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Runs & Workouts Week Ending June 3rd (Read 8 times)

    7.25+ miles on the nature trail this morning ... sunshine, blue skies, a bit breezy, and in the 60s.  Definitely a welcome change from the dreary weather we've been experiencing the past couple of days.  Now the pendulum swings the other way ... supposed to be in the high 80s by Thursday.


    Lake Placid is a 2 1/2 hour drive from my house ... and Whiteface Mtn got 30+ inches of snow over the weekend.


      adkkev sounds like you had a nice run.

      Had a good time at the marathon.  A bit of a challenging route with some bridge crossings. Weather was partly cloudy, but the sun felt hot when it was out. 4:45.  Had hoped to be closer to 4:30.

      Hardly sore at all the next day. Taking a couple days off, anyways.

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        3 miles on the railtrail today.  Splits were 10:27, 9:50 and 9:44.  The weather forecast for next weekend is temps in the high 80's and humid.  Race day (Sunday) looks to be the better of the 2 days, I'm just hoping I don't get sabotaged too badly by the weather.


        akdkev...your nature trail sounds like a great place to run, you're lucky to have it.


        Chantilly... what, no walking down the stairs sideways after your marathon? lol  It's a testament of the shape you're in, good for you!  Congratulations on a solid run, you had an excellent day!

          4+ @ lunch time @ work, 5+ on the nature trail after work, 9.4 total for the day.  Cloudy, about 68 degrees, slightly humid today ... supposed to get some rain overnight & into tomorrow ... and then the heat & humidity arrive for a few days.  Roller coaster weather!

            adkev - sounds nice!  Calm and relaxing, cool!


            Rich - You are disciplined guy!  Sticking with the plan. I think I might be more eager for your race then you are!


            Chantilly - Nice race!  Any marathon you can walk away from is a good one!  Wink


            I can tell I'm getting close to the end, my motivation is waning.  Was supposed to be a 5 mile recovery run yesterday and I finally hit the treadmill just after 11 last night.  3.1 miles in 27:49.  Not much, but better then nothing.  Today felt really humid (so, maybe 60-65%) and wasn't feelin it.  Mile 1 was 9:55, I was movin' slowly and kept sayin' to myself a little faster.  Mile 2 was 8:58 and I'm thinking, ok better - a little faster. Mile 3 was 8:34, close to 9mpm - not bad a little faster.  Mile 4 is uphill so even a little slower isn't bad, got it done in 8:18, good now just a little faster.  Mile 5 is mile 4 in reverse so down hill and clocked it in 7:56, cool!  Ok, just maintain that and maybe a just a smidge faster. Mile 6 is into the wind and hit it in 7:49, I'm tired, but if I can go a little faster should be able to finish in under 60 minutes that would be a good day (yes, my math was off).  Hit mile 7 in 7:24 and total time of 58:54.



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              Ray, this is the time when I usually over-do it leading up to a race and I'm paying close attention to how I'm feeling this time around...lol  Right now, forecasters are predicting 90 degrees and humid on race day and I know that's going to slow me down, but I'm really curious how I'm going to feel late in this race.    If things go well, I may up the ante and start training for a fall marathon.   Right now, I feel great, but as I'm sure you know, anything can happen on race day.


              adkkev... I'm amazed you don't run races, you're a solid runner.


              3 miles today on the railtrail.  Warmed for a mile, ran 4 X's 400 @ half marathon pace, then cooled for a mile.


                rmcj001 good luck in your race! (if your motivation is waning....according to your recent history.....Wink should bode well for your race.)

                NH Runner  hope you do well in spite of the weather!


                2 mlles walking plus yard work and stretches.

                "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

                Ozzy Osbourne




                  2.5 miles for my at lunch time @ work.  Waited until the rain stopped & the sun came out.  Getting warmer but not hot (yet) but you can definitely feel the humidity ... thankfully it's breezy.  I don't usually run on Wednesdays but I thought I'd get out & run even for a short distance while I could.

                    4+ miles at lunch time, 4.5 miles after work on the nature trail.  86 degrees and fairly humid during the trail run with a slight breeze from time to time.


                    We had storms yesterday around 6pm, lightning, thunder, & lots of rain.  Didn't last all that long at our house but gained intensity as they moved east, spawning an F2 tornado about 8 miles to our east, with that tornado traveling roughly 17 miles & creating a lot of havoc along the way.  Lots of trees blown down, power out in many places, and some flooding mixed in just for good measure.  Fortunately no fatalities & I think only one storm related injury.

                      5 miles Wednesday.  4 miles last night on the treadmill.  Wednesday was 9:30 mile average, Yesterday 8:16.  Family gathering tomorrow, should be interesting.



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                        Wednesday -  rest

                        Thursday - 3 miles - 1 mile warm up, 4 X's 400's @ half marathon race pace, 1 mile cool down.

                        Friday - 3 miles easy on the railtrail.


                        My mileage is a little light this week, I've been going by feel rather than a set schedule.  I think I've got it right, my legs feel pretty good and I'm not tired or fatigued.  I guess now the question is, did I do enough...lol


                        Sunday's forecast is for a high of 91 and a start temp of 65.  Should be interesting.

                          another set of doubles on Friday ... 4+ at lunch, 4.25 in the evening as the sun was setting & it was "cooler".  SRD today ... wedding to go to later on in Cooperstown.


                          Rich ... just take it easy running in that heat on Sunday!!


                            adkkev glad the tornado missed you

                            rmcj001  ..have an ...interesting visit.Confused

                            NH Runner Wink does anybody really do ...enough?  Your W/O's have looked good.


                            7 miles easy run today, walking the past 2 days plus yard work, back to training next week.

                            "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

                            Ozzy Osbourne




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                              1 mile easy this morning on the railtrail to stay loose.  I sorted through my running clothes and found the loosest fitting shorts I own and a white singlet for tomorrow's race.   And an old visor with a sweat band to keep the sweat out of my eyes...lol


                              I've been working on a bottle of Gatorade today for the electrolytes and there's spaghetti on the menu for supper.  I think I've covered all the bases, now I just have to make sure I get up in time leave for the race at 5 am.


                              Some serious runners posting here, everyone's running really well.


                              adkkev... my plan is to ease into tomorrow's race.  I haven't had an opportunity to train in the kind of conditions I'll see tomorrow, so I'll just take it easy at first and adjust as the race progresses.


                              Chantilly... when is your next race?  And thanks.

                                4.35 miles around town this afternoon ... in between the rain/thunder storms.