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Is there a doctor inda house? (Read 244 times)


    Any suggestions for a new doctor? I want to find one who's a runner, does karate, maybe lifts weights, and is a vegetarian. OK, I'd settle for a runner and/or vegetarian/veggie friendly. Or maybe someone who believes that nutrition does in fact affect your overall health.



    Conversation with doctor:

    Doctor: Your cholesterol is going back up a bit.

    Me: I thought that might be the case. I'm five pounds heavier than I had been.

    Doctor: You need to start taking fish oil.

    Me: I'm a vegetarian.

    Doctor: Well then, here's a prescription for some vitamins that'll cost a few hundred dollars per month. [He didn't actually state the cost. I found out at the pharmacy later.]

    Me: [talking to myself because the doctor is already gone, satisfied with a job well done] Why don't I just lose those five pounds again?