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Runs & Workouts, Week Ending 7/14/2013 (Read 8 times)

NH Runner


    Monday, 7/8/2013


    8 miles of mtn bike riding on the railtrail.  Easy paced, riding the bike is a nice break from running and helps nicely with recovery.


    Chantilly... hang in there with the job.   WalMart Greeter, eh?  Now THAT would be a long day!  Roll eyes

      7 miles after work on a combination of the rail trail and the nature trail ... still warm & muggy but not quite as bad as it's been.  Stopped to take a drink on the nature trail & the skeeters swarmed my legs so it was a quick water break!  Then a turkey came out of the brush & ran ahead of me ... probably couldn't figure out why this stupid human kept on running behind him ... then he sped up & took off, flying into some trees to roost.


      No runs over the weekend ... too many family things going on & then when time permitted a run it was pouring rain.  I usually don't mind running in the gentle rain but not in monsoon like conditions!!

        9 miles of running, 4 walking/running on Sunday.  5.6 today.  Wasn't that warm, but everything feels warm now.


        Chantilly - Pretty soon walmart greeter is about the only job I'll be able to get...ShockedRich - Cross training is good, as long as it's optional

        adkkev - squito's are always getting me on the back next to the shoulder blades - doesn't seem to matter if I'm running or not.  Stay off the road to Hana.



        NH Runner


          Tuesday, 7/9/2013


          Not sure if anyone's in the market for this type of shoe, but this price is so low I thought I'd share it here just in case... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Altra-Zero-Drop-Footwear-Adam-Running-Cross-Training-Sneakers-/390527608227?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item5aed4265a3


          7 miles today.  I ran to the HS track, got barefoot, ran 3 miles on the track, put the sandals back on for another mile on the highway, took the sandals off, tossed 'em in the bushes and struck out for home 2 miles away.


          That's when I learned running barefoot on the high school track isn't the same as running barefoot on the roads and begs the question, "Do barefoot runners have any feelings left in the bottoms of their feet?"


          adkkev...did you happen to notice the running form on that turkey?  I've heard they can outrun a horse.


          Ray... nice mileage Saturday

            'adkkev...did you happen to notice the running form on that turkey?  I've heard they can outrun a horse'


            All I know is that he/she was pretty fast, and kept getting faster.  I'm not sure if the increase in speed was just to run from me or to build up enough speed to take off and fly up into the trees.  Probably both!

              6.35 miles on the Erie Canalway near Schenectady.  Pretty warm & humid with an occasional breeze.  Thankfully the sun was filtered by some high thin clouds.

              NH Runner


                Wednesday, 7/10


                3 miles on the railtrail.  Warmed for a mile, then ran 8 X's 200's with a 60 second break between.  Pace hovered right around 7 minute mile.


                This is the first time I've run the railtrail since buying the Hawaiian Tropic and I gotta say Chantilly, it worked great against deer flies.  I got bit just once on the back by a smaller bug but the deer flies were kept away.   They buzzed me countless times, but never landed.  Thanks for the tip!

                Art in AZ

                  Took Monday as a rest day.

                  5 miles Tuesday.

                  Ran 3 miles this morning. Weather felt a little cooler but the humidity was up


                  Rich - after running on the street did you go back and get your sandals? Smile And good news on the Hawaiian Tropic.


                  adkkev - So interesting about the turkey. You have a little over 4 months to plan on how to invite him for dinner.

                  Art in AZ

                  Mesa, AZ

                  NH Runner


                    Yeah Art, I jumped in the rig and went back for my sandals yesterday.   Those are my ride and joy, I expect a call from Brooks any day now begging me to let them copy my design... Roll eyes


                    I've been trying to put a picture of 'em up here, but so far it's not working...

                      Rich - From the masters group:


                      1. Download your photos in something like photobucket.com

                      2. Once the pictures are downloaded, hover your mouse over the pic you want to post.  A dialog box opens up underneath it.  Click in the "Direct Link" box and it should say "copied"

                      3. Come back here and in the toolbar above, click the icon that looks like a tree.

                      4. Paste the URL in the first box and hit enter.  Voila!


                      Art - way to get the run in.

                      adkkev - Wild turkeys are supposed to be among the smarter birds, domesticated turkeys among the dumbest...


                      7 Miles yesterday with temps around 84F, did it solo like usual.  Today a group of 4 (3 co-workers) 2 did 3.5 miles and 2 (me included) did about 4.5 miles.  Probably will try and do a couple more miles on the treadmill tonight.


                      Here's a picture of our running wall at home...


                      Let's see does this image show up?  Or, is it a broken lnk?running wall




                        NH Runner make sure Brooks pays you well for your design. WinkBig grin

                        rmcj001 That's a lot of medals.  I like the hanger. You kept all your bibs, too? Mine are usually stained with gatorade, etc, I throw them out...

                        adkkev the turkey sounds like fun to see.

                        Art in AZ  you must have to run pretty early to beat the heat.


                        9 miles today.

                        Yesterday, did a lot of yard work and didn't feel like running afterwards.

                        "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

                        Ozzy Osbourne




                          Chantilly - I think a couple of those numbers are from past years, but mostly they're just this years numbers.  We have most of our numbers, but most are in boxes.  And, don't forget there are three of us running a lot of the time.


                          7 miles today in 59:45.  Sunny, but only 78F - still felt warm.



                          NH Runner


                            Thursday, 7/11/2013


                            6 miles today.  I ran first to the HS track with no plans for how far I'd run barefoot, but settled for 2 miles once I got underway.  My feet are pretty sore still.   Kind of pleased with today's splits though, running the HS track and running the road, my splits indicate my mile measurements are pretty dern close.. 8:54, 8:55, 8:52, 8:56, 8:53 and 8:46.


                            Turkeys are weird, how can they run that fast with no arms to swing?


                            Ray, here's a first shot at posting pictures.  The socks are to make the lacing more visible, I don't run with 'em.


                            Chantilly... Brooks still hasn't called, I think they're playing hard to get... Wink

                              Rich, after that photo I'm sure Brooks will be calling soon.  Evil


                              8 miles for me today after work on the Erie Canal Way trail again.  Still a bit warm & humid but I was running into a nice breeze on my way back to the car so that made it much nicer (& cooler!).  No turkey sightings on this trail but I did see a deer during my Tuesday run.  Pretty neat to be running along & go right by an old double lock from the original Erie Canal ... still in pretty good shape.  Amazing to see what was done without any mechanized heavy equipment back then ... all those stone blocks must weigh quite a lot!

                              Art in AZ

                                5 miles again this morning. Going to try for a longer run Sunday.


                                Rich - When Brooks does the first run do we get to try them out? You know, as "testers". Nice consistent runs,


                                Ray - Nice trophy wall.


                                Chantilly - This time of year there really isn't a time when it possible to beat the heat. Unless you stay inside. The sun is up around 5:30 now so when I get out between 6:30 and 7:00 the temp is already starting to climb. You get use to it. Sort of. And start looking forward to September when the temp and humidity start to drop.

                                Art in AZ

                                Mesa, AZ