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    I was supposed to meet a friend today to run the first 8 miles of our HM course (we are leading a pace group next week), but her daughter is sick. So I'll just get 6-8 miles in on my own - guess we'll be flying a bit blind next week, but it will work out.


    Barking Mad To Run

      Well, I was a bit depressed  and frustrated after my Dermatology appointment yesterday because they found a couple of things  'suspicious looking' so I had to go back this morning so they could dig it out and send everything off to see if it is melanoma.  So after my appointment yesterday, since I was already at the hospital at Fort Sam Houston, I went over to the housing area and ran the biggest hills there are on Fort Sam Houston.  My route took me for 3.7 miles as I worked my way across the housing area, going up and down some pretty fair-sized hills.  Just what the doctor ordered!  Literally, lol.  My Dermatologist doc is a runner too and he told me "I know this news is frustrating for you, given your history; so go run, it will make you feel better, help you get things into perspective."   He was right, of course, and I thanked him this morning when I saw him again.  After my run, I felt mucho better and my post-run thought process went like.... "Well, hell, I just had one very STRONG, very GOOD run.  I AM strong!  So if it IS melanoma, at least they are catching it early; and I've beat this before; I can do it again."  I called Gail post-run and told her what was going on, and she was like "Snap out of it, you idiot!  You've been through worse than this!  You and I both know you are going to get through this, like you've gotten through so much before.  So shut up, QUIT WHINING,  and just keep living your life."  lol.  I LOVE THIS WOMAN!  so supportive, gets right to the heart of things!  Big grin  So I felt very positive again, thank goodness; I really hate myself when I go into my 'pity-party mode", lol.  Wounded Warriors all around me at Fort Sam, doing their thing, rehabbing, etc, also helped.   What the hell do I have to complain about?  Also, I may get lucky and it may be nothing at all.  So why am I fretting about what has not happened yet? So, one day at a time, it is what it is, and I shall deal with whatever comes, as POSITIVELY as I can.   My apologies for my outburst of venting here, but I consider y'all my running 'family"...and if you can't vent once in a while to family, then who can you vent to?  Joking

      "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

      delicate flower

        Dang, Scotty.  Good luck.  You've got the right attitude though.


        Hip Redux

          It's ok to pity party Scottydog, so long as it doesn't consume you - you're already in a better mindset, so don't beat yourself up.   Fingers crossed that it's nothing too!


          Bad Ass

            Morning!  Running behind today but I did 5 miles this morning.  Weights tonight if I have time.


            Hope everybody is having a great day!



            "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

            It's always fucking hot in Miami!


            Barking Mad To Run

              Congrats on the 6, flarunner.  Looks like we are finally going to get some rain.  It's still a beautiful day here, though, cuz I have the day off from work!


              Safe trip, DaveP!   When you're out running in GA, don't get pulled over for speeding.  Wink


              30 degrees! Dang, LRB, sure you don't want to come to San Antonio for a while.  It's 68 here right now (8:30 am CST)


              Good luck with your upcoming race on Sunday, April!   Good luck too, Brrr, with your race!


              Congrats on your morning run, Adam.  I know how you feel.  I am SO not a morning person, prefer PM running.  But Texas summer is coming, so morning running will soon be  a necessity.


              Congrats to you and DW on your bike ride, Phil.  So the Redskins drafted folks that will get them to the Super Bowl this coming season, right?  Yeah, right... Roll eyes  Oh well, long as the Cowboys don't win anything, I'm happy..


              Enjoy your day off, Kristin, and safe travel for your going-away-for-the-weekend trip.


              Safe trip for you too, Marjorie!  Do the dogs travel with you?


              Ami, I really hope the Ortho appointment helps you!


              Good luck with your race tomorrow, Beth!


              Good luck with your miles, Step!


              Damaris, I am shocked, just shocked!  You are turning into quite the morning runner! Big grin  The humidity at that time of day must be hell for you, though!


              AFM:  I have a long Saturday.  My 5K in the morning is in Fredericksburg - about a 90 minute drive from San Antonio - so will have to get up early to get there by 8 a.m. start time.  Then drive back home...then probably nap, lol - and then I have the Fandango Fun Run 2.6 miles at 6:45 PM.   So probably won't be around much tomorrow; plan to post all the photos that ya'll know I take at my events sometime on Sunday.  The Fandango run always has lots of folks in costume, so should be some very colorful photos!

              "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

              YAYpril - B-Plus

                Good luck, Scotty. I hope it's nothing. You have a great attitude about it and I love how Gail keeps you in line. Big grin

                  Morning!  Walking again.  But it has been beautiful this week!

                  delicate flower

                    Congrats to you and DW on your bike ride, Phil.  So the Redskins drafted folks that will get them to the Super Bowl this coming season, right?  Yeah, right... Roll eyes  Oh well, long as the Cowboys don't win anything, I'm happy..



