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crazy diamond

    Art~All the best running your 5k on Sunday, have fun!

    Chantilly~BTW, love your avatar.  Gilda was brilliant.

    Dan~Coffee -- it is one of the major food groups, right?  A special treat  for you and DW before you leave MKE, enjoy a pour over or French press at Alterra at the Lake.....java perfection!  Hope your long run goes well tomorrow.  It was empty at the track today, surprising with the storm and slushy mess!  Safe home.

    ks1g~LOL! foam roller aka/self-torture device!  I used to feel that way, but now "foamy" is my and ITB's best friend!  Welcome to our group, and run strong at your first 5k - EXCITING, you'll PR for sure!Wink

    Ray~Sounds like you're getting stronger every day.  Wasn't that a song by Chicago?

    David~Welcome!  My DS1 runs also, but I'd need jet packs on my shoes to catch him!  Enjoy running the 5k with DD this weekend.

    AZ~Warmer temps here along Lake Michigan along with sleet, heavy snow and lots of slushy puddles.  Bet you'll be happy to get back to your trails!

    Kathy~You are a certified Half Fanatic!  You are my inspiration, friend.  Enjoy running the WDW Princess HM this weekend.  It should be a special weekend and extra fun running it with friends, too!


    Step down week in HM training after my 12 mile LSD on Sunday,  ran 4 miles each day for 3 consecutive days.  I have been diligent with the PT exercises and stretches to fend off the piriformis problems that arrive when my mileage jumps up.  So far, so good. Big grin  Tomorrow 3 easy miles and an easy 4 on Sunday.


    All the best to all of you running events this weekend!  Looking forward to reading those race reports.  Run strong friends!


      Ran 7 miles @ Pettit Center track this morning.  Good workout and much more fun than hotel TM!  Even got to see the Chinese national speed skating team doing some of their training.  (at least I think that's who it was!)


      Debra- I sent PM with all the Milwaukee details.


      Great running/racing this weekend!  Run strong and safe!






        Flight delay in PHX messed up my plan to run at least 8 miles on Thursday before a meeting that evening.

        Was too tired and hungry by the time flight arrived home so had dinner with a friend who picked me up, went to meeting, then grocery shopping and bought wood pellets for the stove and got home.

        Snow predicted for Friday but it stayed in the mountains but it was windy.  Even worse, got up with a severe migraine which I have not had in years!!  WTheck?!? Sad  Barely got through the day with online meetings and conference calls, sleeping when I can in the dark and complete silence. Couldn't keep any food down or liquid for that matter which aggravated the migraine even more.  It made me cry!!  Cry Took 4 ibuprofen and was asleep by 9 pm and did not wake up till 6 am this morning.  Felt so much better!!  wow!!

        Got up to snow and wind but ate breakfast and went to my HOG chapter meeting to visit with my biker buddies, and went to the trail that I wanted to run.  Barely ran a mile and had to stop:  too much snow, muddy and windgusts of 30/40 mph!!  Bummed about it but was hell bent on running so I called a couple of friends and got a guest pass to the local health club and ran 12.5 MILES on the TM!!!  Could have run more but got hungry and bored.  But legs felt rested and it felt great!!  Been snowing all day and roads beginning to be snowpacked, driving at 20 mph just to get home.

        So I have been calling my neighbor to see when I could visit her as she has been battling cancer.  Her husband told me that her treatments lately have kept her in bed.  But he called me after I got home from my run today and told me that she had passed away early this morning.  So heartbreaking.  Been walking around this evening with a heavy heart. Cry  She was a saint.  Even though we are in MN now, I (we) will miss her dearly.  I am glad i visited her last month before I returned to MN.

        PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18



          az2- Whoa- what a few days you have had!  My heart goes out to you and to your friends family.  So, so hard to lose people we love!  And sooo good you made the right decisions to visit when you did!  We never know...     Praying for comfort for you in the coming days.  Rest, then run hard, which I know you will do.  ((hugs))







            1st ever race report - Run Your Heart Out 5K, Reston, VA.  Chilly morning (30-32ish) but sunny & not breezy.  Arrived with plenty of time to warm up, use portajohns, and make sure ready to go.  Lined up about 1/3-1/2-way back.  While waiting for the start, discovered I was standing next to a former coworker & his wife who were running together.  A few moments later, the race started and we were off!


