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Thursday Penguins Should Practice Random Acts Of Kindness! (Read 187 times)


Barking Mad To Run

    Good luck with your run today, Liz!  Now, no 'horsing around', get that run in!  Big grin


    Where the heck has the lovely Kara been lately?

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


    You may be right

      Morning everyone!!   


      Gustav - Morning! I'm glad your foot/ankle is feeling better.


      Dtothe2nd - Enjoy your run today! Glad to see you're still on your streak. 


      Philliefan - Have a good run! You'll do awesome!! 


      Jerry - Enjoy your day whether you get to the track or you have a rest day.


      Docket_Rocket - Have a good run!


      Kristin - Hope you feel better soon.


      Scotty - Me! Me! Me!   No work for me for awhile!!  Smile     That's funny about the "fence".  I'm sure your runs do get interesting without your glasses.  


      Hey Doc - At least you got something in.  Have a great run tonight! 


      Don't believe everything you think. 


      Skirt Runner

        Phillie you will be great! And will NOT be DFL! Something I noticed with the 10K vs the 5K is that it IS more competitive....5Ks always will have more walkers, people with disabilities, kids, very old people, walkers, and people who don't ever run who were dragged there by a friend for fun...I was much closer to the back of the pack for my 10K than I have been in my 5Ks, and I ran faster. But I still holdthat you will NOT be DFL!!! You're going to rock it! You have the endurance to cover the distance! Can't wait to read the RR!!!

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        I started a blog about running :) Check it out if you care to


        Barking Mad To Run

          San Antonio is having some crazy weather this week.  82 yesterday.  This morning 49 degrees with a 30 mph wind blowing outside making it feel like it is in the high 30s, high of only 57 today.  Tomorrow, the temp is supposed to plunge a bit and our low in the morning will be near freezing.  Mother Nature sure is on some kind of vendetta in Texas, all these weather changes about every 3 to 4 days.   Lots of people around here walking around coughing, sniffling, etc., no time for their bodies to acclimatize!


          Nightcrawler, when are you heading off to the Carribbean Caribbean Carribean...damn...the BEACH!  Big grin

          "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


          Smaller By The Day

            Scotty - You're hilarious.  I'm not sure how you get all of those great pictures with that level of eyesight. I'll make sure to tell the officers in Chicago that you say hello...LOL


            Doc - I'll be on the TM tonight as well.  So, you're run should go  Your run got cut short, but how's the horse?  The world needs to know.


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            You may be right

              Scotty - Tomorrow if the world doesn't end.   .     I'm ready to go now!!  Lol      Hanging out with my friend again today and then tomorrow it will be beaches and sun for me.


              We had winds up to 48mph  last night.  I'm so glad I got my run in yesterday morning instead of holding off until last night. I'm getting ready to go run in a few and its 23mph winds right now.  That I can live with but 48mph is insane!!


              Don't believe everything you think. 

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                Hey colony. 


                No running for me today. I have been up all night with some random stomach thing. It just last night at like's so weird. 


                Anyways, now I hope I make it through my hair appointment, and I have to do some Christmas shopping! 



                We are now in for a total of possibly 4-6 inches of snowww Friday-Saturday night! WOOT. 



                Have a great day all. 

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                  Morning!  Last day of work before winter break!


                  Got in 6.2 late last night, tonight I might run with the social group but the hourly forecast says heavy rain and 36 degrees.  Or I could wimp out and TM it again.


                  Margo- I'm sure that you will do great at your 10K! 

                  Bin Running

                    Gustav, did you swing with the song? it was a major hits at my era..

                    Dave, enjoy the 10M

                    Margo, enjoy the run later. I dun think you Will DFL like the rest..

                    Jerry, enjoy the rain or snow..

                    Damaris, 3 days?! That's so unlike you.. I hope the Mayans was wrong..

                    Kristin, sad story abt the sucide but glad good thing come out of it..

                    Awood, good luck with getting below 200.. I think you can do it.. $90 for warrior dash sound a bit steep.. Your plan is almost similar to mine.. I plan to run 2HM and possibly a FM in Dec..

                    Scotty, I think your good karma meter must be off the roof now..

                    Liz, hope you get some run in later..

                    Nightcrawler, morning...happy running into the winds..

                    Tori, finally, you get the snow you wanted.

                    Mel, going into hibernation tmr? cool~!


                    AFM, bz day at work.. was to do An EZ 3M to loosen up.. but I have to put that till tmr..Everyone near me seem to be in holiday spirits and I sure rub a bit off them..

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                      Good morning! I'm leaving for my run soon, but I thought I'd check in while I ate breakfast. Apparently the Midwest is having its first major winter storm of the season. I'm not getting hit, we're still buried in the stuff from Winter Storm Caesar from a few weeks ago. Not to make light of the treacherous conditions for the rest of the Midwest, but I did have to laugh at USA Today's headline. So Caesar wasn't a major winter storm? Or it didn't happen in the Midwest? Maybe they consider the Dakotas, MN, and WI to be part of Canada now, eh?  But in all seriousness, I hope everyone stays safe in the blizzard!!


                      I love the RAoK idea. I'm going to look for opportunities to bless people today!

                        I wish I could access this site at work so I could do personals, the iPhone just doesn't cut it for that! 3 miles for me this morning! Treadmill of course, but I did 1.5 of them at 3% incline!! Do you think one hill workout a week is enough or should I do 2! The 1/2 is a really hilly course through lake George, my outdoor runs have some hills but more like rolling hills not long ones!

