DH in MN and it's SNOWING, WINDY, COLD; the latest snowstorm!! Disapprove.  Couldn't help telling him how the morning was in AZ, Big grin.  He actually really likes MN and doesn't miss AZ at all.  We'll see how he feels about it next winter, haha!!  Couldn't wait to run but had to get some stuff done around the house; finally drove to the trail with the least number of 'hills,' the least technical and lowest elevation (6500), slight breeze, about 40 degrees by then, NO SNOW!  Plan: go slow and focus on breathing.  Finished the loop trail which is 8 miles, 1:50, comfortable pace, 1 minute walk breaks every 2 miles, ran the hills!!  Felt great, didn't feel as winded as I thought I would; a few runners, mtn bikers, hikers along the way.  Gosh, it was glorious to be out on the trails, trees, pretty quiet, wow!! Could have run more but don't want to do "too much too soon too early" especially at this elevation.

          Left for Phoenix late afternoon.  OMGoodness!!  My grandbabies have grown sooo much!!  ShockedBig grin  Older GD just turned 2 in March but she has the 'maturity' of a 4 yr old, dynamic personality (so much like her mommy at that age), she's tall (dad is at least 6'5") and coordinated (like grandma Joking), speaks in understandable sentences, just amazing!!  So loving as she hugged me and stayed glued to me till she went to bed.  Her little sister is 4 mths old and quiet, so laid back, observant, and enjoys big sister's performances who loves a captive audience, LOL!! Mommy & daddy are just wonderful, loving, patient parents to watch as they interact with the babies! Such a blessing. So I'll be running as much as possible on the desert mtn trails.

          Art:  How was your race?  Gosh it's warm here in Phx!  So how early do you run?

          gito57:  great training run! Sometimes it's a struggle to 'slow down' on training runs esp. on long runs. Such a delicate balance between intense (unintentionally or not) training runs and making sure you have enough time for recovery prior to race events.

          Rich:  soooo nice to have company, absolutely!!  I miss having DH ride his bike alongside me so need to pick that back up.  Great mileage!! So glad you're feeling better and it was short-lived, don't you love those gift cards!!

          Dan:  yippee, that's a great run!! you're doing awesome for your HM, and I can understand the emotions prior to a race although it's not too bad with me, I know I train as much/best I could so just go for it!!

          mkayc:  however the run, getting a warning and avoiding $$ made your day!!  But I understand that any 'unexpected' incident prior to running can make for a 'crappy' run, just kinda messes with your psyche.  Glad you got a run in though.

          Marie:  good to hear from you!!

          Ray:  loved your race report!!  CONRATS on a super duper strong finish!! Just awesome!!

          PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18


            Mkay -  If I could maintain that pace for a whole marathon I would be close.  I've been using the marathon equivalent pacing charts and they indicate a time between 3:45-3:53.  I don't think SF would be the race to go for BQ time, a little too hilly, but my you never know.


            AZ - Bet it feels good to be on those trails again.  Glad to hear things are going better.


            Dan & Debra - Training sounds like it's been going well.  You're so ready for your halves!


            Rich - Getting there!  Keep it up!


            Art - Your 5K is this weekend?  Should be fun!


            Finally settled on a training plan for SF marathon - Hanson's Marathon Method.  Read the book and seems to meet my needs and I think I understand the theory behind it.  Mileage peaks at about 57 miles in one week with maximum long run of 15-16 miles.  They place two guidelines on the long run, no more then 30% of your total mileage and you need to complete it in 3 hours or less.  I'm using their begining plan and there is only 1 rest day per week (although you can take more if you need it).  The general theory is until you taper your body should is working to recover.  Thus when you do your long runs on Sundays your simulating 2nd half of race conditions, e.g. the last 16 miles of a marathon, not the first.  You basically have 3 workouts per week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.  The other days are recovery runs to keep your body in recovery mode.


            Last week schedule called for a 16 mile run.  Wife found a 15 mile race out on Angel Island for last Saturday.  For those unfamiliar with the SF Bay Area, Angel Island is NW of Alcatraz Island (the Rock) and just East of Tiburon in Marin (North side of GG Bridge).  You have to take a Ferry to get there and the Ferry service doesn't start until 10AM.  Number pickup and the Ferry were in Tiburon.  We got our numbers at 9:40 and got in line to get Ferry tickets, we were standing there for several minutes before wife realized ferry tickets were on the back of her number.  Jumped in line to get on the Ferry.  10 after 10 they finally started to load the Ferry, but rather then use the line that people had formed they turned it into a free for all.  Fortunately, there was room for everyone.  Got to Angel Island about 10:40 with just enough time to make a pit stop.


