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    This will be fairly short as I was only doing the race to try to help pace my friend and running partner to a 2:05 half marathon.


    I ran a half marathon last weekend and it was a goal race (I met my goal, woo hoo!) so when my running partner asked me to run this race with him, I told him I'd be happy to pace him.  I certainly wasn't going to try for any PR's one week after going all out for my last one.


    The race was really nice.  We ended up with great weather after a week of forecasts predicting rain.  The race is huge.  I believe there were over 30,000 finishers.  The start was fun with tons of people, lots of music and a bunch of beach balls being volleyed back and forth between corrals.  About 10 minutes after the race started, we reached the starting line and were off.


    For the first 7 miles my running partner was going too fast for the goal time he was shooting for.  I knew this and mentioned it once, but left it up to him to run his race.  It occurs to me now that the races I've "paced" him in haven't really been pacing, but more being there for moral support.  Anyway,  I found myself holding on to keep up with those first 7 miles.  It was a slower pace than my HM last week, but for whatever reason it felt tough yesterday.  I felt bad for thinking this, but what was going through my mind was "just hold on, he'll slow down soon because I know he can't keep up this pace for 13.1 miles".   A little before mile 7 is where we entered the Indianapolis Speedway and there was a pretty steep hill going in.  Neither one of us are used to running on any kind of hill (where we live is pancake flat), so that slowed him down a bit.  Once we hit the speedway, though, for some reason I felt 100% better and was hoping he COULD keep the pace and maybe even speed up a bit so we could get him in under 2:05.  However, that was not to be the case.


    We finished running the 2.5 miles of the speedway and it was there that he really started to falter.  We slowed down quite a bit and were logging 9:45 and one 10 minute mile and unless he found something inside of himself, I knew we couldn't make 2:05.  I asked him once if there was anyway he could go any faster, but he said he just didn't have it in him.  Though I wasn't truly pacing him, I do like to think that if I hadn't been there, he would have slowed down even more than he did, so maybe I helped him get a better time than he would have otherwise.


    With about 1/2 mile left, I asked him again if he had any sort of kick and he again said no.  We soldiered on and then, to my surprise, with about 200 yards left, he started sprinting.  I started sprinting myself, then decided to let him go so he could finish ahead of me.  He crossed the line in 2:06:19 with me a second behind him.


    We talked afterwards and he asked if I thought we could have made the 2:05 if he had started more slowly.  I told him, yes, I thought we could.  I'm hoping this gets him thinking about more even pacing so that the next race he doesn't feel like he's dying at the end.  He definitely is naturally faster than me so he just needs some more mileage and some pacing experience and he will soon be beating me in races.


    All in all, I had a great time at this race.  The course is interesting, the fans were great and I will definitely do it again.


    This didn't turn out  to be so short.  Sorry!

      I have run the Mini on several occasions and for some reason, I am always pathetically slow on the track.  I don't think there is any surprise that it was tough on you after running an all out HM a week ago.  Recovery from an effort like that takes time.

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        I'm thinking the HM a week ago played into how you were feeling, but good job being there for support.  Once folks start falling back, it's easy to let it all fall apart - I'm sure he finished strong because you were there.  Smile


          Hey, nice double weekend!  And it's a great thing to be able to run with a friend, even if you weren't pacing, you provided company and gentle persuasion to keep moving.  Nice work!

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            Wow, good for you for running this race with your friend!   Congratulations on finishing another HM with a awesome time.

            Wowsers @ there being 30,000 finishers!  I cannot even imagine a race with that many people.


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              Nice job.  Sorry that your friend missed his goal but the racetrack (part of the Disney Marathon was the speedway) probably had something to do with it.



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              It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                That was nice of you to keep your friend company. I guess the early uncomfortableness was an unwelcome surprise for you.


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                  It was a bit humid there for the race.  I lost time on the track as well but anywho, congrats on helping out your friend and running halfs on back to back weekends!!


                    Two HMs in a row is tough, even if the second one has a goal which is slower than the first one, it's still tough after an all out effort to run another 13.1 miles. So, for that, big congrats! You are strong! Plus, you were not that far from your goal finish time anyway, so I'd say it was a success. Nice of you to run with your friend, it shows what a kind person you are.Smile

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                      That's pretty cool that you ran with a buddy. I know it helps. My sister has slowed down for me for 3 races.


                      Keep up the good work.

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                        Congrats on your half, and very nice of you to be there for your friend!

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                          Glad you were there to encourage your friend.  I think the track isn't too bad, other then being more crowded.  I think the mile after the track is the worst - no crowd, kind of a let down and still 4 miles to go.

                          I hope your friend learns to pace better so he'll reach his goal next time.

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                            I need to come do this race. Helping a friend along is always a reward, or at least it is to me.


                              Way to be there for your friend!!   That sounds like a fun race, and I would think even more so when you run with a friend.   Congrats on yet another HM!!

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                                That is a very selfless act.  As a reward, I hereby decree that you will PR in your very next race.  ; )