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Runs & Workouts Week Ending 04/14/2013 (Read 14 times)

    7.37 mile run today. Overcast with a few cooling drops of rain at the end of the run. Temp 63 degrees. 10:55 pace. It was downhill most of the last 3 miles and I tried to stretch out and be a little faster. Of course I would not do this if it was a very steep decline for fear of injury - either hurting myself from the impact or going so fast I would trip myself up and fall.

      Altair - Close to the same distance today.  Sometimes you just have to go for it on the downhillsBig grin  Sometimes it's just fun to go fast and enjoy the ride!


      Recovery run today that I estimate at 7.2 miles (mol) in ~73 minutes.  Had a nice rain/windstorm come through last night.  A lot of large branches came down.  Radio said there were gusts to 75mph in Marin and San Francisco (they closed the Great Highway in SF last night).

      Similar temps an conditions to Altair with winds up to 20-25 mph (my estimate).



      NH Runner





        About 5.5 miles today, warmed for 2 miles, did another sprint workout, then cooled for 2 miles.  I was supposed to run 16 sprints, but lost count and ran 18...Roll eyes  135 yards ea. with 30 sec. break between


        We were breezy today, but not as bad as it has been.  Temp was forecast to hit 61, but I didn't check to see if it got there.  Nice day though...


        Ray, when's your marathon?  Boston is a week from today and I'm going to try to watch it live.

        ultrajogger n00b

          8.5 miles around town earlier this evening with the usual hills mixed in along the way.  Partly sunny, temp around 55 or so, very little wind.

            Rich - SF Marathon 6/16.  Great that you'll be able to watch it live.  I'll be looking for reports...Read Beardsly's book last summer and it was worth it just for his description of his Boston Marathon recount vs Salazar (still remember that!).  Nice work on the sprints!  That's tough.


            adkkev Good run around town!


            Think I'm formally on a plan now.   1 mile warmup, followed by 5 x (1200m @ 5:25.6 (average) and .28@ 2:46 (average)) and 1 mile cool down.  7 miles total time 59:07.  Nice stiff breeze today and worked too hard to hit my target on hills and into wind so faltered on last two.  My target was 5:20 with 5:27 being upper limit (made that sort of).  Tomorrow is an off day...Thank God for small favors...



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              10 miles today with hills.  Time was 1:42:42, pace was 10:15's.  Still waiting for my legs to toughen up tackling these hills, they're not there yet, but we're gaining.


              "Dual in the Sun", eh Ray?  What a race!


              Nice interval workout Ray and good runs all!














              "Dual in the Sun" I think it was called.  What a race, eh?  They were comparing it to last year's temps at Boston when it was around 90 degrees.


                adkkev nice running weather there

                rmcj001 have a good rest day

                NH Runner nice hill workout/pace


                Yesterday was an unplanned day off.

                10 miles this morning

                5 miles this afternoon with a friend

                pace 10-11 min/mile on the track.


                "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne




                ultrajogger n00b

                  6.25 around town this evening ... lots of people out walking their dogs, etc.  Cloudy & cool (mid 40s) ... supposed to get wet & chilly over the next few days, very "unspring-like".


                  NHRunner & Chantilly - nice runs!!


                    adkkev I like watching dogs out for a walk.  Too bad your weather isn't nicer.


                    7 miles running

                    1 mile walking.


                    "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne




                      Chantilly - 22 miles in two days!  You go girl!


                      adkkev - I will happily split the difference in weather with you!  Good run!


                      77F with a breeze.  5.8 mile walk in about 1.5 hours.  Average heart rate 85.  Have to wait til I get home to find max, but it did hit a 100 on one of the uphills.



                      ultrajogger n00b

                        SRD for me today ... which worked out well because it was raining pretty heavily around the time I usually head out for a run & we had a brief thunder & lightning "event"!  So I got to finish scraping old wallpaper off the walls in our "foyer".  Lucky me.  Big grin

                        Art in AZ

                          Just a quick 3 mile run this morning. Have been busy with work early in the day.

                          Art in AZ

                          Mesa, AZ


                          02/20/2016  ATSU 5K  23:40

                          04/02/2016  Run3rd 5K  24:29

                          08/20/2016  Little Hollywood Half, Kanab, UT  1:54:35

                          10/02/2016  Maggie's Place 15K  1:08:22

                          10/29/2016  SRPMIC Red Mountain Half 1:48:34

                          11/06/2016  Phoenix Half Marathon  1:45:17


                            8 miles in the morning

                            4 miles in the afternoon with a friend.


                            "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne




                              Chantilly - Only 12 miles today?  What's up with that?Smile  Hope you had a good run with your friend.


                              Art - 3 miles is better then none!   You can always add a 2nd run later...


                              8 mile tempo run today.  1st and last mile are warm up and cool down with 6 at pace (whatever that means).  Wasn't sure how it would go, legs just felt dead yesterday.  It went better then I could expect 9:10, 8:25, 8:19, 8:13, 7:59, 8:06, 7:56, 8:56.  Average 8:23 mpm with average heart rate at 138.  Tomorrow is an easy run day.



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                                Wednesday was a cross training day for me, no running.


                                Today was 12 easy miles on the railtrail.  I haven't run that distance in a while so am happy to get it in.  Pace was 10:30's


                                Ok Chantilly, you're not running doubles for nothing, fess up, what race are you training for?


                                Tempo runs are a great workout, nice run Ray.