Annapolis, Maryland


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    Hi. I think I started this group in early 2007. There's finally a second member! Welcome. Big grin I've been thinking I ought to market this group to the broader discussion boards. Maybe I'll do that this evening. Again, welcome.
      Hi! I didn't even realize I joined this group!!! How weird. I actually live in Friendship, work in Edgewater. I used to live near the stadium, and miss Annapolis soooo much! Great running! ( I lived in Admiral Heights- great running around Gtown elementry and close to down town! I also just loved the running in the actual neighborhood, or around the stadium... they now have a nice new path that goes around it, I see. ) l My running is sucking this year... I am really falling short on my goals, but am trying to do more on the treadmill to make up for the days I miss running outside. Sorry I forgot I joined. I'll check back more often!!! == modified to add: Just now, after I posted this, this group now pops up as one of my user groups. It never did before!!! Cool.

      - Anya