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January 2013 (Read 74 times)


    Nice to get a fresh start!


    Not too swift, good for you for losing weight!   I'm tryiing to drop 4 in the next 2 months as one resolution.   Congrats on the mileage prs! Impressive!  Are you doing Atlanta and Georgia? I've never done Atlanta.


    Tom, how did your 4 miler work out? .I want to do Chicamauga this year-missed the signup last year.  Do you know when registration opens?


    I didn't do the Resolution Run. Anyone run it?  How was it?


    I think I'm driving to Columbus for a free half on Sat.  Sounds  low key and pretty.  Plan to register tomorrow for the Locomotive Half. I want to do a couple 5 or 10k's too, but haven't picked them out.

    Finally PRed!!!

      camille: thanks for starting the January thread. I still need to lose about 4-5 lbs myself to get back to the weight I was at when I was racing my best. Yes, I just signed up for the Atlanta Marathon before the price went up. I do want to travel sometime fairly soon for a flatter race with better PR chances, but maybe by October I can be in decent shape to run a pretty good time on these hills. I have not run the new version of the Atlanta Marathon, did the old Thanksgiving  Day one on the Olympic course as my first in 2002. Have fun in the free half in Columbus if you run it.


      Got in about 5 very easy this morning, still some residual soreness in the calves. Will run another 5 later. Have a great day, everyone!

      PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09


        Happy New Year, camille and NTS.  Hope you all had a great time over the holidays!


        Just got back into town late last night after spending New Year's in Texas.  I got the ball rolling on 2013  with a 14 mi progressive MLR this morning.  Training for marathon #2 in March continues to go well.


        Wickedly Average

          Camille - I don't think that the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon/HM registration has started yet, though it is listed on the Chattanooga Track Club's page ( ). The Chickamauga Chase 15K, slated for April 20, is still open. I signed up through The race's own web site needs to be updated.


          I see the Locomotive Half listed on the CTC web site, but I couldn't possibly be ready for that. I'm more-or-less training for the 15K races in March and April now.


          Oh, as you probably saw, the 4 mile Karen Lawrence Run on 12/31 went well. Measured 4.36 miles, completed in 36:45 gun time. Given the hills and all, I'm happy with that. I think you already saw the race report.


          It's going to be a busy year - I have 5 substantial (15K and above) runs for which I've signed up already...


          3/9 - Gate River Run 15K, Jacksonville, FL

          4/20 - Chickamauga Chase 15K, Ft. Oglethorpe, GA

          6/16 - Towpath 10-10 10 mi, Valley View, OH

          9/8 - River Run HM, 13.1 mi, Berea, OH

          10/20 - 4 Bridges HM, 13.1 mi, Chattanooga, TN


          I'll also throw in a few 5K-10K runs, I'm sure. Including the Chattanooga Chase 8K on 4/27. Smile

          Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

          5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54


            Not too swift, I haven't done a GA marathon. I did the Georgia half the first year and it was SO HOT and they were out of water at many water stops.  I felt very lucky to be doing a half. I have been thinking I should do one since I spend half the year here.  I've thought of Snickers for a flatter course. Have heard good things about it.


            Rainmaker, good job on the progressive run. No wonder you're fast!


            Tom, thanks for info on Chicamauga.  I did the Chase one year-very nice. I'd like to again..will have to ck schedule. Looks like you have a pretty full calendar.


            I did the Columbus half and it was really great!  It's put on by their running store  (Big Dog) and club and was very well organized with lots of water stops and volunteers directing the turns. It was chip timed even though it was free (shirt extra).  I also really liked the course.  After a couple miles with lots of turns, it was on their riverside bike trail and was out and back, which I like.  A few minor rollers, but no big hills. It did start late, but otherwise was really impressive.  it was a chilly 37, but sunny and warmed a bit.  My time was only 6 min faster than at the Santa Hustle, but I felt 5 min/mile faster-just a much better run.  I got first in AG (being old sometimes helps Smile  ) with a $10 gift certificate for the LRS.  Sweet.  Definitely one I'll do again.

            Finally PRed!!!

              Hi rainmaker! Nice progressive run.


              Hi Tom! Looks like you've got a good schedule of races in various places planned.


              Congrats on the AG win, camille!! That's awesome--glad you had a great time. Yep, I did the full at the GA Marathon that inaugural year when they ran out of water. I always say I "did" that marathon, not that I ran it, because I had to walk large portions of it. I was about 30 lbs overweight at the time and I did it on really minimal training.


              I ran 8 this morning with the training group at Phidippides, parts of it at a little faster than MP. Planning an easy 14 or so tomorrow as long as the legs cooperate. If I do that, I will be close to 60 miles for the week.


              Happy running, everyone!

              PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09


                Not too swift, I'm really impressed you finished the GA full that year-must have been brutal.  The half was over before the worst heat. 60 mi is great!


                Tom, I cked...Chickamauga Chase is same weekend as the Tar Heel 10 miler in Chaple Hill and I'm signed up to do it with DD. Too bad-a very nice race!


                I'm going to take it mostly easy today-some planks,  core, and a walk.

                Finally PRed!!!

                  Hi all!

                  How's everyone's running going?


                  Training for the Georgia Marathon continues to go pretty well, I think. Pretty sure I have a decent chance of going sub 3:55 or maybe even a little better. Running the MLK Day 5K on Monday to check my progress, will be my first race since the 10K at the beginning of December. I've normally trained solo (except for track and x-c when I was in school many years ago), but lately I've been going to a lot of group runs, like at  local running stores and other places. Also planning the Intown Ten (10K) in Va-High a couple weeks before the marathon.