            We were looking for the bag check, when the race director said the 15 mile run would start in 3 minutes.  Had just enough time to throw on my Vibrams and tie up my bag and throw it under the tree.  In my hurry forgot my water and were approaching the start line when director said go.  GPS watch took some time to sync in and missed the first tenth of a mile or so.  Think there were about 60 people who started this race (there is also a 10 mile and 5 mile race as well).  We knew that there was an 1850' of elevation gain for this race and it turned out to be 3 loops around the island, each loop different and successively higher.  I thought we were doing the first loop twice and then a higher loop - I was wrong!  Not that it made a difference.


            First loop I though was great.  Climb wasn't too bad and was mostly paved. Oh, my God!  The views of the bridges, Alcatraz, San Francisco were stunning!  Air was crystal clear and temps were high 60's at the start.  I was treating this race more like a training run and was only breathing through my nose.  Worked well for the first 2 laps.  On the first loop, because the route was paved, the downhills were great and could push a little.  Right at the end we had to go down some stairs and those were tough on the knees and then back past the docks and through the crowds back to the start.  Watch got first 5 in 42 minutes + another 45 seconds that watch took to sync, I was thinking a bit too fast.


            Grabbed some water and started 2nd loop.  First half to 3/4 mile was same, then we turned and followed the yellow loop.  The only road was when we turned and ran across the road to the start of the trail.  The last 2 loops you go up for 2.5 miles and then the second half of the loops are pretty much downhill.  Second loop is mostly fire trails and the views are 200 feet up from the lower trail, so even better.  You start out seeing Marin county and the Golden Gate Bridge.  As your round the island, you get awesome views of San Francisco and Alcatraz.  That segue ways into the Bay Bridge with complete views of the new Oakland connector still under construction, Emeryville, Berkeley,  Richmond then the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.  Quick view of Tiburon as you descend back to the Stairs and docks.  Some where on the downside here it turned into a single track trail and I'm wishing I'd worn my racing flats, rocks are not smooth thru here and every 5th step includes a wince.  Make my way down the stairs have to jump over a dog on leash and dodge the kids wandering without looking.  48 minutes for lap two.


            Grab some water start sucking down my 3rd Gu and slowly jog to the uphill section.  This is the 3rd time on the bike trail and at least it's shaded 'cuz temps are now mid 70's.  Figure there's no reason to really push myself and walk a bit.  As the trail turns into a single track trail I start jogging again.  There's no one around me at this point I'm just chugging along.  Enjoying the shade and occasional views.  That's when I stub my left toe/foot right foot steps off the trail and Im going down.  Got my hands out in front, but I'm falling caddy wampus and as my hands contact the slope my forehead hits the trail and I roll about 8 feet down the slope.  Luckily it's nice thick vegetation, unluckily it's all raspberry like brambles.  I climb back up to the trail and the next runner catches up to me and I let him go by as I try to collect myself.  I walk a bit and then start  jogging again.  This was just before mile 11.  There's still a about 1.75 miles of up to go and I make it to the top of Mt Livimore and then start the descent.  These were the best views of the whole run!  I'm thinking the whole time, too bad left my phone in my bag, bet my wife is taking some amazing pictures!  The last bit of uphill I did walk, amazingly the higher up you go the less shade there isSmile  There is a huge group listening to a guided tour.  There was a sign saying check in at the top, but I don't see anyone and head down.  The first part of the downhill isn't too bad and I'm making up some of the walk time and then we join back up with the yellow loop and the rocks and I have to slow down.  I had passed a couple of people (they were heading up or down) on the spur to the top, but I'm not seeing anyone now.  I finally get back to the stairs.  There are more non-runners on them this time and for the most part they are courteous and move off path to let me by.  One older gentleman is trying to move out of my way, but he picks the line that I wanted leaving me nothing but loose rocks and pain - I thank him for "taking the smooth part of the trail", I was hurting and cranky and a little sarcastic.  As I approach the docks another runner goes by me - first one I've seen since the top.  My legs are butter, but I try to use him to pull me toward the finish.  Make my way through the runners from the shorter distances and try to finish strong.  Clock is displaying 2:28, my watch is saying 2:31:18 as I cross the line.  I grab some more water and coke and find a seat at a table.  As I finish my coke, the race director says we have some more medals to hand out and calls my name (2nd in AG).  I'm completely surprised, but I'll take it!

