800 Mile Club


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    I made 800 miles last year, but my real goal this year is 1000 miles - I was going to cancel this group, but I thought I would stay in.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  I'll throw out some encouragement here and there.


    Good Luck!


    MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

      thank you for maintaining the 800 club board.

      though I was short by 172.3 miles, I've already started an 800 mile thread for our miles this y ear.

      I also tried to sign up for the  500 club last year but never could find any  posts.

      I hope it is okay to use some of the unused threads for test posts.

      in paricular, for those of us from Cool Running who like the chance to memorialize some of our better runs, it's kind of frustrating to have a post lifted to the top of the board upon any edit/update.



      ps - when responding to your post, for some reason, it's the first time I've seen an option to censor at  the top.ost.

      Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

      T. Igarashi (top of Mt. Fuji at age 100 in 1987): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


      Miles to Go

        Hello!  I am running a bit behind but hope to catch up - trying not to burn out early in the year (it's been a problem for me in the past).  I'm only running around 10-15 mpw but I hope to slowly ramp that up as we get into the Spring.  Can't wait for warm weather.  Good luck to all.

        See how they run...