                  PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09


                    Glad the training is going well!  If you hit your goal, you'll have to change your name to "pretty swift."  Smile   Good luck on the MLK day race.


                    I did Houston last weekend. 4:54   Since I'm old and had to cut  training way back during Dec for a couple problems, I was glad to be under 5. The conditions weren't great. I liked the way the 18 yr old Ethiopian winner described it: "The weather was very, very, very bad....the wind, it tried to throw us out..." So true!  The gusts of rain stopped after a couple hours (wind kept up), so I was half dry by the end.  A white  (hypothermia risk) flagged race wasn't what I expected in Houston.  Smile   I prob did better than I would have on a hot day though.  I went to Space Center, ate Texas Bar-b-q, etc, so it was a good weekend.


                    I'm pretty sure I'm going to do the Locomotive Half and a Chattahoochee 10k in the next month.   Anyone else?


                    I'm also going to sign up for the Snicker's half and if it's a good weather day (40's-50's with no storms), may swich to the full since I don't have a GA full. After another easy week, I'm going to start gearing up again. I'm going to give a modified Hanson's a shot for a couple weeks, but am not sure I can do the number of days/wk it calls for. I'm intrigued by it though.


                      Hi, all!  Marathon training continues to go well for me also.


                      NTS - I was at the MLK Day 5K as well.  What'd you think of the race and the course?


                      camille - Nice job at Houston. I heard that the conditions were pretty tough.  I'll probably also be running the Locomotive Half (as a tune-up race for the Publix Georgia Marathon).

                      Finally PRed!!!

                        camille: Great job at Houston, I had heard conditions were pretty tough! That is a really great quote about the wind! Glad you had a nice weekend.


                        rainmaker: My time at the MLK Day was terrible, but I guess it was partly from the 17 I ran two days before? Plus, like a lot of people, I just went out too fast with that crazy start. I corrected (probably over-corrected) pretty early on, but I guess partly because of the grass and all the turns, I ran much slower than I'd hoped for. I was pretty surprised to realize later I was 1st in my AG. Also with only gun time I guess I ran a bit longer. Did you have a good race?


                        Here's a link to a pic of me from the race (unsuccessfully trying to catch the guy in the jacket):



                        MTA: The course of the 5K, except for the parts on the grass, was all pretty familiar terrain, since I run in Piedmont Park all the time.


                        I just wrapped up another ~59 mile week (after cutting back to 48 the week leading up to the 5K), pretty happy with how my training has been going.


                        Hmm, guess I could post my RR from the MLK Day over in this thread (I have it in the Marathoner Dailies group)...I'll go copy it and paste here...

                        PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09

                        Finally PRed!!!

                          OK, here's my RR from MLK Day 5K 1/21 (reposting from Marathoner Dailies):


                          This was way off the kind of time I'd been hoping for. I think my legs were still a little tired from the longer run on Sat. Also, I obviously ran a little longer than 5K since it was a certified course, but had a very wide starting line so that anyone not in the center ran a bit longer (gun time only due to the wide start line). The hills were not too bad, but the course had a lot of turns. Weather was nice, probably high 30s by start time.


                          The start was on grass, and instead of a gun, the signal was a bell, and not a very loud one, so that many people, including myself, did not realize that had been the start signal until we saw that people were running.  I charged across the grass field (a bit muddy in spots due to all the rain we've had lately) a little faster than planned in the first 30 sec, trying to get in a decent position before the course narrowed onto the asphalt path. According to my Garmin at the time (average pace, not instantaneous) I was running well under 7 mm during this time (actually closer to 6), though not sure how accurate that is with the number of points and the fact my pace was not constant. So I began forcing myself to slow down, just as we hit a short but fairly steep uphill, still on the grass. I slowed way down and suddenly my avg. pace was over 8. At 0.2 mi in, I  saw some people around me starting to walk.


                          Mile 1 came in a little slow, but it had the most uphill. Mile 2 had a lot of downhill and I got closer to my planned pace, but still felt a bit sluggish and breathing felt hard (it's a 5K, duh!). Mile 3 (first half of this was a little uphill again) started to drop way off the pace. I knew the rest of the course was not too tough, but just could not find the extra oomph to get back close to pace. Legs were not happy. Second half of mile 3 (downhill now) was better, since I knew the finish was close, but 3rd mile overall was still much slower than 1 and 2. Managed a bit of a kick toward the finish (last part was on grass again), back to under 7mm again.  Right after the finish, realized I was walking with a limp. The troublesome left knee felt fine during the race, but dull pain kicked in just after.


                          The knee made the cooldown jog pretty tough, gave up and started walking after a little over a mile, but it almost hurt worse walking than running. Icing it now, and I scrapped the short recovery run I had planned for tomorrow.


                          The course map is public in my log, in case anyone would like to view it. Gun time was 25:27 (30 sec slower than in September when I was just starting to really train again!), AG 1/103.


                          During the pre-race warmup jog, my HR was a bit high for the pace (might have been the race day excitement), but when I looked at my racing HR after the race (did not have it on screen during race), it was really low for a 5K. I wonder if my legs being just a bit tired from Saturday kept me from going as fast as I otherwise could have (even though, from the point of view of breathing/perceived exertion. I did feel like I  was really pushing it).

                          PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09


                            Not too swift, nice race report!  I'm betting your long run the couple days before made racing a bit tougher. How is your knee? I just read your note again.   AG #1 of >100...way to go!!


                            Tom, I just got an email about the Chase adding a trail run. I'll bet that's a wonderful course.  Too bad it's the same day I'm doing another race.  Any other great races up there this spring?


                            Rainmaker, how's the training going?  I think I'll sign up for the Locomotive race this week.