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Red Quinoa (Read 223 times)

Team 9 from Outer Space

    Okay so I finally saw quinoa in the store and bought a bit from a bulk bin. It's red organic quinoa (not because I insist on organic but bc that's what they had.)


    Please give me some ideas what to do with this. Smile


    (And is the red any different flavour-wise than the white or yellow or whatever the other is.)

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      Hey Meg,

      It does not taste any different than the other, its just prettier! Smile


      For Savory: I cook it in Chicken broth, add carmelized onion to it, whatever herbs, and eat like pilaf. If you do it plain, with just water, its great mixed with nuts and dried cranberries some fresh parsley and dressing and eat like salad.


      Breakfast: treat it like oatmeal or any other porridge, season with brown sugar, honey, whatever your sweetner of choice is, add some milk and a splash of vanilla extract... Very Yummy.


      Have fun with it, it's great running fuel by the way......

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      The Crap Whisperer

        This is one of my most favorite recipes...I LOVE it!




        It is a veggie recipe so alter as you see fit...I use ground cumin (cause I like it better) and skim milk instead of soy milk. I'm sure you could add chicken too but it's not really necessary as a protein source with the quinoa.




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