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    3.75 miles this morning, another beautiful morning indeed.

      adkkev - It's nice when it's nice...


      8.5 miles today to get to 174.8 miles in 25 continuous days of running.  Legs felt lifeless today - not tired, but didn't really want to go.  They felt pretty similar yesterday, but I had some nice long downhills to stretch out and increase turnover.  My momma always told me there be days like this...



        3.5 miles this morning.

        Art in AZ

          5 miles this morning. Weather was a couple of degrees cooler and definitely drier. But it still was warm out.


          Ray - reading your mileage makes me look lazy with my measly 100 for the month so far.

          Art in AZ

          Mesa, AZ


            10 miles yesterday

            3 miles today

            "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

            Ozzy Osbourne




            NH Runner


              Tuesday, 7/30


              My wife's family is visiting from out of state, so things have been a little hectic lately.


              I managed to get in a 14 miler last Sunday and took yesterday off to play a round of golf with the family.  It's been 3 or 4 years since I've played and after that round, was reminded again why I gave it up in the first place.   Hopefully, it'll be another 4 years before I play again...lol


              Anyway, I ran 6 miles on the highway this morning.   A nice course that includes a covered bridge at the 2.5 mile mark.  Pace was high 8's, low 9's except for the hill.

                Art - 100 miles in a month isn't anything to sneeze at.  And you're biking.  You're doing something right.

                Chantilly - keeping the miles up.  When's your long race again?

                Rich - 14 miles on Sunday?  Nice!  Not sure if the golf ruins a perfect walk or not...


                Decided to make today a rest day. 0 miles.  Might walk the dogs when I get home...Or, sleep.




                  My 1st time posting on this forum (with encouragement).  I'm the 'Over 50 with an artificial hip' lady.  This morning I ran 4.56 mi over 60 min on the treadmill.  My "base" workout is a 45 min straight run @ 5mph.  That gets pretty darn boring (although I'm really up on Morning Edition), so I'll do some intervals, with running speeds 5-6mph & some 3.7 walks in between or an occassional interspersed 1K on the erg sitting next to my treadmill.  My goal is to be able to run outside, but I need to lose another 25lb before I feel it is safe to do that.  I do this 3 x/week.  We are away most weekends, so unless I do back-to-back runs, it's hard for me to increase the number of running workouts.  I am active on the weekends, just not on the treadmill.  Any ideas to facilitate the weight loss/ increase the fun of treadmill running will be appreciated.  Sara

                    Sara - welcome!!  Not sure how to make a treadmill workout more "fun" ... maybe move that treadmill outside?  Big grin   I think the treadmill beats me up more than running outside, but maybe that's just me.


                    AFM, 4 miles this morning ... another beautifully comfortable morning for running.

                      Seven miles on this sunny, 60-degree morning at 7AM.  Warmer than I like (I prefer 50-55 degrees), so I slowed my pace by 20 seconds per mile.  Heading for a high near 80 today, but more cool weather is on the way for the Chicago area.  Chocolate milk when I got back, that's my incentive.


                      Sara:  Welcome to our group.  I do agree with you that treadmill running is boring and I can't suggest any ways to make it more fun.  However, I'm curious as to why you feel you need to lose another 25 lbs. before it's safe to run outside.

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                        Sara Going to echo adkkev and Steve don't know if you can make the "dreadmill" less dreadfull.  I mostly do it to force a progressive runs, but I'm constantly bargaining with myself to shorten use, e.g. if I can go the next 1/4 faster then x I can stop...Love that you have the erg there. My son did crew for a couple of years and we got a used erg from the team.  Great whole body workout!


                        Steve - Great to see you back!  Nice run! Smart move on the pacing.


                        adkkev - Consistency.


                        3.5 with work people and college roommate yesterday.  3.1 this morning (nice and cool at 51F) with college roommate.  Hoping to get another run in at lunch.




                          Steve- I'd like to be lighter to run outside mainly to reduce the pounding impact on my artificial hip.  The treadmill cushions & also gives me the option of 'lightening the load' by using the handbars some of the time. I've thought about trail running, but proximity is an issue, along with my generalized fear of falling.  The stronger I get, the less of a barrier that becomes.

                          Art in AZ

                            5 miles plus some strength this morning.


                            Sara - The only way I know to lose weight is to eat less. Smile Well, OK, eat less and exercise. Since you are exercising, the level of exercise starts to come into play. Obviously, the harder we exercise the more we burn. But if we do harder without the proper build up we risk injury.


                            Plus the fact that as we exercise more and harder, our muscles develop more. Muscles weigh more. So we may be adding weight instead of losing it. It may be that we are adding weight by building muscles faster than we are losing fat. And no, we do not convert fat into muscles. Fat is usually on top of the muscles.


                            Then you have to determine if your body measurements are improving. Eventually you'll start losing weight.


                            As for having more fun on the treadmill. Maybe put on a clown suit? Big grin Seriously, running outside on grass or dirt can be less stressful than running on concrete or asphalt. Plus form comes into play some. I think you have only been running for about 6 months and are frustrated at the slow progress. Remember, progress is progress.

                            Art in AZ

                            Mesa, AZ

                              Sara, what shoes are you wearing?  Shoes can make a difference ... positive or negative.

                              NH Runner


                                Welcome Steve and sara...


                                sara, I wonder how aggressive you've been at losing those extra pounds.   When I first started running I dropped about 35 pounds, but had to really cut back on calories to do it.   The problem with exercise is it makes you hungry, which doesn't work well if you're trying to lose weight...lol  Anyway, watching your calorie intake with a healthy dose of exercise will get that weight off, just be patient.


                                And I agree with some of the others, treadmill running is actually more difficult for me.  You might be surprised just how enjoyable it is to run outside, the breezes, sounds and other people you meet, along with the fresh air make it lots of fun.


                                Lessee... Wednesday I ran the mile to the HSS track, shed my shoes and ran 4 barefoot miles, put my shoes back on and ran home, Thursday I rode the mtn bike 6 miles at an easy pace on the railtrail.


                                Visiting family members have all left...