                    They drafted no one yesterday since they had given their pick to my Rams in order to draft RGIII.  But, they'll get some picks today.  Smile


                    Bad Ass

                      AmiK, good luck on your appointment.



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                      Hip Redux

                        Morning all!  Kettlebell class last night was about 30 million lunges, squats and shoulder presses (approximately) so I'm exhausted.  I am debating on a RD.   We'll see how things go.


                        Morning Fla!


                        Dave - enjoy Georgia!


                        LRB - ok, those are some seriously accurate splits.


                        April - uh oh, TaperApril!  lol


                        Adam - mornings are not my friend.  So I get it.


                        Brrrr - good luck tomorrow!


                        Phil - enjoy the ellipitical!


                        Kristin - nice, long weekend!


                        Marjorie - have a safe drive!


                        Ami - good luck at the ortho, hopefully you get some good news.


                        Just BS - there's talk that the photo will be available as a poster, t-shirt, etc - I hope so!


                        Step - enjoy your run!


                        Happy friday to anyone who snuck in after!



                          Good Morning My Running Friends!!


                          It’s Friday!  It’s Friday!   Is it time to go home yet?


                          Flarunner – Great run this morning!  Glad you were able to enjoy the beautiful morning!!


                          Dave P – Have a safe trip!  And, I hope the family behaves while you’re there and that there aren’t any fireworks.


                          LRB – Shorts when it’s 30* out?  Brave.   Those splits are amazing!  I couldn’t get that precise if my life depended on it!   Where’s the pic of you in your fire engine red shorts?   Have a Pinktabulous day!!


                          April – In case I don’t talk to you again before then, I hope you fly like the wind in your race!!  Good luck!!


                          Adam – Congrats on your morning run today!   Way to start the day off right!!


                          Brrrr – Good luck in your race tomorrow!   Have a great day!!


                          Phil – I am so the opposite.  The NFL Draft is punishment for me to sit through and I would have chosen to go to bed early over that.   But, to each their own.   Hope your workout goes incredibly well tonight!!  Have a Pinktacular time at Disney!!


                          Kristin – Sounds like you’ve got a busy day and a busy weekend going!!  Maybe if you do your LR that will help ease your headache – sometimes that works for me.   Have a safe trip and a lovely time at the wedding!!


                          Marjorie – Be careful on the long drive!   Great run this morning to start your day!!


                          Ami – My fingers are crossed that the ortho can help you with the issue!  Let us know how it goes.   Have a wonderful day!!


                          Beth – Nice job in the pool this morning!   Good luck with your race tomorrow!   Love the picture – that’s really awesome!   Have a Pinksational day!!


                          Shari – Sorry your plans didn’t work out, but I have faith in you and I’m sure that you and your friends will do a great job pacing!   Enjoy your run later!


                          Scotty – Thanks for sharing what you’re going through right now.   I’m glad that your post visit run helped yesterday, but please know that we’re always here for you if you need to vent or anything.   I’m praying that it’s nothing and that all is well.   Please keep us posted!   Good luck in your races tomorrow – I’m already looking forward to the RRs you’ll post for us!!


                          Oski – Good Morning!  Wow!  That workout last night sounds like it was TOUGH!!   Good for you for getting through it!!  Hope you have a splendid day!!


                          Damaris – Nice job getting the run done this morning!  Have a great Friday!!


                          Zelanie – Hope it continues to be beautiful for your walk today!!


                          I took my nephew to school this morning.  I can't believe that he's going to be FOUR on Monday....   Where does the time go?   I'll do more stretching / light strengthening stuff after we have dinner with my MIL tonight.


                          Have an absolutely Pinklightful day today!!   And, may your next run free you from whatever stress is in your life and clear your mind  so that you can see the beauty in life all around you!!


                          - Sarah

                          But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


                          running is bad for you

                            This is your Friday PSA:


                            PUT A TAG ON YOUR DOG!!  I found a little white dog in the neighborhood this am.  I would have been perfectly happy to bring him home if he had a tag with an address or phone number.


                            So instead, I had to call animal control.


                            In other news, we should be getting our mailbox today and finally getting the post office off our backs for holding the mail for 3 months.  HEY the town destroyed my box, you can hold my mail until I can get it replaced.


                            It's going to be one of those days.



                              LRB for pacer of the year award.


                              Scotty - you are surrounded by the right people. I hope it's nothing.


                              Screw it, wake me up in an hour.

                              Bad Ass

                                MBC, awww, hope he is not killed.  Do you have a vet near the area?  They could take care of checking him for a chip and all.


                                I made the mistake of checking my weather forecast for my marathon next week.  At 9am, the temp will be 92F with humidity of 80%.  Sigh.



                                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                                It's always fucking hot in Miami!