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    9 easy


    Barking Mad To Run

      You crack me up, LRB.


      Coffee?  Kay, I bet you'll find this amusing:   I don't like coffee, can't even stand the smell of the stuff.  So how ironic that this morning, there is a coffee delivery truck about two vehicles ahead of me.  I guess the back door on it wasn't too secure because something happened ahead, the truck had to swerve suddenly - maybe to avoid hitting something? - the back door flew open, and boxes of coffee bags and cans came flying out of the truck, hitting the ground, breaking open, rolling around, and sending coffee grounds spraying everywhere!  Luckily, no one was hurt, no vehicles hit each other, etc., we all managed to stop.  But there I am, surrounded in coffee grounds, lol.  Uggg, what an overpowering smell!   Even so, I did pitch in and lend a hand with other drivers to help  pick up bags and cans - -oh, the smell, the smell!  Dead - - , put out flares to warn oncoming traffic, and so forth, until the traffic police got there and took over things.  I'll probably dream about coffee tonite, lol.


      Good luck with your miles today, Tom.  Sorry you are feeling so-so.  Enjoy the new computer!


      Happy 8 miles, RM23B!


      Baboon, PUT DOWN THAT DONUT! Wink  Enjoy your upcoming bachelor weekend.


      Congrats on your run flarunner.  Enjoy those nice temps!  Could do without the high humidity though, I'm guessing.


      Step, glad you are feeling somewhat better.  As for your throat/cough, try sleeping on your side tonite.  What my doc told me, when I had that congestion crap, is if you sleep on your back, while your nose is "draining", the 'post-nasal drip" goes right down to your throat, which irritates it, which can result in coughing.  So she advised sleeping on my side, which can help somewhat, will lessen the effect to some degree.


      Good luck to your son and his college hunt, SUSchnauzer.  Congrats on your health results!


      My coffee hasn't kicked in either, April!   Oh wait, I don't ingest coffee.  Except through my nasal passages this morning, it seems.  Joking  "Hip" yoga?  So you are one cool Yoga cat! Big grin  Gail is starting back with her Bikram yoga.  90 minutes in a 105-degree room, sheesh!

      "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


        Oh no!!!  Coffee down!!!  Quick, someone save the coffee!  OH MY GOD, it's a massacre!


        Do you even run?

        Bad Ass

          Morning!  Wow, you've been busy, especially LRB with his poem!  At least I already had my coffee.


          4 recovery miles or SRD.  Last day at the office until Monday and I'm in Court so it's going to be a busy day (AGAIN)!


          Shari, glad to hear you're doing better.





          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

            SRD today.


            Happy running everybody.


            YAYpril - B-Plus

              This made me LOL.


              Oh no!!!  Coffee down!!!  Quick, someone save the coffee!  OH MY GOD, it's a massacre!



              Skirt Runner

                April I forget are you an ITBS sufferer too? If so how do you like the arc trainer for crosstraining? The trainer at the gym told me it's great for ITBS but my friend who is a PT said the hip motion on the elliptical was better in her withthe mixed reviews I haven't given it a try yet so I'm curious to hear from someone who's actually used it. And if you do have ITBS I'm sorry Sad

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                I started a blog about running :) Check it out if you care to


                  Do you even run?



                    What up doe peeps!


                    6 in 53 done.  It went pretty smooth.  I am getting used to running this distance before work.  I even toyed with the idea of doing doubles this summer.  Hmm...


                    Gotta bust day on tap, will check in later.


                    Zoom!  Zoom!


                    You may be right

                      Nice way to start us off and make us laugh LRB.  Funny stuff.


                      I will get 6 -7 in tonight when the sun goes down. I finally see sun after two days of hard rain/gloomy weather.   Smile


                      Don't believe everything you think. 

                      Better I Leave

                        Gonna "test drive" the new TM tonight.


                          Scotty - You are an accident magnet! Big grin Bet everyone was on a caffeine high just from the fumes by the time they got to work. Thanks for the tip - I do sleep on my side, and with this I have to sleep on my left (I prefer my right) because it is the sinuses on my right that fill up the most.

                          YAYpril - B-Plus

                            Kristin, I've had it in the past but I'm ITBS-free now. I'm doing lots of maintenance to keep it at bay. I love the arc trainer. I use it because I hopped on the elliptical one day and a trainer at my gym told me that the elliptical is pretty useless for me and that the arc trainer will help my running more. He said it's good for the hips.


                            Jess runs for bacon

                              Good morning dailies!


                              I broke down and made an appointment next week with the ortho since my knee really hurts this morning. I'll rest it tonight, but I'll do my Slim in 6 video tonight since it's low impact and I need to do something. So frustrating since all of a sudden I've picked up a ton of speed. I'm pretty sure Shamrock Marathon will be out for me, but I'll hope for the best.




                                Phil: I had the same issue when I took a voluntary week off in December, then got hit w/some lower mileage weeks due to colds/sickness/IT stuff.  It's hard to adjust the eating!  Enjoy your quiet weekend.


                                Kristin: That is awesome that you have progressed to the point where you can up the resistance.  You are improving!


                                Flarunner: I am stretching and rolling like crazy still!  Nice job on the fast running in that heat!


                                Shari: Yay!  I am happy to hear that you are feeling better!


                                Scotty: Holy rain!  That is insane!


                                Hilary: I hope that swimming goes equally as well tonight as it did on Tuesday!  I love that you are taking these lessons.


                                Jneilt: Great work knocking out the 6!


                                SUS: I'm glad you popped in and brought us up to speed!  I've been wondering how you are doing!  Sounds like you have been staying busy.  I am excited that training starts for you next week.  Yay!


                                Scrape: Nice work on the EZ 9!