            Wife finally comes in and I grab her the last coke and some more water.  A couple of minutes later director says we've got some more medals and 3rd name is my wife's (3rd in AG).  We grab her medal, some more water and head back to catch the ferry, tired but still talking about the views!



              ShockedConfusedSmile Ray:  Oh My!! Such mixed emotions from the start, I'm sure, even getting to the race!!  I was feeling for you and DW reading your RR.  The details made me cheer for you, then concern, then joyous celebration on your finish of 2nd, DW on 3rd!!! Must have been such a pleasant surprise to say the least!! Were there SIGNS that a race was on?!? It can be annoying, turning into frustration when you have to dodge non-runners, tourists, dogs, etc. on the same or part of the race course!  And taking a fall like that, really does mess with your psyche and turns on the survival mode just to finish. Boy, I bet you thought of your upcoming marathon as you fell ........ been there, done that on training runs, and would do eveything I can to 'soften' the fall.  So glad you didn't get seriously hurt. You DESERVED a medal no matter what!!  CONGRATS on the place finish for both of you, a memorable race for sure!!  I would love to run a trail race in that area 'one of these days,' it's on my 'bucket list.'


              So I got to the trailhead about 6:45 pm yesterday, not too long after DD/son-in-law (SIL) returned from work.  I know these trails pretty well on this desert mtn so I had to run one that I could finish before it got too dark.  Ran uphill for about a mile, whew!! Surprised I made it without stopping, yay!!  Ran a mile on top of mtn and headed back down on a different trail which circles at midway around the mtn.  Dirt packed, rocky, single track for most of the area, less hikers, mtn bikers at this time.  Made it back to the trailhead as it got dark.  Need to leave for my run as soon as DD or SIL get home from now on so I don't risk injury running as the sun is setting, yikes!!  Calves and quads felt the uphills but they are 'good hurts,' kept at comfortable pace and knew when/where to slow down/speed up so only took one 30-second walk break just to hydrate. Finish 4.5 miles, 55 minutes.

              PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18



                Ray- Another great race report.  Bummer about the fall, but glad you finished the race and earned yourself a medal to boot!  Sounds like it was a very scenic run.  Congrats to your wife on her medal too!


                AZ- Grandkids are such a blessing!  Enjoy every minute with them.  Glad you're going to get out earlier.  Trail runs in the dark: not good!


                No run yesterday as it was a strength training day in the weight room.  Will do either speed work or some hills today after work.  Next race for me is the Patriots 10k on Memorial Day weekend.  Still looking for something in July to fill the time until the Disneyland HM in September.


                PRs:  9/1/2012 Disneyland 5K 27:08,  01/06/2013 Resolution 15K 1:30:17, 03/10/2013 San Diego HM 2:18:05, 04/19/2014 ACT! Today 10K  51:54


                Art in AZ

                  Thought I would check in while I have some time. Wow! Everyone has been busy and putting in some miles.


                  Rich - You'll have to tell us how you like the watch.


                  AZ - Nice to see you finally made it here. It's not that warm yet. I usually start my run around 7:00 AM but it has slowly been getting sooner because of the earlier daylight.


                  Ray - Great report. I would love to see those views sometime. Did you expect the views or were they a surprise?


                  5K race is this Saturday. Looking at trying out some different salsa after the race.

                  Art in AZ

                  Mesa, AZ

                    Morning everyone!  My work with UCDenver gets me online pretty earlier as CO is an hr ahead of AZ.  And MN is 2 hrs ahead!!  Gets me confused at times too Confused Wink

                    Yesterday, I was dressed in my running gear, ready to go as soon as DD/SIL got back, older GD "I want to go too" as we hugged alot while waiting, baby sister is asleep (again) Smile ............ it was a good day today with the grandbabies, can't hug/kiss them enough.

                    Got to trailhead at 6:05 (drive takes about 15 minutes); ran the opposite of trail from Monday's run and added another loop as I wanted and had time to run a little longer.  More hikers, mtn bikers at this time, 'warm' about 70 degrees, a little more breezy here and there, ran up and down trail (most of trail is more then 5%), dirt packed, rocky for 2 miles, 1 minute walk break to hydrate, continue another 2.5 miles at top of mtn with plenty of smaller hills, took 30 second walk break to hydrate again, sun is slowly setting as I rounded the mtn and ran the last 1/2 mile on groomed trail to make it 6.2 miles by the time I reached the trailhead, 1:15, yippee!!  Overall, tough run in regard to the hilly portions against the wind the last 1.5 miles, stirring up dust which I hope wouldn't result in a sore throat, but dry lips throughout the return.  Beautiful sunset.

