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RnR Las Vegas Marathon RR, aka Maybe a Person Lethally Allergic to Dustmites Should Not Have Chosen This Race (Read 445 times)

Bad Ass

    Last night, I completed the RnR Vegas Marathon.  It was hard for me to complete it.  I seriously wanted to quit since Mile 10 but I had nowhere to go but forward.  I finished it as my third worse.  In positive news, at least my quest for a second maniac star continues.


    The race started at 3pm.  Weather in Vegas has been really nice, until race day.  Temps were to be 65-59F which felt way colder, but the not so nice part was the wind that started Sunday morning.  We had at one point in time in the race 30mph headwinds.


    For me, that was not the issue.  It was windy but I didn't feel it by then.  It was the dust that came with it.


    Miles 1-6 - The first few miles went great.  I was running at MP and my HR was spot on to where it should be.  I actually kept looking at the pace and the HR and saying damn, everything is working out fine.  These miles started at the Mandalay Bay going South and then turning back to the Strip and going North all the way til the end.  Best part was seeing DH at the NY NY Hotel.  Instead of saying hi, I gave him my Body Glide and yelled take it!  LOL.  Poor guy.  I don't think he'll spectate ever again.  By Mile 6 I was still on pace feeling OK, slightly slower because of the headwinds.  My bib was about to be torn out of my body several times.


    Miles 7-10 - The horrible miles.  It's like when you're watching a movie and you already know what's going to happen and you're yelling at the TV for the victim to run.  Except I didn't feel that way then.  I should've known.  At Mile 7, the wind brought sand and dust.  A lot.  My shoes filled with it.  My eyes, especially my nose.  I should've known that was going to kill me (in fact, it could've killed me).  But I continued on, surprised that the Mile had gone so slow compared to the others.  20 seconds off.  First mile above 10mm.  Mile 8-9 continued the slow down and me (silly me) wondering why.  Doh, girl, asthma attack coming soon!.  At Mile 9, I started hyperventilating.  I took one puff of albuterol but continued running.  By Mile 10 I had to use one more puff.  For those wondering what caused the attack, it was not the speed, it was the fucking dust.  I am lethally allergic to dustmites and the wind was already screwing up with my breathing, but the dust "storm" finished me.


    Miles 11-15 - These miles follow the new course, all the way to North Vegas.  There is nothing to see, nowhere to go.  All lonely streets with neighborhoods close by.  I really wanted to quit.  I was already walking.  Longest I could go running was 1/2 mile before I had to walk.  Breathing was still an issue although not badly, but all my body was super sore. It took me 5 miles t o figure out why.  Since all your oxygen goes to your lungs so they can breathe, the rest of your body works with less oxygen and therefore, the more you move, the more sore they get.  I've experienced this before, why the heck didn't I notice then?  Although my HM point was not recorded (although I did cross the mat), it was 2:19.  And it kept getting worse.


    Miles 16-20 - I continued pushing on because I had nowhere to go.  At Mile 20, I met this guy who was finishing his first, local guy (I already turned off my music I was sick of it).  We walked and run together for 4 more miles.  I saw the sag wagon further back picking people up and as I was crossing the Mile 20 mat, I was so tempted to hop on it, but by then, the Strip was nearby and I thought, I paid all this money to come here, the least I can get is a medal.  So, I didn't hop in the van.


    Miles 21-26.2 - I continued run/walking and by now I could run 3/4 of the mile but my muscles were exhausted.  This has happened too many times before for me not to be fucking frustrated.  I didn't ask for this stupid asthma.  Please go the fuck away!  We got together with the HM course at Mile 24 but this year they had us cordoned off so they were unable to cross our way.  It was pretty well organized this year.  I crossed the mat with a third worse marathon and over 5 hours.  I even texted DH from my new BFF's phone to tell him I was still at Mile 22 and to entertain himself while I got to the finish.


    The race was well organized.  The bands were playing for the back of the pack as well as for the front.  They even yelled encouragement to us (I was probably 20 from the back).  The volunteers were serving water cups even thought the sag wagon was close to  us.  The sag wagon was full, so I wonder whether they got their medals for not finishing, just like we've heard RnR events do.


    Anyway, on to the next.  It was a very frustrating and painful night.  I am stupid for having signed up for a marathon covered in dust.  Oh, well.



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    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


      Sorry it was so hard.  Congrats on finishing.  Good to hear it was better organized than last year.


      >> The sag wagon was full, so I wonder whether they got their medals for not finishing, just like we've heard RnR events do.


      That is not an apocryphal lie about rnr.  They absolutely did unless 1) rnr lv ran out of medals like last year or b) an individual person elected not to receive one.


      They may or may not have received an official finishing time as well.



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        Way to tough it out and I am sure your next marathon will go better for you.

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        Bad Ass

          They had plenty of medals when I finish so they probably got theirs.



          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

          Samurai in Training

            Well done.   You made that Marathon look good. 


              Sorry to hear that, but congrats on sticking it out and finishing. 


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                Yowsers.  Running a marathon in 30 mph of blowing sand and dust does not sound like fun, let alone to someone with asthma and an allergy to dustmites.  Congrats on crossing the finish line.



                Fear is a Liar

                  Sorry to hear about the conditions but glad that you made it out alive ( literally ). Hope you recover quickly and your muscles get to re-oxygenate. Is that similar to bonking?

                  I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!


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                    Sorry it wasn't the best race.  Way to hang in there



                      Sorry the race didn't go as hoped Damaris.  The dust and wind sound awful.  On to the next one.


                        Damn!   I was thinking about you and your marathon all day.   Kept thinking good thoughts and positive vibes for a great race, but apparently they didn't get to you - the wind probably blew them to someone else.     :-(     You are such a champion and an inspiration, Damaris!  No matter how tough things get, you always figure out a  way to get it done!    Very inspiring!   May your next marathon be a PR!!

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                          Damn.  That was painful even to read. 


                            Awesome you finished and powered through. I would have stopped and waited to be picked up for sure.


                            Desert running is the worst.  I hated it when I lived in Nevada.

                            Not quite right

                              Sorry to hear it was hard race but way to pull thorough 


                                Your description of conditions there sounds hellish... Hugs to you, D. I'm sorry things did not go the way they should have for you. Hopefully the next one is a better experience.

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