Annapolis, Maryland


Valentines 5K (Read 140 times)


    Will anybody be there this Saturday?

      How was it? We had other plans...

      - Anya

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        I only remembered the start and end from previous years. Turns out there's hills in the middle. Also it was cold (30F?). But some tough/crazy people raced it in shorts, nonetheless.


        Kids raced a mile afterward (we wound up marshaling an icy turn on their race). They were very cute to watch run.


        Finish line backed up pretty seriously at some point (after I'd come through, but I saw it) - that looked less than fun to go through.

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

          Sounds fun.

          - Anya


            I was slow enough to miss the biggest problem, but fast enough to see it coming. There's one section of the race with a turnaround. Having run the race several times, when I saw the lead pack coming toward me on my left side instead of my right, I knew there would be trouble ahead for them because they had to cross over the line of runners. I heard from one fast person after the race that it wasn't too bad, and it looks like nobody got hurt. When I got closer to the turnaround, I saw the problem. There was a race worker yelling "Stay to the left," but she was facing the oncoming runners and waving to her left.


            There were a few little girls at the finish line handing out tiny plastic water squirting Valentine ducks. They were cute, as were the little milers.


            I wanted to do better than a 9 minute pace, and finished closer to 8:45, so I was happy about that.


            Next up is the Cherry Pit 10 Miler.