                    That's 3 in a row, total mileage so far:  18.7 miles.

                    I miss my foam roller but did plenty of dynamic stretching post run, chocolate milk, and DD had dinner waiting when I got back, yummy!!  She has become a wonderful cook too!!  So great 'recovery' post run which is why I feel great this morning!!  Headed back to northern AZ this evening and planning on a double run tomorrow, in the AM on my own, and PM with all-women trail running group.

                    So rest day today.


                    Happy Wednesday everyone!!

                    PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18



                    crazy diamond

                      You all have been running great!  Just checking in......I'm on item #21 of 253 things that need to be done before the weekend!


                      Art~Have a great race on Saturday.  Can't wait to read your RR, and find out about the salsa du jour!Smile


                      AZ~Your grand daughters sound enchanting, and I bet you are savoring all those hugs and kisses!  You are truly in your element running the beautiful AZ trails.Big grin


                      Rich~Speed or hill workout -- hope it was awesome!  Have fun playing with the GPS watch.


                      Ray~Congratulations on another fantastic, challenging and beautiful race!  As always, excellent RR -- I could visualize it as you flew over the terrain and dodged the rocks and brambles.  Well earned AG medals for you and DW, too!


                      Marie~Great to hear from you!  Keep running strong!!Big grin


                      Got in 6 miles on Tuesday, missed 4 mile run yesterday.  Planning for a 7 mile tempo run today, and 4 mile recovery before family descends tomorrow.  *sigh* I'll do what I can, and not beat myself up about it. Wink Run strong friends!


                        Ray- very nice race!! Congrats to you and DW.


                        Marie- good to hear from you, you Goofy runner!


                        AZ- I can tell you are in your element on those trails. What a change from your N. MN weather.  Smile


                        Art- good luck on your 5K this weekend.


                        Debra- I hear you about missing runs!  Hopefully all the time and distance we've put in over the last 3 months won't be lost for a few missed runs now.  Hang in there with all those tasks, and enjoy the family!


                        Mary Kay- I didn't skip a session but went out at the end late afternoon and ran 5 miles along the lakefront.  Certainly different than running rural Wi roads!  Surprised  Very pretty at the lakefront though.


                        Missed usual runs Monday and Tuesday due to crazy work, like last week, and getting ready for trip to Chicago.  Interesting ride on Amtrak from Milwaukee Airport to Union Station.   Nice not having to drive downtown Chicago.  Hopefully will get a recovery run tomorrow after pushing it today, then headed north Saturday evening, maybe a run Sunday.  I'm going to have to do some lawn work pretty soon!


                        Good luck to all racing this weekend.






                          Dan - I've got some weeds you can mow. Srsly!! Spent 2 hrs weedwhacking the whole thing Monday bc it was too high for the mower. Then it rained. Two days. Ugh!

                          Debra - I feel for you and all your preparation. Hope your visit is heavenly!! Glad you're finding time for a few runs, though. Bet there will be moment you will want to step outside while entertaining, also?

                          Art - Have a great race this weekend!! Angel Island is like an upside down mis-shapen funnel in the middle of SF Bay and the elevation, though high, is not as high as the surround land masses. Do I remember this right, Ray? I may have confused it with Alcatraz.

                          Rich - Glad you're feeling better!! Swag is neat! Enjoy the watch!! It is so nice to have company (I bet).

                          Marie - Hope all is well with you?!?

                          Ray - Loved your RR!! Racing on Angel Island - What a wonderful idea! Your report had me totally involved. Sounds like you had an excellent time and experience!! Like Az, I was worried and happy and then worried... particularly with the fall. And mixing racers with nonracing visitors? WT_? Sounds like you could have had a much worse fall! Congratulations to you and DW on such a great result!


                          6 TM miles on Tues. fooling with intervals and 8.68 today on bike trail 2:03. Most Beautiful Weather Ever! 65, sunny, no wind. Slowly getting stronger and faster. Am just now about at the same speed I was running last year at this time but last year I was running 1:1 and 1:2 intervals. Today I took walk breaks after 20, 35, 45, 55, 73, 82, and 95 min. Left watch at home so they are all diff times. Last year when I wanted to get faster, I was limited. Hopefully this year will be better!! Want to get that 5k under 31 min. Working on a race plan for the Pig. Stopped into DQ for a Blizzard. Yesterday had two cupcakes after lunch and then a whole dish of Poutine for dinner followed by an ice cream bar !??? Race jitters? Me? No way! I am eating like a druken sailor (no offense meant, Rich) and gaining pounds of weight. Damn scale!! I doubt this is what taper is all about but... What else is a person to do? Drink?


                          Happy, strong and safe runs, my friends!!

                          Mary Kay

                          Mary Kay

                          2013 Race PRs: FM - 6:30; 5k - 36:39; 10k - 1:24:06; HM -2:57:32

                          Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement - Matt Biondi

                          I am an extraordinary achievement - Me  

                            Marie - Always good to her from you.


                            AZ - Realize you've got more experience on those single track trails and might be scarier for you to read about it then it was for me to run it.  Sometimes it's good to be too stupid to know better!  Definitely good to hear your spirits picking up, but Grandkids will do that.  I know my Dad is much happier when one of his grand children is around!


                            WDWRich - How's the new watch working out?  Have you tried any uploads on the training page?  Gotta admin I like that a lot!  Makes entering data so much easier!


                            Art - The views shouldn't have been a surprise, but they were!  I think it was 17 years between trips out to Angel Island and we took a bike, so confined ourselves to what corresponded to the lower perimeter road (1st loop of the race).  The views really do improve as you ascend!  And the weather was perfect (off shore breeze - a rarity!)  Have a great race tomorrow!


                            Debra & Dan - According to the Hanson Method you were at the edge.  They say strength and speed work needs to occur at least 10 days before for you to get any benefit.  With a week to go just enjoy the taper.  Wow, a week to go I'd be getting nervous.


                            Mkay - I think you're right about the shape of Angel Island.  Mt Livemore is right around 800' , so on par with the top of the GG Bridge.  Out in the middle of the bay you feel higher then the surrounding hills cuz there's nothing to impede your views.  It truly is gorgeous out there.  Hands down the pretties run I've done.  Sounds like your training is going well and you're making improvements.  Can't help you on the food issues, I'm outlier even in my family...


                            Training has been going well for me.  2 weeks ago did first 40+ mile week.  Last week was first 50+.  April is my first 150+ mile month (oops make that 160+).  8 mile recovery/extra work day today.  Tomorrow is an off day and hopefully 10 on Sunday.  Next race is Western Pacific 10K (another training race - no expectations, so don't need to be nervous) on 5/4




                              Ray- thanks for the info on speed work; makes sense.  Who said I wasn't getting nervous?Smile  Actually felt it more earlier this week when I couldn't run.  The next 7 days will be low miles, slow miles.


                              Did 6.2 at the Lakefront Trail today, probably not as slow as I should have for a 'recovery' run.  No run tomorrow as I'll be leaving conference early to head back home.  I'm really a home body, don't like traveling much without DW.


                              Good luck to all those racing this weekend.






                                Ray- you and DW climbed to the top of GG bridge. Awesomeness!! I'd put that race on my list for next year if it weren't so far and travel so expensive. When I retire, i'd like to have Az's life but on the coasts, a small place in the north bay with a view and a place in the Philly burbs close to transit and maybe one in FL. Idk. CoolBig grin

                                Dan - it's so nice to see how you freely admit you enjoy and appreciate time with DW! You give me hope that there might be a man still out there worth the dating effort. It is not for sissies!!


                                Well 3:20 and I've been up since 2:00. Should be sleeping, huh? Read (Kings of the Road). Ate (chobani n protein bar). Trip to the John. Wide awake. Nervous? Moi? Wish it was here NOW!! One more week and I'll need new clothes. Trying to bury nerves in plans for next marathon, the MCM.


                                So pleased with the work my charity, Semper Fi, has done and is doing with the severely injured Boston victims! They sent Marines who had overcome severe injuries themselves to talk with Celeste Corcoran who lost both her legs. There was something about her on NBC last night but too late for me. Here's a link to the story. It's very inspiring:





                                To donate:  http://tinyurl.com/bonyffm

                                Bought two pair of shoes I can't run in until after next week Dead  But one was $50 and a perfect fit! Of course I fell for custom insoles on the full price pair but he said I could return. At least I put the HiViz Pink tie dyed Zense socks back ($40). This is when a husband would be handy, someone to discourage Impulse buying. I'm dreaming of what I'm buying at the Pig expo already. Ugh. Somebody, help me??! nvm. I'm good.

                                Run strong and safe!

                                Mary Kay

                                Mary Kay

                                2013 Race PRs: FM - 6:30; 5k - 36:39; 10k - 1:24:06; HM -2:57:32

                                Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement - Matt Biondi

                                I am an extraordinary achievement - Me