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Secret Santa anyone? (Read 353 times)


    CaTchowder (Lyndsey) has stepped up and set up the 4th incarnation of the BF (BF & Beyond, now?) Secret Santa exchange on Elfster. If you want in on the fun of surprising a fellow runner with a fun gift, and getting something yourself, check it out!

    Sign up is by Dec. 15.

    Little Blue



      But, December 15?  Things should be in the mail by then, not waiting till then to draw names.  It'll be a secret New Year's Eve present.  Cool

        Sounds fun!

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        Benched until further notice. :/


        Everything you need is already inside. [[Bill Bowerman]]


        Fast Penquin

          I'm in

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            I'd love to do it!


            hop, hop, hop...

              Yay! I was getting ready to ask about this. I has a lot of fun with it last year!

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                Can someone post how this one has worked in the past?


                Little Blue

                  You sign up on a website called  When the appointed day arrives, the website matches you with your giftee.  It's not a swap, A gifts B, B gifts C.


                  Then you buy stuff from their wish list and send it to the address they listed.  In the past, if you didn't want your address listed, you could give it to the host (Cat in this case) and she would pass it on privately.


                  It works well, except if there is a deadbeat who doesn't play.  Someone gets stiffed, or someone else steps in and sends something to their giftee.  I think they were keeping names and not letting deadbeats register the next year.


                  It's fun!


                    Dec 15th was chosen to ensure that everyone had a chance to pass the message and participate.  I took this over for Scott at spur of the moment and realize that the message will take longer to spread because the BF is now spread out amongst many platforms.  Considering only 12 people have signed up I'm really glad I didnt make the drawing sooner.



                    Little Blue

                      Thanks for doing this!!!


                        Come on everyone!  Its been fun in years past. 


                        I love getting a little gift in the mail, even if its past the holiday!


                          I was just looking for this in the forum. I loved doing this last year. I'm in!!!!



                            at least i think i did.


                              I can't wait!