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Runs & workouts week ending 4/21/2013 (Read 8 times)

NH Runner


    What a terrrible tragedy in Boston, so much pain and suffering for no reason.   I'll never figure out the misdirected hate towards the American people and what we ever did to deserve this.


    6 miles Monday, 8 miles today.

      Rich -  Good work on the runs.  The heal seems to be much better.


      Yesterday turned into a rest day as work and taxes conspired to keep me busy until after midnight.  May have been a blessing in disguise.  6 x 1 mile with 1/4 mile rest jog in between (7:27, 7:54, 7:41, 7:58, 8:03 and 7:47 for the miles) total with warm up and cool down 10 miles in 1:26:58 or 8:42 mpm.


      Sad day in Boston yesterday...



        8.5 miles on Monday, 6.5 miles today (Tuesday).

          adkkev - getting the work in that's good!


          6.4 mile recovery run today 1 hour.  I'm a little off on the training plan (week 11 of Hanson's beginner) trading Monday recovery run with Wed's off day and long run will be Saturday (15 miles) race with Sunday this week.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get back on schedule next week.  Like this plan, maximum mileage is about 55 in a week with longest run of 16 miles.  Theory is you increase mileage and hopefully tire out the body with consecutive days and thus simulate the last 16 miles of your marathon at end of week.  Also like the fact that long runs should never be longer than 3 hours (or 16 miles).



          NH Runner





            Today was a day off from running, did upper body workout with resistance band instead.


            I like your training plan Ray, for a guy who always seems to be overtrained toeing the line for a marathon, I'll be interested in how you do.


            adkkev...nice mileage.

              7.5 around town ... beautiful sunny spring evening, great for a run.  Saw lots of people out & about too.

              NH Runner





                10.5 miles of headwind and hills.  At least it seemed that way...Joking  A good workout though...


                2 miles into the run I was just topping out on the second hill when 3 large dogs piled off their porch headed straight for me.   Barking and carrying on, the largest and most aggressive of the 3 was a Great Dane.   Their bark ended up worse than their bite, but the Great Dane did nibble on my arm a bit before heading for home again.


                A little unnerving just the same, the owners need a kick in the pants for not having their dogs under control...

                  6.65 up & down & around town earlier this evening.  A bit breezy but still warm enough for just a tech tee & shorts.  Saw a couple other runners along the way ... don't often see anyone else running around on the streets here.  I think the hills scare them.


                  Nice 10+ miler Rich!!  My worst encounter has been with an ankle biter dog, I think it was a MinPin or something like that.  It was almost like having a deer fly buzzing around your head, only this little s&(% was buzzing around my ankles.  Until the owner appeared & apologized.

                    adkkev & Rich - Nice runs!  Getting your work in.


                    Yesterday was supposed to be 8 mile tempo run (+ warm up and cool down) and things were going well, but totally bonked at mile 7 and cut things short at 8 miles total instead of 10.  Might have been the heat, might have been the wind, might have been lack of fuel, definitely let everything play with my mind.  Trying to make sure I've got enough fluids and ain't dehydrated, going to be a struggle.  I guess I'm starting to understand the cumulative fatigue thing. Probably going to be sleeping much better over the next couple of weeks...



                    Art in AZ

                      8 miles this morning. Sunny, cool and breezy. Ran into the wind going out, had the wind to my back coming in.


                      I see everyone has been getting in some good miles.

                      Art in AZ

                      Mesa, AZ

                      NH Runner





                        3 mile recovery run on the railtrail today, splits were high 10's.  I'm running a 5K tomorrow if the weather holds, they were forecasting rain, but have now backed away from that forecast.    I'm just hoping for a better time than I ran in March...


                        Ray, your running really well lately, I wouldn't read too much into the bad run you just had, they happen.  A couple of days from now you'll have the kind of run that puts a smile on your face.


                        adkkev, I sprained my ankle once trying to avoid an ankle biter.  The little so & so and his buddy came tearing after me out of their yard.  I turned and ran sideways to keep an eye on 'em when I stepped off the curb and turned my ankle.  It was bad enough that I couldn't run.  The dog's owner appologized, then told me he didn't think the larger dog would bite, but was pretty sure the smaller one would...Tight lips

                          Rich - Some days you have it, some you don't.  Yesterday wasn't a good day, not bad - just not good.  Run well tomorrow!


                          Art - Definitely the way to do it!  Good run!


                          78-80F today, 6.22 miles in 55:30.  Park was jumping today.  Looked like there was some sort of boating event.  Guy was trying to feed one of the Canada geese as I was approaching.  Tried to give the goose some room, but I guess it thought we were trying to corner it, cuz it suddenly reversed direction and I did a wide straddle step around/over it.  For just a sec it was between my legs as passed over it!  Old folks trying to feed it got a laugh!  Just glad no one was injured!


                          15 mile race around Angel Island out in SF Bay tomorrow.  No matter what, it will be a new PR (assuming I finish).  Think wife said there's 1800' of elevation gain.  Gotta treat this one as just a long run.



                            6.25 miles around town earlier this evening ... cloudy, a little breezy, but pretty warm.  Didn't see any other runners tonight, just a few dog walkers.  Took advantage of the decent weather before the predicted monsoon arrived (along with the 30 degree temperature drop).

                            NH Runner





                              Ran the 5K race this morning and placed pretty well, but I think it was a slow crowd.  When the dust settled after the start, I was surprised to find myself running alone in 4th place.   By the end of 2 miles I had passed 2 runners and settled into second.  I had visions of a sprint to the finish for first, but some guy passed me with a 1/4 mile to go and spoiled my fun.  Anyway, 3rd overall and 20 seconds behind the winner.


                              This was a low key running event and geared more towards walkers, so much so that we didn't even get a bib number.  But hey, 3rd overall is a first, even if my time was 25:40...lol  It's a minute quicker than last month, so I'm making progress.


                              Gimme 4 miles with the warm-up.


                              Good luck tomorrow Ray

                                Rich - That is so cool!  3rd overall is awesome, no matter what time.  The good time is just gravy! Smile


                                15 miler was today.  3 laps around Angel Island each with progressively more elevation gain.  Was doing find until 3rd lap when at just before mile 11 stubbed my toe and took a tumble, off the trail.  Got a couple of scrapes and banged my head a bit.  Fortunately no one saw and I picked myself up cussing a bit and let another runner pass me.  Slowly started moving again.  The views of the Gold Gate bridge and the Bay Bridge, San Francisco and Alcatraz were just unbelievable.  Last 2 loops were really rocky on the downhill and actually had to slow down to handle them.  Oh, well - it's still a PR Big grin at 2:32 and change.  Did get 2nd in the 50-59 group and 19th overall.  Not bad for a training run Wink