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NH Runner


    Monday, 6/24


    5 miles on the railtrail this morning, splits were 10:23, 9:38, 945, 9:44 and 9:40.  I'm blaming the latest form change for not being beat up the day after a race, I felt pretty good this morning.


    Has anyone read "Born to run?"  My son gave me the book for Father's Day and I'm about half way through it.  It's an interesting read about a tribe of Mexican Indians who run amazing distances in nothing but crude sandals they make from old tires.


    Since the book is about long distance running, ultras have come up.  One fascinating statistic is how well women do in longer races when compared to men.  90% of women finish 100 mile ultras to just 50% of men.


    I wonder why that is...

      Read "Born to Run" 4 years ago (that's what got me running again, well one of the reasons) and just finished it again a couple of days ago.  Might be my favorite "running" book.  Women do better the longer the distance in both swimming and running.  One hypothesis is that because of the extra layer of fat, women do better.  This sounds like a reasonable hypothesis that on longer distances you move a slow enough where you want to optimize your fat burning capabilities, but not fast enough to be relying on glycogen.  Plus, I think women in general are mentally tougher then men.  Don't think I could ever go through 12 hours of labor.


      Met Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton at book signing a year or 2 ago.  Really nice guy (from that brief encounter) and big!  Eric (trained him) is closer to my size, a little taller and 20-25lbs heavier.  We got several extra copies of the book signed and my son promptly gave away all the non-signed copies.  Kind of sad about Caballo Blanco, but re-reading the book not surprising.




        Plus, I think women in general are mentally tougher then men.  Don't think I could ever go through 12 hours of labor.


        I am not sure that this is true.  And we have no choice whether to endure hours of labor or not...Wink  that is decided by nature...


        I think women do better the further they go, because of the fat stores and possibly because they are more conservative than the men who tend to go out fast and be more aggressive.

        I think the top 10 women should be running faster marathons now, instead of coming in around 2:25.

        There are a few ladies who try to be aggressive, but they are not being challenged by the others, so why knock yourself out for the win?


        I took some criticism for saying this years ago.  There are well over 400 men's results for 2:08 or better, which would be a winning time in the 1980's.  Now, a man is considered slow at 2:08.

        Joan Benoit ran 2:22 and 2:24 in the 1980's.  That time would still win her a lot of races.  So I don't see the great improvement in the women's time.  After  Paula Radcliffe ran that 2:15, I thought the ladies were going to go under 2:20 consistently, but that has not been the case.


        That is why I don't think most women have the same kind of competitive instinct that men have.  I'm not saying they aren't competitive, it is just different.


        4 miles run. 2 miles walk.

        Put air in the tires and went for a bike ride and then mowed the lawn.

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          7 miles for me this evening ... waited until the t-storms passed ... much cooler than it had been but the humidity was still quite high.

          NH Runner


            Tuesday, 6/25


            8 miles on the railtrail this morning at an easy pace.  Parts of NH hit 95 degrees yesterday and we're forecast for similar conditions today, so I got my run in early.


            Chantilly, did you see Boston the year Desiree Davilla ran?   Her strategy was to run the competition into the ground and she darn near did it, being outsprinted at the finish by the only woman able to keep pace with her.  After crossing the finish line, the winner crumpled into a heap and had to be carried off to the med tent to be revived.  Meanwhile, Desiree was leaned over with her hands on her knees, catching her breath.  I forget her time, but I think it was the fastest ever run by an American woman at Boston.  It's the best marathon I've ever watched, Desi had that thing won, if she'd have just dug down one more time it would have been hers.


            Have you looked at women's times in Olympic running events?   There's no holding back in those things and I think records were being broken in London, is that right?


            Ray, have you found something new to focus on since the marathon?  I'm looking at a 10K on July 4th I may run...


            adkkev, nice run.


              NH Runner  Yes, that was a good race, Desiree almost had the win.  But this kinda shows my point... Kilel and Cherop weren't really putting themselves out there, until Desiree pushed the pace.

              Just like the Beijing marathon, where Constantina took the lead, everyone let her go, thinking she would crash and burn and they would take the lead.

              And the London marathon (2012) was won in 2:23:14, but the 1984 one was 2:24:52. So it took 28 years to lower the Olympic record by 1 minute and 38 seconds.

              I'm just saying I don't see the improvement here which one would expect after a 28 year history of women actually being allowed and encouraged and coached to run distance.

              They are more conservative, which may translate to success at ultras, where endurance is key.  And maybe more men are willing to take a chance on ultras.


              3 miles in between thunderstorms.

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              NH Runner


                Wednesday, 6/26


                5.5 miles of easy running.  Ran the first 2 on the railtrail, then turned onto the highway for the next 3.5.