            The course begins on a high school track, then drops off steeply off the school into the local paved trail system.  There was some maneuvering for position as the crowd thinned out.  Mile 1-2 forms a loop, so we didn't have to worry about having the race leaders coming back towards us.  Mile 2 to the finish retraces the start, so I knew to expect the hill at the end.  Turned out to not be as bad as I feared, although it's hard to tell from the one race photo I've found so far of me on that hill.  I was vaguely aware of the race announcer calling my name as I re-entered the track area (nothing special - she was doing it for as many runners as they could manage) and trying to kick up the pace for the final yards.  COMPLETELY MISSED what my official clock finishing time was  - tunnel vision at the end, didn't even notice the clock display until I was walking around - is that typical?  Pleasantly surprised to see how quickly the organizers had the times posted.  28:01 (chip), 28:29 (gun).  WOOT!!! This was "good" enough for about 231st overall, 118th men, 8th in my age group (the top 55-59 male finished 22nd!).  Very happy (euphoric?) to have done as well as I did.  I'll learn better pacing & where my limits are with experience.  My cycling base helped with that - I have an idea of what "too hard" and what "I can do this for a minute" for the hill feels like on a bike.


            Next up are Reston 10 Miler on 3/3 and Runner's Half Marathon on 3/24.  All at the same location, so I will probably be sick of the Reston hills (or loving them) by the end of next month.


            Hope everyone racing this weekend did well, and the folks in the Northeast and New England are safe and digging out.

            "What does not kill me makes me stronger" (some dead philosopher)

            "But you'd be surprised what you can live through!" (The Genie, Disney's Aladdin 2)


            PR:  5K: 28:01 (2/10/13), 10K: 58:21 (6/2/13) ;10M: 1:38:28 (3/3/13) HM: 2:08;58 (3/24/13)


            2013 Schedule

            Run Your Heart Out 5K 2/10 (Reston, VA)

            Reston 10 Miler 3/3

            Runner's Half Marathon (Reston VA) 3/24

            Herndon Festival 10K (6/2)

            ...next ???


              ks1g-  Very nice time on your first 5K!!  With that aerobic base from your biking I'm not surprised at all!  You will pick up the feel for the races quickly and you should do well in the longer ones too.  Enjoy the addition of running to your biking!






              Art in AZ

                AZ2MN - Sorry to hear about your neighbor. I always feel that people who were sick like that are in a better place.


                ks1g - Congratulations on your first race. Your times will get better the more you run. And the more races you run, the better you will be at pacing yourself. I'm different in that during my runs I usually don't have a plan other than running a certain distance. I normally try to run faster parts of the time but it depends on how I feel. If I feel better I might do more. When I look back over my times from earlier I can see a slow decrease in time to cover my normal routes . I think it's because I have gotten use to running so much that it's just easier to run a little faster.


                Sundays 5K was a nice small event. I admit I ran it because it sounded fun and I hadn't ran this course before. Temp was about 40 degrees with clear and sunny skies. Moved around trying to warm up and stay warm. Then we were off. The beginning half mile was up and down a little before leveling off the rest of the way. Felt good and after the initial surge the crowd started to thin out. There were a couple of short distances where you had to stay single file. Well you didn't have to but if you decided to past somebody there was a 100% chance you would brush up against a cactus. So that kept everyone in line.


                I felt I was going a faster pace then when I normally run a half but since this was just a 5K I didn't think to adjust my pace. That and we just passed the 2 mile mark so it was almost over. Saw the finish line and saw I had beat my previous best time by at least 30 seconds. Official time was 23:47. A new record for me beating my previous best by 45 seconds. I must of been feeling really good while running. Ended up 2nd out of 6 in my age group and 32 out of 272 overall. Before I got too cocky I saw that the guy who beat me was 3 minutes faster.


                Next scheduled run is a half on March 2.

                Art in AZ

                Mesa, AZ


                  Congratulations on your races, ks1g and Art in AZ !


                  6 miles on the track.

                  "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

                  Ozzy Osbourne




                    Hi all!! I finally found you guys. Ugh. Will catch up later (I hope)


                    Mary Kay

                    Mary Kay

                    2013 Race PRs: FM - 6:30; 5k - 36:39; 10k - 1:24:06; HM -2:57:32

                    Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement - Matt Biondi

                    I am an extraordinary achievement - Me  

                      Debra - I think it's more like a Bruce Springsteen song - "One step forward, two steps back", but as long as it's not "41 Shots" I'm OKWink


                      Dan - Keeping up on those miles I see..  I'm not a big fan of tracks - think I prefer TMs, but it's definitely fun to watch "real" athletes workout.


                      AZ - My condolences.  We're hitting that age where parents and friends are passing, it's never easy.  I'm glad you got your run in, even if it was on the dreadmill...


                      ks1g - Congrats on the race!  I think PR's are always fun, even if they're work.  Keep it up!


                      Art - Nice race!  Was that a PR?  There are some fast old men out there.  My over 50 5K PR was a 5th place finish - I had a big grin on my face any wayBig grin


                      Chantilly - Way to keep getting those miles in.


                      MaryK - Damn computers!  As, my first boss used to say "Computers are a bad idea!"  Stupid things are always doing what we tell them to  and not what we mean...Oh, well - keep employed mostly and well compensated...


                      If I missed you, I apologize in advance.


