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POLL: How many times per week do you run? (Read 166 times)

    Moi? At least five.


      6. It's one of my goals for the year; to run every Monday through Saturday.


      Run to live; live to run

        Usually 7 as of late. I take a rest every few weeks.


          I do doubles on most days but not every day and I typically run 6 days per week so about 9-10 runs per week.

          Short term goal: 17:59 5K

          Mid term goal:  2:54:59 marathon

          Long term goal: To say I've been a runner half my life.  (I started running at age 45).

          YAYpril - B-Plus

            6-7 days per week. I take a rest day when I need to, but usually I prefer an easy 2-3 miler instead of doing nothing.

            Ball of Fury

              6 when healthy!

              PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15





                  Right around 6.

                  - Andrew

                  Bad Ass

                    6-7, depending on the week.



                    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                      I run every day of the week ... with one or two doubles thrown in so that means 8-9 runs per week.

                      Train smart ... race smarter.

                      delicate flower

                        6-7 days per week before the injury and once I get back up to speed.  I've yet to do a double.



                          When healthy, at least 5.

                          But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


                            Most of you are maniacs, obviously. Big grin


                            I run 6-7 times a week during training, but I certainly do not like having to do it. I have doubles on the schedule once or twice a week, but when it happens, I just run a longer run in the evening, I don't like going out twice.


                            When not in training, I run 5 times a week and that's more than enough for me.

                            PRs: Boston Marathon, 3:27, April 15th 2013

                                    Cornwall Half-Marathon, 1:35, April 27th 2013

                            18 marathons, 18 BQs since 2010

                            Hip Redux

                              Last week was my first 4 run week post-injury.   I'll probably stay there for a bit before moving up.


                              I'd like to be at 4 run/2 bike/1-2 lifting sessions a week, with some doubles so I can take a full day off.    The body may have other ideas about that though lol



                              Super B****

                                Four maximum... I value intact bones.

                                chasing 5:59


                                because i never shut up ... i blog