                        Completed my first half marathon 2:09:04!!!

                          Cut my run short. Blah. But since I knew I wasn't going to make it for my planned 3 miles I threw in a quick sprint on a clear straight road. I stopped when I had to go into the ditch for an oncoming car. 2.2 miles done for today, hopefully I can get my full LR in on Saturday.

                          Jack K.

                          uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

                            Hi Pens...


                            Scotty: Yes! I am on vacation until January 7th!! Yeah baby!! 


                            Gus: Maybe someday we can have a FE karaoke night. I will bust out "Ring of Fire."  Smile


                            Bin: Do you get to wear your headband at work? Wink


                            kitteh: Welcome. Judging by your race pictures, I am guessing you are in CA? Finally another CA person here! Good luck in your half. Which one? My next one will be in Ja Jolla on April 28.


                            Doc: Don't you go nuts on your TM? After awhile, I think I would start to feel like a hamster. 


                            Zel: Nice 6.2. Your miles are building!


                            Phillie: you will do fine!


                            Docket: three days?! Wow... when I have a usrd (like last night), it drives me nuts!


                            As for me, today I slept in until 6:30, took the car for brakes, and ran a very hilly six miles back home. I forgot how much I enjoy running in the morning. Today it was about 38*, and that is cold for here. When I was running, my lungs felt cold! It was a strange but invigorating sensation. You  Pens from the colder parts probably know what I mean.


                              I had an amazing run last night. Or part of it was.

                              We've had a little black and white kitten hanging around outside the past 10 days, extremely scared of humans, but I'd been working with it each night and I'd managed to get it a couple of inches from me. Yesterday, I didn't see it in the morning. Left the house to take my daughter to gym class, two miles down the road I see a dead little black and white kitten. I think huh, coincidence, why would our little kitten leave when I'm feeding it every night? Also doesn't make sense for it to go down 2 miles of highway when we are surrounded by fields. I puzzle this all day, wondering when our kitten will show up. I mention it to my partner when he got home from work that night, he said he saw it hanging around his work truck that morning :'(


                              I'm allergic to cats, but I thought it would be nice to have around. I'm heart broken, feel awful for the little bugger, and slightly (unfairly) mad at my partner. I find it very hard to deal with emotions, and my mind escalates even trivial things to being extremely distressing as I overthink things. I ran last night, and my legs felt weightless. I felt like I was running my mind out, I bumped the speed to 7mph and a few seconds later- BOOM. Blew the house fuse, haha. Sorry to unload that here, just had to get it off my chest!


                              Gustav: glad you impressed the wife at karaoke!


                              Dtothe2nd: Enjoy your 10


                              Phillie- you all make me feel like a lazy bum, we rolled out of bed at 10am. Hope your 4-5 goes well!


                              Docket- echoing other, the end is nigh!


                              Kristen- enjoy your rest day, take Vit C!


                              Jerry- lots of rain sounds like a movie day to me Smile


                              Scotty- nearsighted here too, it starts to get pretty funny what I have mistaken things for without my glasses on.


                              Doc- hope your treadmill run goes well


                              Tori- sucks that you are having stomach issues, feel better soon!


                              Zelanie- I'd vote for the treadmill! Rain, not too bad. Cold, not too bad. Heavy rain and cold? No thank you!


                              Kristi- good job on the 3 miles!


                              MNMickey- sorry you had to cut your run short, it's never fun having to dodge cars and it can really throw you off.


                              I'm aiming for another 3 on the treadmill tonight, off to eat "breakfast" now Smile


                              Barking Mad To Run

                                Sorry to hear about the kitten if it is the same one, Coralie, maybe it's not. Guess you will know in a few days, if it doesn't come back.


                                Vacation until January 7th, must be nice Jack!


                                Enjoy the beach, Nightcrawler.  And bring back lots of Great Legs photos of the ladies down there. Big grin


                                5Ks always will have more walkers, people with disabilities, very old people,   Hey!  I resemble that all of those categories!  Joking


                                Hope you feel better, Tori!


                                Congrats on getting your miles in Zelanie.   Hey, if you do run in the rain and 36 degrees, think of all the bragging rights you'll have! 



                                Scotty, I think your good karma meter must be off the roof now..  I wish, lol.   Good luck with your 3 tomorrow, bin.   I don't want any of my co-workers to rub off their holiday spirits on our office if that happens, we might get a harassment charge! Shocked  Wink


                                Doncha just hate that, Mickey, when you have to jump off the road to avoid, rude cyclists who won't share the road (not all of cyclists are like that, most are pretty polite, in my experience), running police horses, an Army tank, people shooting at you from their car....


                                Kristi, what I do is one hill workout a week, and it works fine for me.  Of course, I am not training for a half, either.  But for my hill work, what I do is run a route that is almost ALL hills of varying sizes, from smaller ones to very long and steep ones, and I just do a loop route over all these hills,finishing back where I started.  It seems to work well for me.  If it's possible, why don't you do a couple of training runs on part of the HM course itself and do some of the actual hills you'll be running in the race, that would definitely get you prepped. One week, say, do the first part of the course, the next week for your hill training, do the last part of the course.  Well, whatever you decide, good luck!

                                "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt