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Easy Eggnog (Read 202 times)

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    Disclaimer: If you like the stuff they sell in the grocery store, move along  I cant help you.


    I've been going back and forth for about 15 years between making a real cooked egg nog which is a major PITA when really dh and I just want a bit while we wrap presents and stuff or making a nog with raw eggs and worrying about samonella.  OK not much worrying but questioning the wisdom or using pasteurized egg product which has a funny taste.


    Or....drumroll (and I almost feel DUH) about this...the ingredients....milk, cream, egg, sugar, vanilla....wait, isnt that French Vanilla icecream?


    Let soften a bit, blend with just enough milk and or cream that it is eggnog and not eggnogmilkshake and a little extra vanilla, a dash of nutmeg and rum. 


    Tastes virtually identical to all the other nog recipes I have tried.  Maybe a little less sweet depending on how much milk you use but a bit of honey could always be added.

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      Oh, that's a great idea!!  We do something similar, except use pudding.  We have to substitute so many things over here because of allergies and/or lactose intolerance.  So I found this recipe.  Like you said, pretty close to the real thing.  And simple too.


      8 cups milk (we use vanilla soy milk)

      1 3 oz package French vanilla instant pudding (if avoiding milk, check the box because not all puddings are milk free)

      1/2 C sugar (you don't need all of it, especially if you use vanilla soy milk)

      2 tsp vanilla

      1/2 tsp nutmeg


      Mix the pudding w/ the milk.  When pudding is formed, add in the remaining ingredients and mix well.  Chill



        Holy Cow ladies What Fabulous Ideas those are! I was Just thinking that I miss my Dad's Eggnog that I grew up with.... Vanilla Ice Cream sounds double yum, especially the Edy's double churn Vanilla. Will definitely try that. Smile

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