                      Leg felt pretty bad last Thursday after my 4 mile jaunt, but oddly a lot better on Friday.  Decided to try and be smart and just walked those days.  Yard work and stuff around the house over the weekend.  Think the extra days off helped and leg felt pretty good for my 4 mile run today.  At this point I know I'm way too optimistic and tomorrow I'll probably be down in the dumps wondering if I'll ever be able to run again.

                      Mostly thinking that I'll try again on Thursday to give the leg enough time to heal.  So, next couple of days will be walking and will see how things feel after Thursdays run.




                      crazy diamond

                        With apologies to Henry James.  Pitchers and Catchers......the most beautiful phrase in the English language.  Spring is right around the corner!


                        Ray~Hang in there, buddy!  You have shown outstanding perseverance and patience as you "get back to where you once belonged".  sorry...couldn't help myselfWink

                        Mary Kay~YAY!!!  You found us.  How's the HR training going?

                        Chantilly~Isn't it great to have access to a track?

                        Art~Congratulations on your PR and AG 2nd place finish!  Nicely done.

                        ks1g~Way-to-go on your first race and great finish!   Loved reading your race report.   You are going to know the Reston Hills like the back of your hand after 3 races there.

                        Dan~Missed seeing the Chinese speed-skating team, but the pee-wee sprint championships were finishing up as I ran on Sunday afternoon.  I adore the determination on those young athletes' faces!

                        AZ2MN~I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friend.  Youre in my prayers for comfort and peace, take care.


                        Heading out for an easy 4 miles today.  Run strong friends!


                          ks1g - Great job on your first 5k!  Bet you can't wait for the next race.



                          PRs:  9/1/2012 Disneyland 5K 27:08,  01/06/2013 Resolution 15K 1:30:17, 03/10/2013 San Diego HM 2:18:05, 04/19/2014 ACT! Today 10K  51:54



                          aka PaintingLady

                            Mimi aka Kathy....good luck on the Princess HM. I know you will have a magical time. Are you wearing a costume?

                            MaryKay....it's about time you found us!  Been missing you and wondered what happened.

                            Debra,...love all of your quotes.

                            AZ.... My sincere condolences in the loss of your friend. You didn't mention her age, but all of us are getting older and we who have found the joy of running are so blessed that we can get out there and breathe the air, inhale the air, see the beauty, and appreciate the gift of health. I also sympathize with you re the migraine. I had one last week, first in several months, worst in several years. Mine was triggered (I'm fairly certain) by MSG in food eaten at a "country cookin'" restaurant. Who would have thought the cabbage would be a problem.

                            Chantilly,.... WTG on the 6 miler.

                            Ray..... bless your heart! You are having such a rough time getting back on track. Don't push too hard. I know that is easier said than done, but you will heal eventually and be back out there running all you want. Besides, walking is a good way to take time to smell the flowers. Which by the way, the crocus and jonquils are beginning to bloom in E Tn so spring is just around the corner.....can't get here too soon!


                            KS...... CONGRATULATIONS on your first 5K!! Awesome time!  You will be blistering the upcoming races.

                            ART....... WOW!!!! A new PR for 5K.  You are hot!


                            I'm just rocking along w/ regular running schedule. DD & I plan a 10 miler on her next day off so we can keep fit for any HM we should decide to run. I want to do the Knoxville Covenant HM in April, but hesitate to register given the situation w/ my parents. I think I'll train for it and register last minute if all works out ok.


                            Happy running my mighty master friends and good luck on your upcoming races.


                            Marie from Tennessee

                            Dumbo Double Dare!!!




                              PaintnRun good plan. Hope your parents are ok.

                              "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

                              Ozzy Osbourne




                                Hi everyone!

                                Art:  CONGRATS!!  that is soooo cool with the AG place and finish time!!  WAY TO GO!!

                                kg:  Running in same place can be advantageous, you will know your racing style, pace for each distance, etc. the more you run!! Love your race report, great run!!

                                gito57:  amazing training runs!!  wow, consecutive days are awesome, right?!  NICE!!

                                Ray:  doing good! your training takes alot of patience and determination, you'll be running for miles before long!!

                                Dan:  would love to run a race in WI 'someday'.  great job on your training runs!!


                                Ran 12.5 miles on Saturday, left for business trip on Sunday so it was rest day.

                                Monday, long and tiring day at work and driving from one place to the next.

                                Made it to NM on Tuesday (yesterday), ran 10.2 miles on a groomed, hilly, snow, slush, muddy trail but at 25 degrees with slight breeze, it was great!!  At least 5,000 ft in elevation too!  love it!!

                                Wednesday (today), ran 10.1 miles on same trail again, about 30 degrees, no wind and sunny!! Beautiful and soooooo glad to run outside again!

                                Rest day tomorrow, work and driving will leave little time for any run.

                                Hope to make it 'home' to northern AZ Friday before it gets dark and run 2-4 miles, then rest till Sunday's HM.


                                Take care everyone!! and good luck to anyone who is running a race this weekend, stay safe and run strong!!

                                PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18