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Thank You, my dear brother (Read 113 times)

    Today I returned to training, after 34 days without running. Those were the worst days of my life. Not because I didn't run, but for a far more tragic motive: my extraordinary brother (only 38 years old) was, June 29th, the victim of an unpredictable and brutal street accident.

    He fought bravely for his life during 27 days in hospital. There were even a few signs of recovery that gave us - family & doctors - some hope of having him back with us. Unfortunately, in spite of his unsurmountable courage, he wasn't able to win this final battle of his life.

    Me and my parents are proud of him. Proud of his strength during hard times, but also proud of his kind and generous spirit, always available to help his friends, always worried about them, always willing to spend the little money he had on gifts to others.

    Believe me, that's really how he was.

    We know he's still with us. In a different way, of course - but always looking after me and my parents.

    I must thank him for being such a fantastic person - such an example to all of us.

    And I thank you also, my dear brother, for, from where you are now, giving me the strength to, in spite of all the pain that I still feel, get back to my training.

    Thank You, Diogo Luis, my kind and strong brother, for all the good memories you left me, for being for me a much better friend than I ever was to you. I know you and me will always be in touch. Nothing can set us apart. I feel your gentle, yet strong, presence here, right now, by my side. I know you will never abandon me, mom & dad.


    For that, and for everything else, THANK YOU, MY DEAR BROTHER.

      I am very sorry for your loss. Your brother will always be with you. I hope running helps you find peace.

        Thank you, Mimi, for your kind words. I do believe he will always be with us.


        And yes, running, having my parents around, and receiving the solidarity of friends like yourself will help me find peace.


        Thanks again.