                Chantilly, conservative is the right word for the top women's approach to distance running.  In most marathons, they hold back for 20 miles, then have a sprint to the finish.  Unless you're Paula Radcliffe, eh? lol   You have to wonder how long her world record will hold up with the way women approach distance running today.   A LONG time probably... lol


                  Some of the men's races are like that, too.  Sit back and run a comfortable pace, then sprint to the finish.

                  Doesn't really make for interesting viewing.


                  4 miles in the morning.

                  4 miles in the afternoon. 78F and sunny.


                  Don't know how you run in 90F, NH Runner

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                    Tuesday's run was 3.25 in Central Park on a pretty sticky humid evening ... overnight business trip to NYC so I took the opportunity to go up to Central Park & run a bit ... lots of ppl running, etc.  Interesting to see ppl running 6-7 abreast & not yielding to runners coming in the other direction.  And there were some pretty serious biker ppl zipping around the bike lanes too!


                    No Wednesday run ... got home pretty late from NYC.  Heavy rains are predicted over the next few days so that should prove challenging for getting some running in!

                    NH Runner


                      Thursday, 6/27/2013


                      6 miles on the railtrail.  After reading Born to Run, I fashioned a pair of running sandals out of a worn out pair or racing flats I had kicking around.  They actually worked pretty good this morning, I may have to send a picture to Brooks and have 'em put me on the payroll...Approve


                      Chantilly... I haven't run in 90 degree heat except for the half marathon I ran a few weeks ago.  When it's hot, I avoid it by running early and sticking to the railtrail.  It's shaded, follows a river and is probably 10 degrees cooler than being out in the sun.  I'm very lucky to have it when the wind blows or when it's too hot to run the highway.


                      adkkev... runners 7 wide and wouldn't yield to a runner coming the other way?  Shocked  NYC must be a treat to run in, but this old Hick much prefers the country.  I'm betting you were glad to be home yesterday...lol


                        adkkev sounds like some inconsiderate people in NYC!  Hope you went to a nice restaurant.

                        NH Runner making your own shoes?  the recession has been bad, but....WinkBig grin


                        8 miles at 6:00 am

                        5 miles at 9:00 am

                        1 mile walked

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                        Ozzy Osbourne




                        NH Runner


                          Chantilly... another interesting story from " Born to Run"... Alan Webb is an accomplished miler, having run the fastest mile of anyone in the US one year.  When his coach first started coaching him, his shoe size was a 12 and he had flat feet, the result of atrophied muscles in his feet.  The coach started him out doing foot exercises and running barefoot to strengthen those muscles and in the end, Webb's feet  shrunk to a size 10 and grew an arch.


                          The book's author contends Webb's feet were in such bad shape because of the shoes he wore, that the muscles in his feet were never able to work the way nature intended because of the restrictions the shoes placed on 'em.


                          Soooo... my little test today was to remove most of the material from an old pair of shoes and basically make them running sandals with almost no heel lift.   I have to say my feet felt great during today's run, the sandals freed 'em up to the point where they were ALMOST like running barefoot.


                          I don't know if there's any benefit from running this way, but I thought I'd give it a try.  Plus this stuff is fun... Wink

                            Chantilly - it was definitely an interesting place to run!


                            Rich - here's an article from the Albany newspaper (the runner's blog) about a local guy who has switched to sandals, winter and summer!



                            As for me ... 8+ miles this evening ... cloudy, warm, & really humid.  Stopped a couple times to hydrate ... and my shorts & shirt were soaking wet by the time I returned home.


                              adkkev you must be getting used to the heat/humidity, some good miles in there...

                              NH Runner I've read Born to Run...just teasing you a bit...I saw a young fellow <30 wearing a pair of sandals with only rope/hemp? laces in a marathon last year...he was doing well in them.  Strengthening the feet is good for us.


                              8 miles run

                              1 mile walk

                              "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

                              Ozzy Osbourne




                                y'all been busy.

                                NH - Like the "shandles" idea. I got a pair of running sandals, need to figure out a better tying strategy.  The string between the toes bugs the crap out of me and consequently I've barely worn them.

                                Chantilly - Getting in the miles despite the weather.

                                adkkev - NY, NY - what a wonderful town.  Oldest sister lives near there, she loves it.  Nice place to visit, but wouldn't want to live there.


                                8 miles on Tuesday, 1:07:30, 5 miles Wednesday 48:30 and 4 mile treadmill run yesterday, 31:03.  No real plans.  Probably do a 10K or 1/2 and 2 weeks or next week - don't really remember.  Trying to run things a little faster now, force myself to work on speeding up over shorter distances.  Last night needed to get some "steps" in so did the TM run progressively with the last mile in 6:50.  Figure if I want to do a sub 22 5K gotta work on running some miles under 7min.