52 in 52


52 in 52 for 2011 (Read 380 times)

    Count me in for 2011. This will give me an extra incentive to convert some of my 10 mile runs into 13.1 runs. According to the rules I would probably only gotten to about 30 for 52 in 2010. I'm going to have to up my game for this.


    Working out my goals for 2011 I was hoping to race two halfs in a weekend anytime after April but can't seem to find two that are a reasonalbe drive from Boston. If I'm missing something clue me in. I'm also hoping to race the North Face Endurance Challenge half in NY but they still need to announce the 2011 date.


    About that Ultra Around the Lake in July... I've done a couple long runs around it and even considered the doing their marathon as a long run this summer. The ultra sounds tough/interesting. I'm so close I cold go home for a nap.