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    Are they worth it?  I'm making a ton of raspberry jam and squishing the seeds out using a sieve.  I'm just wondering if it'd be easier with the mill?  Anyone use one before?

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      I never liked using them.  A lot of work.  I generally like keeping the seeds in my jams, and when I need to get them out, I simply push the pulp through a mesh colander or sieve. 
        Thanks Trent.  I am keeping some seeds, just don't want that many.  It's actually going faster than I thought.  My arm's about to fall off, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

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          Joni, I use a fine mesh sieve and a large soup ladle.  If you swirl the juice in the sieve with the bottom of the ladle the seeds bunch up together in a ball and it goes very fast.  I do the same with tomatoes and grapes.  I never preseed my tomatoes for sauce, just swirl.  I made tons of baby food and never pre-seeded or pre-peeled anything or had a food mill.  Cook.  Whiz with immersion blender.  Sieve quickly with the ladle. 

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            Anne,  I didn't ever think about doing it in that order! Excellent idea.  I'm going to make another batch and that will be so much easier.  Thank you!

              I have a food mill that I got a few years ago at Williams Sonoma that I only use for tomato sauce. I find them really easy to use, and the finest plate retains all the seeds and skins with nothing but pulp getting process though. Never have used it for anything else, but I am considering using mine when I do applesauce this fall.....

              I think they are really fast, and it was $40.00 I consider ( for Me) well spent.

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