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Atlanta Marathon/half price increase soon (Read 297 times)

Imminent Catastrophe

    Price goes up $10 on Sep 1. I'm in for the HM. Anyone else?

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      Price goes up $10 on Sep 1. I'm in for the HM. Anyone else?

      Ooh, I better decide soon.  I'm trying to decide between the half and the full.  This is the only time I've been in Atlanta on TG for years and likely for years to come.

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      Life is Good

        My Husband and I are going for the full this year  we mailed our applications in on Monday , Ihope I know what I'm getting into...this will be my first full Marathon.

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          Atlanta was my first. Tough course. Last 6.2 mainly rolling  hills.Will be volunteering. You will love it.

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